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Langsdale Library

Digital Services

Digital Services strives to expand access to online library information and services through the desktop and mobile web. We work closely with departments across campus, and the University System of Maryland, to find innovative uses of technology to meet the research needs of our varied communities. The Digital Services department is also responsible for coordinating technology planning and implementation, and the support of library specific applications.

William Helman

William Helman
 Head of Digital Services
 Library Administration, Digital Services
Office: 320

Name Office Email Phone
Kyle Breneman
 Integrated Digital Services Librarian
 Library Administration
319 A   410-837-5827
 PC Support Assistant
 Digital Services


Special Thanks to past members of my team:

  • Shay Simms, PC Support Assistant: provide desktop support to library staff and users. Image and deploy PCs, install and update software, service lab and staff printers.
  • Antoinette Woods, Digital Video Production Assistant: coordinate, shoot and edit instruction and promotional videos. 
  • Juan Francisco ReyesMobile Design and Development Assistant: Langsdale on the Go! user testing, lead development and implementation.
  • Margo Kabel, Digital Services Graduate Assistant: Langsdale on the Go! user testing, focus group design and implementation. 
  • Adam Minakowski, Intern: Database description re-write project (Spring 2012)