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Alicia Davis earned her Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies from UMUC, and Master of Science in Criminal Justice from UB. What she loved most about academics was writing! She was awarded the UB Alumni Professional Fellows Scholarship to complete research on a public policy that was developed into a professional publication by the UB Schaefer Center and disseminated statewide. She now uses her skills to help other UB students with their writing, and loves working as a writing consultant.

Margaret Bates is a graduate of Duke University, where she studied Spanish and psychology. She also was everything but dissertation in developmental psychology at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Currently, she is working towards her Master's in Industrial/Organizational psychology at The University of Baltimore.

Lauren Campbell is a Baltimore native who earned her B.A. in English from Washington College, and she is currently a student in the Creative Writing and Publishing Arts MFA program at the University of Baltimore. She has taught composition and creative writing for four years. In her spare time Lauren enjoys visiting local breweries, EDM concerts, and traveling.

Elise Gallagher is a writer and copy editor who lives in Maryland. She is a second-year student in the University of Baltimore's M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts program.

Sharea Harris is a creative communicator who understands that writing is best enjoyed when it first serves one's basic needs. She enjoys helping people attain the benefits of communication, composition, and language through academic classroom instruction, workshop facilitation, and writing consultation. She's clocked over 300 hours as a writing consultant at the University of Baltimore, with over 100 hours as a CRLA level-one certified tutor. She enjoys supporting and equipping members of the UB community with writing skills that will support them in and out of the academic classroom.

Brianna Shimko is a graduate student in the Creative Writing and Publishing Arts program at the University of Baltimore. She writes all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, but her true passion is science fiction. She's studied all forms of writing and tutored during her undergraduate years. She loves grammar, editing, and the Oxford comma.

Kerrin Smith is currently pursuing and MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts at UB, where she also earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2013. When she isn't in the Writing Center making the case for semicolon use, she's in the Wright Theater as the graduate assistant for Spotlight UB. Her off-campus hobbies include reading, binge-watching Star Trek, and knitting.