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Langsdale Library

Mission and Strategic Plan


Langsdale Library endeavors to be the physical and digital nexus for information access, learning and knowledge creation at the University of Baltimore.



Langsdale Library is an active partner in teaching, learning, and scholarship at the University through its services, resources, and outreach.


Strategic Goals

The Library will improve access to our face-to face and virtual services and collections through better wayfinding, technology and communication.

The Library will forge strategic partnerships with other University of Baltimore units to develop spaces and resources that support learning and knowledge creation and  will provide flexible learning spaces with access to current technologies and instructional support to users.

The Library will  expand its instruction and reference services to reach more students, and improve student learning outcomes related to information literacy.

The Library will provide needed resources to support the curricular, cultural, and intellectual needs of the University community and will give priority to materials that allow for the greatest access and flexibility.

The Library will strengthen its service to the Baltimore region as well as the University community by expanding access to its unique resources related to the history of Baltimore and the region.

To promote broader community building efforts the Library will facilitate effective dialog about its initiatives and challenges among its staff, across the University, and in the greater Baltimore area.

The Library will foster and encourage professional development opportunities among all levels of staff.

The Library will engage in a process of continuous improvement which will include assessment of current services and development of new initiatives.