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If you are a faculty member and would like library instruction for one of your courses, please fill out the form below. A librarian will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your request. 

If you have any questions, contact Natalie Burclaff, Head of Information Literacy & Instruction, at (410) 837-5072 or


Faculty name*
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Regular Classroom*
Course scheduled start time*
Where would you like the library instruction class held?
No. of students*
Preferred date (primary)*
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General Nature of assignment*
After this session I would like my students to be able to (check all that apply)* Explore research topics
Identify keywords and search strategies
Operate databases and search engines
Track prior research of a given topic
Identify appropriate resources and databases to use
Locate appropriate sources for the assignment
Evaluate sources
Use information to support an argument
Apply information to a course concept
Review and practice citation rules
Explain academic integrity and plagiarism
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