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Langsdale Library

Instructions for Slingbox

Watch DVDs on Reserve... from home!

Note: Slingbox is not on demand or streaming video. The system can only play physical DVDs in real time. Only one person can watch a DVD at any given time, you may need to wait for one to become available.

This service is only available for items placed on Reserve for a class.


  • Before you begin...

    In order to view a DVD from home you will need the following:

    1. A Windows or Mac based PC
    2. A high speed internet connection (DSL, Cabel Modem, T1/T3, etc.)
    3. The latest version of Java, available as a free download here:
      Not sure if you have Java? You can find out by following this link to their verification page.
  • An Overview:

    The library has found a novel use for something really designed for personal use, called Slingbox.  The service is supposed to let you stream what is currently playing on your TV at home, to your PC or Laptop.  We use it to let you watch one of our Reserve DVDs from home!

    Let's get started:

    1. Download the SlingPlayer software onto your computer
    2. Open a path to the slingbox in Langsdale through UB’s firewall
    3. Contact the Circulation Desk at Langsdale (410-837-4260  ) to let them know which DVD you want to watch
    4. Configure the SlingPlayer software to connect to the SlingBox with the DVD
    5. Click “Play”
  • Instructions (step by step)

    1. Download the Slingplayer software from the slingmedia website. The software for PCs and Macs is free.

    2. Install the software on your computer, following the instructions given.  When you are done select “Launch the SlingPlayer” from the installation screen or from the Sling Player folder in your list of programs.


    You should get a screen that looks like this:

    Just keep it here for a minute.

     Slingbox screenshot

    3. Call the Langsdale circulation desk at 410-837-4260.  Ask them if the DVD you wish to view and a Slingbox are available.

    4. If so, staff will place your DVD in Slingbox1 or Slingbox2.  Make sure you note which one.

    a.  Users of Microsoft Vista
    1. Right click on your browser icon and select "Run as Administrator"
    2. Copy and paste the following link into your browser:

    b. Users of Microsoft XP, Windows 2000, and Mac users:
    Click on the following link:

    6. Log in with your UB ID and password.

    7. Click on SlingBox-1 or SlingBox-2, as directed. A window will open up, and may automatically minimize.  It will look like the picture below.


    This opens a port through the firewall to the slingbox at Langsdale

    Note: You will need Java on your computer for this to work. If you do not have it, you should be prompted to download and install it first. You can also download it from

    Leave this window minimized, do not close it until you are done

    If the port forwarder does not open, check to make sure you have Java, and (for Vista users) that you are running your browser as "administrator"

     Slingbox screenshot

    8. Go back to that SlingBox window from step#2 and select “Add”.

    9. Fill in the windows as shown below:

     Slingbox screenshot

    Alias:   Langsdale1 or Langsdale2

    Password:  langsdale

    Check the box under “Direct Connection”to use an IP address

    For SlingBox-1: use

    For Slingbox-2: use

    Port number:  5001

    Click “OK”, and then again on “OK” at the pop up window.

    10. Now select “Watch” from the Slingplayer menu.  You should be sent to a “tuning wizard” that will optimize the video.  Complete the tuning wizard.

    11.Select “player” and then “Connect to Slingbox” from the menu. Slingbox screenshot

    12.  You should now be able to control the DVD with the controller on the left. If there is no video signal, you will have to turn the DVD player on by hitting the power button on the top right of the control (see arrow in screen capture below)Slingbox screenshot

    You will have access to the DVD for up to 2 hours.  If the DVD itself is longer, we can allow for longer viewing times.


    • Please turn off the DVD player so we know you are done.  Especially if you finish before the 2 hours are up.
    • Please EXIT or CLOSE the Slingbox Player software so other people can access the SlingBox when you are done.
    • Open your browser with the “port opener” and click on the “Stop Port Opener” link at the bottom.