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Academic Search Complete
What you’ll find here: Newspaper, magazine, trade publication and scholarly journal articles covering a wide variety of topics. This is a broad, general database and a great starting place for information about almost any topic.
How to search this database: Visit the EBSCOhost help page..

What you’ll find here: Citations for journal articles in the areas of science, technology, medicine, social science, business, humanities, and popular culture. Although summaries and full texts of the articles are not available, it can provide locations for the articles.
How to search this database: Look at the FirstSearch help page.

Choice Reviews Online
What you’ll find here: Reviews of books, electronic media, and Internet resources related to higher education by experts in the field. The reviews are compiled from Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, which is published by the American Library Association.
How to search this database: Visit the Choice help page.

Digital Dissertations & Theses Global
What you’ll find here:
Descriptions of U.S., Canadian, British, and other European dissertations and theses. Depending on the authors' restrictions, there may be a 24 page preview or the full text for dissertations published since 1997. The full text of dissertations may be obtained by clicking the free download button.
How to search this database: Visit the ProQuest help page. You can also limit your search by school name to look for University of Baltimore dissertations.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online
What you’ll find here: Before there was Wikipedia, encyclopedias were the best resource for general information on almost any topic and Encyclopedia Britannica is one of the best of these. The entries are brief but don’t suffer from the drawbacks of false information that sometimes appears in user-contributed resources like Wikipedia. The entries also contain links to other sources of information on the topics.
How to search this database: Look at Encyclopedia Britannica's help page.

Europa World Plus
What you'll find here: political and economic information for more than 250 countries and territories.
How to search this database: Look at Europa's help page

Global Issues in Context
What you'll find here:
 A wide variety of resources including articles from more than 570 geographically diverse newspapers, magazines, and journals. Both broad and specific issues are included in country and issue topic pages. 
How to search this database: Visit the Search Tips for Global Issues in Context page.

Journal Citation Reports Social Sciences Edition
See Web of Science for more information.

What you’ll find here:
Access to more than 14,000 films, including documentaries, theatrical releases, and training films, delivered via streaming video.
How to search this database:
Visit the Kanopy Searching for Films page.

LexisNexis Academic
What you’ll find here: Magazine, newspaper, and journal articles and information on various people, businesses, and countries. It also contains federal and state codes and case law. It’s a database that tries to do it all.
How to search this database: Visit the LexisNexis help page.

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
What you’ll find here: Magazine, trade publication, and journal articles dealing with library science, information management, and related disciplines. It includes material on classification, cataloging, and bibliometrics.
How to search this database: Visit the EBSCOhost help page.

MasterFILE Premier
What you’ll find here: Mainly journal and magazine articles, but it also contains reference book entries, primary source documents and images. It features both popular and scholarly publications.
How to search this database: Visit the EBSCOhost help page.

What you’ll find here: Theses, research papers, technical reports, and image galleries in a wide variety of academic disciplines. It also contains born digital material, digital audiovisual material, and datasets. As an OCLC product it will trend more toward academic, scholarly material.
How to search this database: Visit OAIster’s help page.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context
What you’ll find here: A wide variety of resources including articles, essays, and statistics grouped by topic. These topics are current social issues, and the database covers both sides of the issue and provides background information on it.
How to search this database: Visit the database’s Resources page for online tutorials.

What you’ll find here: a Geographic Information System allowing users to create custom demographic maps, tables, and reports. Available data includes demographics, home sale statistics, health data, mortgage trends, school performance scores and labor data such as unemployment, crime statistics and city crime rates..
How to search this database: Visit the PolicyMap Tutorial Page.

What you’ll find here: A comprehensive catalog of books, journals, dissertations, and many other materials from libraries worldwide. Member institutions, which number more than 10,000, add their holdings to WorldCat so people can access either through Interlibrary Loan or in person. If you can find something at Langsdale, you may be able to find it at another area library. Langsdale's catalog automatically searches WorldCat, so you’ll get its results along with Langsdale’s holdings. For an advanced interface and more complete listing, try FirstSearch WorldCat.
How to search this database: Visit the WorldCat help page.