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Box 25

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 25. Speeches & Remarks

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
10/16/1969 The Annual Propeller Club Convention and American Merchant Conference. Savannah, Speech 2570-1
10/17/1969 National Press Club Luncheon. Washington D.C. Speech 2571-1
10/18/1969 Bob Bartlett Memorial Fund Dinner. Fairbanks, Alaska Speech 2572-1
10/21/1969 SS HAWAIIAN PROGRESS Launching Sparrows Point, Maryland. Speech 2573-1
10/29/1969 American Association of Port Authorities International Luncheon. San Francisco, California Speech 2574-1
11/13/1969 Briefing Conference on Transportation Sponsored by the Federal Bar Association. Washington, D.C. Speech 2575-1
11/13/1969 77th Annual Banquet of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. New York Speech 2576-1
11/19/1969 Women's Advertising Club Annual Dinner. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2577-1
11/20/1969 New England Manufacturers Association. Boston, Massachusetts Speech 2578-1
11/29/1969 CASA MAR Anniversary Dinner. Puerto Rico Speech 2579-1
12/3/1969 Steamship Trade Association Dinner co- sponsored by Propeller Club of the United States and Woman's Maritime Association. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2580-1
12/7/1969 18th Annual Communion Breakfast Rudder Club, Palumbo's Restaurant. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Speech 2581-1
12/13/1969 National Directors and Members of the National Committees of the Navy League of the United States. Phoenix, Arizona Speech 2582-1
1/15/1970 43rd Annual Convention Propeller Club of the United States Luncheon Meeting. New York City Speech 2583-1
1/21/1970 Propeller Club of the United States Port of Washington, D.C./Rayburn HOB. Washington, D.C. Speech 2584-1
1/22/1970 Maritime Bar Association Luncheon. Washington D.C. Speech 2585-1
1/27/1970 Consulting Engineering Council Dinner. Boston, Massachusetts Speech 2586-1
2/12/1970 Cotton Club Luncheon. Washington D.C. Speech 2587-1
2/17/1970 Navy League Symposium. Washington D.C. Speech 2588-1
2/17/1970 Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs. Langley Park, Maryland Speech 2589-1
2/18/1970 Hampton Roads Maritime Association Luncheon. Hampton Roads, Virginia Speech 2590-1
2/20/1970 Maryland/D.C./Delaware Press Association Annual Convention. Sheraton Park/Washington, D.C. Speech 2591-1
2/26/1970 Propeller Club of the United States Port of Portland/Commission for Public Docks. Portland, Oregon Speech 2592-1
2/27/1970 Business Outlook Conference Sponsored by the Economic Research Bureau of San Diego. San Diego, Speech 2593-1
2/27/1970 Pacific Maritime Association Annual Southern California Area Accident Prevention Awards Dinner. San Pedro, California Speech 2594-1
3/2/1970 HAWAIIAN ENTERPRISE Launching. Oakland, California Speech 2595-1
3/5/1970 Women's Council of Real Estate Boards. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2596-1
3/11/1970 Rotary Club Luncheon. Washington D.C. Speech 2597-1
3/12/1970 Fifth Annual Conference of the International Longshoremen's Assn. (AFL-CIO) and Employers Association's Welfare, Clinic and Pension Trust Fund. Miami, Florida Speech 2598-1
3/12/1970 Maryland General Assembly. Lutherville, Maryland Speech 2599-1
3/16/1970 Naval War College Seapower Symposium. Newport, Rhode Island Speech 2600-1
3/16/1970 Sons of the Revolution Dinner Meeting. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2601-1
3/18/1970 Institute on Foreign Transportation and Port Operations - - Panel on Shipping and Shippers' Problems. New Orleans, Louisiana Speech 2602-1
3/19/1970 Institute on Foreign Transportation and Port Operations/Tulane University - Key Address. New Orleans, Speech 2603-1
3/21/1970 North Carolina State Ports Authority Silver Anniversary Dinner. Raleigh, North Carolina Speech 2604-1
3/24/1970 Lion's Club Monthly Dinner Meeting. Trappe, Maryland Speech 2605-1
3/25/1970 Maryland Engineering Society Monthly Dinner. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2606-1
3/26/1970 Federation of Jewish Women 54th Convention. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2607-1
3/26/1970 Calhoon MEBA Engineering School. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2608-1
4/2/1970 Washington Export Council Luncheon Meeting. Washington, D.C. Speech 2609-1
4/3/1970 25th Anniversary/Cleveland World Trade Conf. Cleveland, Ohio Speech 2610-1
4/4/1970 Theta Sigma Phi. Chicago, Illinois Speech 2611-1
4/6/1970 University of Maryland Lecture Business Administration Classes. College Park, Maryland Speech 2612-1
4/6/1970 Cosmos Club Dinner Meeting. Washington Speech 2613-1
