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Useful Links On Copyright


U.S. Copyright Office
The U.S. Copyright Office provides information on existing and upcoming national and international legislation, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  The page offers general information about the Copyright Office, publications available online, links for copyright seekers and those wishing to locate copyright owners, answers to general questions concerning copyright and other useful links.

U.S.Copyright Law 
This link contains the full text to the law passed by the 1976 Copyright Act as well as a link to the full text of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Sonny Bono Term Extension Act of 1998.

U.S. Copyright Office Circulars
Here the U.S. Copyright Office provides the public with online versions (downloadable in PDF format)  of 46 short documents on various aspects of copyright including "copyright basics,"  term extensions, copyright regulations for various formats, copyright registration information and copyright fees. The office also offers 16 fact sheets and form letters on similar copyright issues, including fair use, international copyright, and information on  various media.

U.S. Copyright Office - Pending Legislation
This final site within the Copyright Office's page contains the status and text of proposed legislation in the current Congress and recently enacted laws, highlighting new developments in legislation surrounding copyright and intellectual property issues. 


Know your Copy Rights:Resources for Teaching Faculty
The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has developed a great brochure (long and short versions) for instructors and teaching assistants, including a one-page chart of general do's and don'ts. They also have a companion FAQ.

Digital Sliderule 
ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy has created an interactive tool for identifying works in public domain and what permissions are needed for use of the materials.

Fair Use of Copyrighted materials 
The University of Texas has created a page to answer many questions related to the Fair Use section of the 1976 Copyright Act.  The site explains the concept of fair use, discusses penalties for copyright infringement and provides a step-by-step guide in determining what can be considered fair use in the academic setting.

Copyright for Music Librarians
These pages created by the Music Library Association specifically address copyright issues concerning the use of music recordings and printed music in an educational setting.

Guidelines for Off-Air Recordings of Broadcast Programming for Educational Purposes
The Music Library Association has also provided guidelines similar to those above concerning the recording of broadcasts for educational use.

Library and Classroom Use of Copyrighted Videotapes and Computer Software 
This link provides the text to a 1986 ALA model policy concerning the use of videos and software in the classroom and library as well as the lending of such copyrighted items. It addresses the duplication of materials for archival purposes and discusses licensing issues in the case of computer software.

Using Software: A Guide to the Ethical and Legal Use of Software for Members of the Academic Community 
This link offers a set of guides created by EDUCOM,  a non-profit consortium of colleges and universities addressing computer and technology issues.  It provides a description of the four categories of software and offers a series of answers to frequently asked questions concerning the duplication and use of software in educational settings.

Fair-Use Guidelines for Electronic Reserve Systems
This site, a proposal in memo form drafted by a subcommittee of the Conference on Fair Use (CONFU), outlines the  fair use guidelines for copyrighted materials in electronic reserves systems.  It addresses the format and type of materials used, the issue of access to these materials, notification of copyright and reuse of materials.

Final Report to the Commissioner on the Conclusion of the Conference on Fair Use 
This lengthy report summarizes the Conference process and the agreements established by the Conference on Fair Use (CONFU).  This Conference included members from 100 organizations of copyright holders, publishers, educators, librarians and others concerned with copyright and licensing issues.  The conference concluded in May 1998, with the final report produced in November 1998.  This report provides a summary of the discussion and the guidelines (if any) in the following areas of fair use:  distance education, digital images, computer programs, multimedia presentations and electronic reserves.

Copyright Terms and the Public Domain

Sample Policies

Brown University Copyright Policy

Cornell University Copyright Policies

University of Minnesota

University of North Carolina

Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act

Distance Education and the TEACH Act
Written by Dr. Kenneth Crews, Director of the Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office and a leading expert on copyright issues, for the American Library Association, this document summarizes the TEACH Act and outlines the implications for university administrators and faculty.

TEACH Act Comparisons
Laura Gasaway, a noted copyright scholar at the University of North Carolina offers this succinct chart comparing acceptable uses under the TEACH Act with those falling within the general fair use exemptions for higher education.

TEACH Act Toolkit
This excellent resource from North Carolina State's University Office of the Provost provides useful guidelines for implementing policies concerning TEACH and using materials under the legislation.

Technological Protection Systems for Digitized Copyrighted Works: A Report to Congress 
This report by the United States Patent and Trademark Office provides an overview of the TEACH Act with its report of the available technological protection systems that are necessary to comply with the legislation.

Tutorials on Copyright

Copyright Use Tutorial
The Scholarly Communication Center at the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries offers this copyright tutorial for faculty and students.

Crash Course in Copyright 
The University of Texas has created a site that provides a tutorial in basic copyright information as well as answers to general copyright questions in a number of areas such as multimedia production, online education and fair use and links to other online resources.

Associations and Advocacy Groups

ALA's Office of Information Technology Policy 
The Washington, DC office of the American Library Association provides updated news briefs on pending copyright legislation, ALA's position on copyright issues , interpretation of copyright legislation and links to other copyright resources.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The Association of Research Library (ARL) site offers information on upcoming federal copyright legislation and WIPO implementation, legal decisions related to copyright issues, copyright guidelines and links to a variety of copyright resources.

Scholarly Publishing & Acad. Resources Coalition 
SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition, is a collection of academic librarians and publishers who work to encourage  expanded competition in scholarly communication and to create "high quality, economical alternatives to existing high-price publications."  Their site offers information on their endeavors, as well as opportunities for membership and involvement.

General Sites

Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office
Under the leadership of Director Kenneth Crews, a leader in copyright issues on college campuses, the Copyright Advisory Office provides useful information on general copyright issues, help in seeking permissions, sample policies and more.

Copyright Advisory Network
Sponsored by ALA's Office for Information Technology Policy, this site offers a forum for copyright discussions as well as news and information on current copyright issues.

Copyright and Fair Use - Stanford University 
Stanford University has created an extensive, searchable site on copyright information including current legislation, copyright cases, guidelines and articles providing background information.  Viewers may search for materials by keyword or may browse the list of websites by broad subject area.

Copyright at the University of Indiana-Purdue 
Indiana University, a leading institution in copyright policy and guidelines, provides provides information to faculty on the use of materials in distance education, instructions on how to obtain permission to use copyrighted material and how to manage one's own copyright, copyright regulations as they apply to specific media, and information pertinent to libraries.

Copyright at the University of Michigan
The University of Michigan libraries' copyright site contains a wealth of useful links, including the texts of legislation, such as the Copyright Act of 1976 and the DMCA; guidelines for the use of music in education, copying for classroom use, and guidelines for multimedia productions and off-air broadcasting; and reports from task forces and committees such as the Conference on Fair Use (CONFU) and the National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyright Works (CONTU).