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Langsdale Library

Box 49a

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 49a. Background Information & Chamber Reports

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
2/9/1976 files on hovercraft newspaper articles fmc-1-49
3/**/68 article on VP Humphrey pledging support for AFL- CIO Maritime Committee Magazine article fmc-2-49
9/18/1965 articles on Hurricane Betsy newspaper articles fmc-3-49
5/29/1969 articles on hydrofoils- one written by Mrs. Bentley newspaper articles fmc-4-49
2/21/1955 hydrographic bulletins bulletins and data fmc-5-49
7/27/1958 New York Times article on Antarctica newspaper article fmc-6-49
unknown The Port Messenger- the newsletter of the ILA newsletter fmc-7-49
9/1/1968 article on ILA Communist Boycott newspaper article fmc-8-49
7/29/1966 assorted ILWU materials voting results, cargo lists fmc-9-49
8/17/1971 FMC-ILWU letters letters fm-10-49
10/18/1967 information on imports in 1949 letter and formal research report fm-11-49
7/6/1960 assorted articles on maritime technology newspaper articles fm-12-49
4/29/1958 article by Mrs. Bentley on idle ships at Port newspaper article fm-13-49
10/20/1965 a bill presented to the House by Bonner that creates the FMA legislation fm-14-49
11/19/** article on Indian trade newspaper article fm-15-49
6/4/1968 article on the Indonesian newspaper article fm-16-49
1/9/1970 assorted articles on shipping and the port newspaper article fm-17-49
11/30/1954 The Case Against User Charges on the Inland Waterways case study fm-18-49
8/8/1968 materials on shipping accidents and insurance rates newspaper articles and reports fm-19-49
10/4/1965 reports from the Interagency Maritime Task Force reports fm-20-49
10/11/1968 reports and letters from the Inter-American SS Conference letters and formalized reports fm-21-49
unknown packet of materials from the American Waterways Operators, Inc. brochures, pamphlets, etc. fm-22-49
6/3/1968 data on Inland Waterways newspaper articles fm-23-49
5/10/1956 stories on shipping newspaper articles fm-24-49
11/6/1968 proceedings from US Navy functions reports and agendas fm-25-49
6/8/1973 FMC Intermodal File letters and forms fm-26-49
5/2/1968 files from the International Chamber of Commerce annual report and letters fm-27-49
unknown files from the International Chamber of Commerce report fm-28-49
unknown Report on the ITF Congress by Pres. Curran newspaper article fm-29-98
unknown article on international shipping meeting newspaper article fm-30-49
unknown report of Interstate Commerce Commission matters report fm-31-49
2/9/1952 articles on Isbrandtsen newspaper articles fm-32-49
unknown background material on Israel's merchant marines report fm-33-49
6/23/1976 info on Japanese trade assorted materials fm-34-49
1/22/1966 articles on jet propelled ships magazine article fm-35-49
5/19/1971 information on the Axel Johnson group letters and memos fm-36-49