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* Please submit one tutor request form per course.

To request a tutor for a specific course, you must be currently enrolled in that course at UB.

Please allow at least one working day for an e-mail response. You will receive the name and phone number or e-mail address of the tutor; you should then contact the tutor to set up an appointment at a mutually convenient time. If you live at a distance from campus, in limited cases tutoring may be available online or by phone.

Note: fields with an asterisk (*) indicate required information.

I agree to (check each one indicating you've read and understand):

attend class as usual (tutoring cannot substitute for class attendance)
bring specific goals or questions along with my assignment instructions and textbook
be on time for my appointment
give at least 4 hours notice if I cannot make my appointment**
acknowledge that the job of the tutor is not to correct mistakes or do my work but to help me learn
NOT ask questions from work that will be graded. (Tutors can, without viewing the assignment or test, explain a specific topic that you identify to be relevant.)

**Missing 2 appointments in a semester without adequate notice will limit your ability to make further appointments.

2-3 days from now (your request is URGENT)
within the next week or two (you're PLANNING AHEAD)
before the end of the semester (you're anticipating a POSSIBLE NEED)

* please complete one tutor request per course

* All tutor requests are kept confidential within the Achievement and Learning Center

in person

Balancing work, family and school
Reading efficiently
Working in groups and teams
Memory tips
Learning styles & strategies
Organizing ideas and information
Oral presentations

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Did you know that you can get online tutoring for certain courses? Ask your assigned tutor or contact for details.

If you are looking for writing assistance rather than course-specific tutoring, click here.