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Our services can supplement your coursework to boost student performance.

Here are suggestions to help bring your students in touch with our services:

  • Mention us in your syllabus.

    Here is a statement you can add to your syllabus:

    Achievement and Learning is a free resource for all UB students and offers support in three ways:


    An Achievement & Learning tutor may be available for this course, either on campus or online. All tutors have been recommended by a faculty member and receive ongoing training. Tutors can assist you with learning course content as well as computer skills. To get the most out of your session, come with specific goals and all relevant materials. To learn more or make an appointment, visit our website, or stop by our office in the Langsdale Library on the 4th floor. 

    Writing Consulting
    Writing consultants work with you one-on-one and provide suggestions for revisions. You can receive feedback on anything you are writing for UB courses at any point in the writing process, from getting started to final editing. We ask that you bring in the following three things to each appointment: assignment instructions, a specific goal for the session and a printed copy of anything they have done (e.g. outline, notes, first draft).

    Appointments are available face to face in Achievement & Learning in the Langsdale Library. We also offer live online consultations, either via video or text chat. You can also submit their work to the Online Writing Link (OWL) through the MyUB portal to receive written feedback on how to revise your papers. Please note that this process takes up to two business days. Please see our website for details on all appointment and OWL options.

    If you are a graduate student, you can also contact the coordinator for writing services, Mairin Barney (, directly for support on lengthier graduate writing projects.

    Academic Coaching
    To gain a competitive edge in the classroom or the workplace, make an appointment with one of our academic coaches. They can work with you on goal-setting, time management, efficient learning strategies, working in teams, oral presentations and exam-taking.

    To learn more or to make an appointment, visit

  • Request tutoring support for your course.

    We provide course-specific tutoring and facilitated study groups. To learn what's available for your course, contact Achievement & Learning at
  • Encourage help-seeking behavior.

    Spread the word: Our services are for all students. Many of our users are students looking to maintain scholarships or enter competitive programs. The average GPA of our clients is a 3.0 for undergraduate students and a 3.6 for graduate students.

    If you or your student need written confirmation of a visit to Achievement and Learning in the Langsdale Library, the tutor or consultant will be happy to provide it.
  • Refer a student to a writing consultant.

    You can send students to to make an appointment, or you can use our faculty referral form to provide specific goals for a draft.
  • Create a Faculty Folder at the Writing Center.

    You can submit your syllabi, writing assignments, rubrics, lesson plans, and other information about your class to be kept on file in the Writing Center. When one of your students comes in for an appointment, consultants will have these resources available to support your students. Submit materials to Mairin Barney, along with your course number and title.
  • Request a class visit.

    We'd love to introduce our services to your class with a brief 5-10 minute overview scheduled at any point during your class and at any point in the semester. Email to request that a representative come visit your class.
  • Request an in-class presentation.

    Our presentations in math, writing and learning skills are designed to support excellence in your teaching and in your students' learning. We tailor our presentations to meet your specific class needs, in content and duration. Email to request an in-class presentation.