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  • How to request streaming media reserves

    1. Begin by entering the total number of streaming media requests you would like to place for one course.

    2. Enter your contact and course information. You will only need to do this once per course.

    3. Enter the required information for each reserve being requested.

    4. When you are ready, select Send Request

Fields in RED are required.

Please Note: This form can process up to 9 requests at a time. If you would like to duplicate the reading list for a previous semester please go here.

How many requests would you like to make? (Up to nine)*


Please Note

Streaming media requests  are reviewed for fair use and copyright clearance; therefore, the library asks that such requests be submitted well in advance of the date needed for student use.

The amount of time it takes to process a streaming media request will be affected by whether the work has already been digitally converted. We encourage faculty to create the digital file themselves and provide that to the reserves coordinator to pass onto the Office of Technology Services for online streaming.

Please allow at least 14 DAYS for new materials to be available as streaming media.