4/8/1970 Baltimore Junior Association of Commerce Annual Luncheon. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2614-1
4/8/1970 48th Annual Spring Dinner of the Capitol Group of the National Association of Bank Women, Inc. Washington, D.C. Speech 2615-1
4/9/1970 Conference on Non- Contiguous Trade Sponsored Jointly by the AFL-CIO Maritime Trades Department and the Transportation Institute. Washington, D.C. Speech 2616-1
4/15/1970 1970 Republican National Leadership Conference. Washington, D.C. Speech 2617-1
4/16/1970 Italy/America Chamber of Commerce Spring Luncheon. New York Speech 2618-1
4/21/1970 Joint Propeller Club/ National Defense Transportation Association Luncheon. London, England Speech 2619-1
5/12/1970 1st Annual President's Luncheon of the Committee on Women in Public Relations. New York City (Listed in VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY - July 1970) Speech 2620-1
5/15/1970 Propeller Club/ Port of Sabine. National Maritime Day. Beaumont, Texas Speech 2621-1
5/16/1970 Propeller Club/ Port of New Orleans. Maritime Day. New Orleans, Louisiana Speech 2622-1
5/19/1970 Seattle Propeller Club. Maritime Day. Seattle, Washington Speech 2623-1
5/20/1970 Maritime Day Luncheon. Los Angeles Propeller Club. Los Angeles, California Speech 2624-1
5/22/1970 University of Maryland Alumni Annual Dinner Meeting. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2625-1
5/23/1970 Pennsylvania Women's Press Association Conference. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Speech 2626-1
5/25/1970 Towson Chamber of Commerce Dinner Meeting. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2627-1
5/26/1970 Women's Maritime Club. Luncheon Meeting. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2628-1
5/28/1970 General Dynamics Night Annual Dinner. Quincy, Massachusetts Speech 2629-1
6/3/1970 White Pine High School Graduation. Ely, Nevada Speech 2630-1
6/10/1970 Semi-Annual Meeting of the Great Lakes Commission. Erie, Pennsylvania Speech 2631-1
6/12/1970 Oxford Museum Meeting. Oxford, Maryland Speech 2632-1
6/17/1970 Committee of 100. Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Salute to Industry Week Dinner. Tampa, Florida Speech 2633-1
6/19/1970 41st Annual Meeting. Association of Interstate Commerce Commission Practitioners. Louisville, Kentucky Speech 2634-1
6/24/1970 Propeller Club/Port of Newport News. Annual Dinner Meeting. Newport News, Virginia Speech 2635-1
6/28/1970 VIDOV DAN Celebration. American Serbian Hall. Chicago, Illinois Speech 2636-1
7/11/1970 LASH ITALIA Launching. Avondale Shipyard. New Orleans, Louisiana Speech 2637-1
7/15/1970 American Legion Annual Maryland State Convention. Ocean City, Maryland Speech 2638-1
7/29/1970 Western Electric Engineers Briefing. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2639-1
7/29/1970 Rotary Club Weekly Luncheon Meeting. Easton, Maryland Speech 2640-1
8/17/1970 Port of Pensacola Dedication Ceremony. Pensacola, Florida Speech 2641-1
9/3/1970 U.S. Lines Ship Launching. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2642-1
9/15/1970 Maryland State Dental Association. Installation Luncheon. Ocean City, Maryland Speech 2643-1
10/2/1970 Port 70 International Symposium on the Development of Ports. Bergen, Norway Speech 2644-1
10/5/1970 League of Republican Women of the District of Columbia. Monthly Luncheon Meeting. Washington, D.C. Speech 2645-1
10/8/1970 Cleveland Rotary Club. Monthly Luncheon Meeting. Cleveland, Ohio Speech 2646-1
10/8/1970 Propeller Club, Port of Detroit. Detroit, Michigan Speech 2647-1
10/15/1970 44th Annual Convention of the Propeller Club of the United States and the American Merchant Marine Conference. Portland, Oregon Speech 2648-1
10/19/1970 59th Annual Convention. American Association of Port Authorities. Houston, Texas Speech 2649-1
10/20/1970 Seaman's Church Institute. Governor's Island. New York City Speech 2650-1
11/10/1970 National Defense Transportation Association. Fall Luncheon. Washington, D.C. Speech 2651-1
11/11/1970 SS ERIC H. HOLZER Launching. Chester, Pennsylvania Speech 2652-1
11/23/1970 Scripps Lecture in Journalism. University of Nevada. Reno, Speech 2653-1
12/4/1970 Capitol Hill First Friday Club. Washington, D.C. Speech 2654-1
12/8/1970 Transportation Research Forum Luncheon. New York City Speech 2655-1
12/8/1970 Joint Annual Dinner Meeting-Boston Chapter. National Association of Accountants. Boston, Massachusetts Speech 2656-1
12/9/1970 Annual Luncheon Meeting. Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce. Portland, Oregon Speech 2657-1
12/16/1970 U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Luncheon. Army Navy Club. Washington, D.C. Speech 2658-1