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Langsdale Library

Box 28

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 28. Speeches & Remarks

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
1/3/1974 Delta Nu Alpha. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2954-1
1/10/1974 Maryland Federation of Republican Women. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2955-1
1/11/1974 Annual Dinner of the Marine Club of Ontario. Royal York Hotel. Toronto, Ontario Canada Speech 2956-1
1/16/1974 Women's Club of Chevy Chase. Chevy Chase, Maryland Speech 2957-1
1/17/1974 Socco Super Ocean Carrier Conference. Americana Hotel. New York, New York Speech 2958-1
1/24/1974 Propeller Club of the U.S. Port of Tampa. 16th Annual Phosphate Night Banquet. Holiday Inn. Tampa, Florida. Speech 2959-1
1/29/1974 Testimonial Dinner. Mr. Carroll Pfeiffer. Martin's West. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2960-1
2/5/1974 Containerization Institute, Inc. Annual Conference& Shippers Dialogue. Biltmore Hotel. New York, New York Speech 2961-1
2/13/1974 Baltimore County Republican Central Committee. Lincoln Day Dinner. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2962-1
2/18/1974 Bou-Tem-Ski Club. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2963-1
2/20/1974 Charter Braxton Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2964-1
2/21/1974 Vince Barnett Retirement. Washington, D.C. Speech 2965-1
2/29/74 Men's Republican Club of Montgomery County. Bethesda, Maryland Speech 2966-1
3/12/1974 Women's Traffic Club of New York Dinner Meeting. New York, New York Speech 2967-1
3/13/1974 American Defense Preparedness Association. 15th Annual Environmental Research Symposium. Boling Air Force Base. Washington, D.C. Speech 2968-1
3/13/1974 Chillum Republican Women's Club. Green Meadows, Maryland Speech 2969-1
3/22/1974 Montgomery County Chapter of DAR Ramada Inn. Rockville, Ramada Inn. Rockville, Maryland Speech 2970-1
3/29/1974 Naval Ship Engineers Symposium. Statler Hilton. Washington, D.C. Speech 2971-1
3/30/1974 Maryland Federation of Republican Women Towson, Maryland Speech 2972-1
3/31/1974 Pennsylvania Collegiate Media. First Annual Convention. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Indiana, Pennsylvania Speech 2973-1
4/3/1974 Navy League. Washington, D.C. Speech 2974-1
4/10/1974 Retirement Luncheon for Honorable C. W. Robinson. The Almas Temple. Washington, D.C. Speech 2975-1
4/16/1974 Daughters of the American Revolution. Washington, D.C. Speech 2976-1
4/16/1974 Maryland Marine Club Dinner Meeting. Sparrows Point Country Club. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2977-1
4/17/1974 Easton Retailers Association. Easton, Maryland Speech 2978-1
4/19/1974 Women's Transportation Seminar. Washington, D.C. Speech 2979-1
4/23/1974 Bill Stair Luncheon. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2980-1
4/25/1974 Olney Republican Women's Club. Brook Manor Country Club. Olney, Maryland Speech 2981-1
4/30/1974 National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Easton, Maryland Speech 2982-1
5/2/1974 Savings Bond Campaign. Federal Maritime Commission. Washington, D.C. Speech 2983-1
5/2/1974 Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C. Speech 2984-1
5/4/1974 15th Annual Eastern States Women's Traffic Conference. Norfolk- Scope, Virginia Speech 2985-1
5/9/1974 European International Conference. (given by Mr. Hope) Lido, Venice Speech 2986-1
5/13/1974 Leadership Foundation Spring Conference. Washington, D.C. Speech 2987-1
5/24/1974 Propeller Club of Baltimore. Maritime Day. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2988-1
5/25/1974 Tome School Alumni. North East, Maryland Speech 2989-1
6/6/1974 Salisbury Township School District. Commencement Program. Allentown, Pennsylvania Speech 2990-1
6/6/1974 Sparrows Point High School Assembly. Sparrows Point, Maryland Speech 2991-1
6/10/1974 International Trade and Development Conference United Nations Economic Commission for the Far East and the Governor's Special Commission. Seattle, Washington Speech 2992-1
6/11/1974 Port of Baltimore Safety Awards Night. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 2993-1
6/15/1974 Launching of the SS GOLDEN ENDEAVOR. National Steel and Shipbuilding Company. San Diego, California Speech 2994-1
6/17/1974 66th Annual Joint Shellfish Institute of North America. National Shellfishes' Association Convention. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Speech 2995-1
6/26/1976 Insurance Information. Government Briefing Session. Rayburn Building. Washington, D.C. Speech 2996-1
6/26/1976 Propeller Club. Newport News, Virginia Speech 2997-1
7/19/1974 57th Annual Serbian Day Celebration. 22nd Savez Day. Kenwood Park. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Speech 2998-1
8/23/1974 Dedication of Reefer Terminal Facility. Newark, New Jersey Speech 2999-1
9/14/1974 National Republican Heritage Groups. Boston, Massachusetts Speech 3000-1
9/20/1974 Transportation Industry Conference on Inflation. Los Angeles, California Speech 3001-1
9/27/1974 Maryland Republican Heritage Group. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 3002-1
10/1/1974 Inauguration of Dr. Rhoda M. Dorsey. Goucher College. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 3003-1
10/8/1974 Containerization Institute. Washington, D.C. Speech 3004-1
10/9/1974 Patuxent Business and Professional Women. Columbia, Maryland Speech 3005-1
10/17/1974 University of Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah Speech 3006-1
10/18/1974 Commonwealth Club. San Francisco, California Speech 3007-1
10/18/1974 Navy League of the United States. Reno, Nevada Speech 3008-1
10/20/1974 National Women's Political Caucus. Salute to Women. College Park, Maryland Speech 3009-1
10/24/1974 American Society of Women Accountants. Baltimore Chapter. Baltimore, Maryland Speech 3010-1
10/25/1974 Household Goods Forwarders Association of America -- Annual Banquet. L'Enfant Plaza Speech 3011-1
11/4/1974 National Park Service Federal Women's Week - Interior Department Auditorium Speech 3012-1
11/4/1974 Government Women's Seminar. Washington, D.C. Speech 3013-1
11/11/1974 60th Anniversary - Port of Houston. Bayport, Speech 3014-1
11/4/1974 Facilitation Trade Seminar. Hong Kong (by Tom Harris) Speech 3015-1
11/15/1974 Jerry Land Medal Award. New York, New York Speech 3016-1