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Mission and Strategic Plan

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Robert L. Bogomolny Library endeavors to be the physical and digital nexus for information access, learning and knowledge creation at the University of Baltimore.


Robert L. Bogomolny Library cultivates knowledge creation within members of campus, the Baltimore metropolitan area and beyond. We do this by teaching the skills and insights necessary to navigate the ever-changing information landscape and ensuring access to resources, learning spaces and technology.

Core Values

  • Respect for the abilities, experiences, perspectives, and contributions of all to work with dignity.

  • Learning as an essential form of growth.

  • Service which anticipates user needs and focuses on educational success.

  • Creativity evidenced by commitment to open-mindedness, self-improvement, innovation, and critical thinking.

  • Collaboration through listening and responding to individual needs.

  • Community  as a strong sense of belonging and engagement among staff sustained by a supportive workplace.

Strategic Goals

Robert L. Bogomolny Library will enhance student success through its support of student research and technology use and will expand its information literacy program. 

Robert L. Bogomolny Library will collaborate with Maryland community colleges to ensure a seamless transition for transfer students. 

Robert L. Bogomolny Library will use existing and new user research data and explore initiatives in the literature in order to find and implement cost effective solutions that address concrete needs in the library. 

Robert L. Bogomolny Library will create opportunities to celebrate and support scholarly activities of students, faculty and staff. 

Robert L. Bogomolny Library will increase access to collections and awareness of their availability to faculty, staff and students 

Robert L. Bogomolny Library will carefully analyze usage of resources in order to make data-driven decisions about purchases and subscriptions and to identify areas for cost savings. 

Robert L. Bogomolny Library will support staff development for library staff and faculty.