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Langsdale Library

Box 66

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 66. Miscellaneous Files, 1970-1975

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
5/**/72 Maritime Day HDB Remarks FMC-10-66
3/9/1975 Volunteers News Articles FMC-10-66
4/18/1972 Recent Maritime Bills Fact Sheets/Bills/Press Statements/News Clips FMC-11-66
**/**/70 Physician/Purser Marine Assistants HDB Remarks FMC-12-66
12/30/1971 Federal Maritime Commission - Year End Press Conference Press Release/HDB Remarks FMC-13-66
**/**/70 Bentley In Vancouver HDB Remarks FMC-14-66
3/23/1971 Intermodal Revolution HDB Remarks FMC-15-66
3/19/1974 Watergate News Clips/Magazine Articles FMC-2-66
2/3/1972 Yugoslavia News Articles FMC-3-66
3/10/1975 OPEC Nations - Oil Cartel News Articles FMC-4-66
4/25/1975 Youth News Articles FMC-5-66
10/25/1975 Natural Resources - Oil News Articles/Fact FMC-6-66
7/2/1975 Norway News Articles/Fact FMC-7-66
1/19/1974 Interest Group - Voting Records Fact Sheets/Booklets/Newsletters/News Clips FMC-8-66
11/15/1973 Price and Wage Controls Fact Sheets/News Clips FMC-9-66
3/19/1969 My Most Recent Trip To Europe News Article/HDB Remarks/Congressional Record FMC-9-66