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Information Literacy Assessment at UB

Program Mission Statement

The Langsdale Library Information Literacy Program will create students capable of successfully and responsibly finding, evaluating, synthesizing and using information. In partnership with faculty, information literacy will be intentionally scaffolded through the university curriculum using high-impact pedagogies. The program will be recognized as essential to students’ academic careers and lifelong success.

Information Literacy Program Learning Goals:

  1. Students can successfully implement a plan to find needed information using a range of appropriate resources.

  2. Students can assess the quality and value of a source when used in a specific context.

  3. Students can create a research product building on existing scholarly work.

Student Learning Outcomes for Information Literacy

An information literate graduate from UB will be able to successfully:

  1. Create a thesis statement with an appropriate scope

  2. Revise searches by use of broader, narrower and related terms

  3. Employ multiple strategies for revising and enhancing searches

  4. Apply evaluation criteria to an information source

  5. Apply current ethical standards in the gathering, use, and dissemination of information

  6. Incorporate outside information into their own arguments

FY14 Assessment Report (pdf)
FY15 Assessment Report (pdf)
FY16 Assessment Report (pdf)