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ShareStream Streaming Media Reserves in Sakai

This joint program, from Langsdale and OTS, aims to put an end to "you have to come into the library" or put up with this clunky "view at home solution" to watching videos for class. It's like YouTube, only you also get graded on it.

NOTE to Mac OSX and iOS users (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch): You will need to download and install either the Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox browser in order to access and view the digital media through Sakai. The Safari browser is not currently supported by ShareStream.


Quick Start Guide

  1. Log into Sakai from the UBOnline portal.
  2. Select the tab for the course you need to find a ShareStream streaming video for.
  3. You will see a link in the left hand navigation called ShareStream Pick-n-Play. Click on it.
  4. All of your videos are right there, in a handy YouTube like window. Enjoy the show!
  • More Detailed Instructions



    ShareStream is a digital media service that the University of Baltimore is piloting for the 2012 - 2013 academic year. This software will allow faculty to make digital video and audio available for viewing and/or listening within select Sakai courses. This digital content will be streamed through your web browser, and will not be available for offline download due to copyright restriction. Mobile device browsers are supported, though at the time of this writing, please note: Mac OSX and iOS users (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)- you will have to download and install the Chrome or FireFox browser to your computer or device to be able to access and view the digital media through Sakai.


    1. Login to Sakai
    2. ShareStream in Sakai left hand navigation.If your professor is using ShareStream, you will see a link in the left navigation for ShareStream Pick-n-Play.
    3. Any media associated with your course will display in the course collection screen on the right-hand side.
    4. To play any media, simply click on the thumbnail or select Play from the Action drop-down list and the media will begin to play in the main window. Note: Digital media is only available for streaming in very limited timeframes due to copyright and Fair Use guidelines. As a general rule, copyright protected media will only be available for 7 days through Sakai. Physical copies of the media (DVD, CD, etc) are available in the Langsdale Library course reserves.Pick-n-Play interface for ShareStream.