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What you need to watch, read and listen to. What you need to win at UB.

You've been asked to read an article for class tomorrow, or maybe you'll be leading discussion on a film next week. Oh, and there's those three chapters you need by Thursday. Not sure where to find required readings and videos? If it's on reserve for your class we can help. There are three kinds of reserves:

e-Reserves:  These are articles, book chapters and links to other websites that your instructor wants you to read. They can be found in your class tab in Sakai, by clicking the e-Reserves from Langsdale menu item. (More?)

Streaming Media:  Now instructors can post all sorts of streaming media, from full length feature films to songs, directly into your course page in Sakai. These can be found in the left hand menu of your class in Sakai. (More?)

Print Reserves:  Not everything is online, and we have those hard copy versions of books and DVDs you need for class. They are behind the Circulation Desk at Langsdale. You can look them up by title, course or instructor at one of the iPad Kiosks in the library or from the Langsdale on the Go! mobile site. (More?)