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College of Public Affairs

School of Criminal Justice Mike Kiel 837-4236
School of Health and Human Services Mike Kiel 837-4236
School of Public and International Affairs Michael Shochet 837-4277
Merrick School of Business
  Natalie Burclaff 837-5072
  Sean Hogan 837-4283
Yale Gordon College of Arts & Sciences
Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences Lucy Holman 837-4333
Division of Science, Information Arts, and Technology Mike Kiel  837-4236
School of Communications Design Kristin Conlin
Maggie Dull
Division of Legal, Ethical & Historical Studies Kristin Conlin 837-4275

 For more information on library liaisons and how they can assist you in research, instruction and material purchases, please contact Michael Shochet, Head of Reference at 410-837-4277 or