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Tutoring prepares you to be successful in your courses by matching you with a trained and experienced tutor who is familiar with your course content and can help you learn it as well as helping you develop your approach to studying. Tutoring is offered for both undergraduate and graduate course levels


Academic Success at UB offers appointment, Math stationed tutoring, online tutoring and group tutoring in undergraduate and graduate courses across disciplines. Students can have individual or group tutoring session up to an hour with a peer tutor.  Tutoring appointments provide a variety of different subject and discipline options.


Our tutors are all current students who have successfully completed all of the courses they tutor. Tutors participate in CRLA training program to learn how to strategically assist students in tutoring sessions and offer helpful strategies to utilize outside of the tutoring session. Tutors must meet strict requirements:

They must have taken the course and received a B+ or higher. In some cases, tutors may have taken a similar course

They must be approved by a faculty member teaching the course

They are trained in tutoring methodology and meet the demands of CRLA certification.  CRLA is a national organization that determines best practices for peer tutors.


Tutoring supplements attendance, reading, homework, and lecture – all the ways you are expected to learn.

Bring your questions. Bring your textbook. Bring your laptop. Bring whatever you need to work alongside the tutor.

Tutoring is offered during the semester. Academic Success has only limited availability between semesters, e.g. summer and December/January holiday break. Check the our Appointment Tool for availability.