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Want your students to stop searching blindly? We can show them how.

Faculty may request library instruction by completing the form below, or by speaking to a librarian liaison. Students can request one-on-one or group appointments by contacting a librarian or the reference desk.

When requesting library instruction, please consider the following:

  • Library instruction should be tailored to a particular assignment.
  • Research shows that point-of-need library instruction is particularly valuable for students. Plan to request your session when your students will be starting research for a project.
  • Instructors are required to attend library instruction sessions with their students and should plan to discuss the course and relevant assignments with the assigned librarian before the session.
  • Instruction requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If the time requested cannot be met, we will work with the faculty member to provide a mutually satisfactory alternative. Please try to allow two weeks' lead time to facilitate adequate preparation; your students will be the ones to benefit.
Faculty name*
Course name and number*
Regular Classroom*
Course scheduled start time*
Where would you like the library instruction class held?
No. of students*
Preferred date (primary)*
Preferred date (secondary)*
Preferred date (backup)
Phone Number*
Email Address*
General Nature of assignment*
After this session I would like my students to be able to (check all that apply)* Explore research topics
Identify keywords and search strategies
Operate databases and search engines
Track prior research of a given topic
Identify appropriate resources and databases to use
Locate appropriate sources for the assignment
Evaluate sources
Use information to support an argument
Apply information to a course concept
Review and practice citation rules
Explain academic integrity and plagiarism
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A librarian will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your request. 

Information literacy is critical in today's society. Library instruction activities are just one part of Langsdale's Information Literacy Program

If you have any questions, contact Natalie Burclaff, Head of Information Literacy & Instruction, at (410) 837-5072 or