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College of Public Affairs

School of Criminal Justice

Monique Clark

UB Second Chance Program
Jessup Correctional Institution
Monique Clark 837-4276
School of Health and Human Services Mike Kiel 837-4236
School of Public and International Affairs Michael Shochet 837-4277
Merrick School of Business
  Natalie Burclaff 837-5072
  Sean Hogan 837-4283
Yale Gordon College of Arts & Sciences
Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences Lucy Holman 837-4333
Interaction Design & Information Architecture

User Experience Design
Applied Information

Simulation & Game Design
Mike Kiel  837-4236
Environmental Sustainability and Human Ecology Kristin Conlin 837-4275
Publications Design

Integrated Design

Digital Communications

Digital Media Production

Integrated Arts
Kristin Conlin
English Monique Clark 837-4276
Division of Legal, Ethical & Historical Studies Kristin Conlin
Monique Clark


 For more information on library liaisons and how they can assist you in research, instruction and material purchases, please contact Michael Shochet, Head of Reference at 410-837-4277 or