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Langsdale Guide to Evaluating Web Resources


As a research, you can use the following checklist to critically evaluate websites for objective, reliable and credible material for your paper or project.


Who created the page?
What are the author's credentials? Is he/she an expert in the field?
Is the creator responsible for all the material on the page?


Does the author refer to other sources and include notes or a bibliography?
Can the facts mentioned on the page be verified in another source?
Does the site appear to be objective? If not, is the bias noted in the material?

Are charts/graphs with statistical data easy to read, and can you easily identify the source of the statistics?
WARNING: Even some "official"-looking sites have inaccurate information; they may include fictitious or fake statistics, facts, etc.


When was the page written? When was it last revised?
Do statistics, graphs, charts, etc. include dates to indicate when the data was collected?


What is the author's purpose for writing this page (to inform, persuade, sell, etc)?
Does the content agree with other information you've seen on the subject?
What audience does the author target (children, adults,professionals in a particular field, etc)?