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What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a one-on-one appointment-based service provided by trained peers with the purpose of helping students to establish an academic success plan. Academic Coaches work with both undergraduate and graduate students, and each session is individually tailored based on student needs. The goal of academic coaching is to help students improve their study habits in a safe environment with a peer with whom you can meet with regularly for check-ins, encouragement, and feedback.

Academic Coaches provide help on the following topics and strategies:

  • SMART Goal Setting

  • Time Management

  • Critical Reading

  • Note Taking  

  • Exam Taking  

  • Organization

  • Motivation

After one academic coaching session, students will want to meet with the academic coach for follow up sessions.  After multiple sessions, students will be able to:

  • Set and obtain SMART goals.

  • Manage their time effectively.

  • Employ study strategies that fit their unique learning style.

Please see the following steps to make an academic coaching session appointment:

  • Log into MyUB and click the Appointment Tool lightbulb icon in the Tools section. lightbulb icon for ALC appointment tool

  • Select Tutoring & Coaching from the drop down menu.

  • Select Academic Coaching as the APPOINTMENT FOCUS.