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Langsdale Library

Box 71

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 71. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
12/19/1973 Delta Queen Press Clips/Letters/Fact Sheets/Notes FMC-10-71
11/4/1971 SAFE - Defense, Department of Packard Letter/MSC Letters/Reports/Fact Sheets FMC-11-71
5/7/1971 SAFE - Department of Defense - Melvin R. Laird Letters/Fact Sheets/Reports FMC-12-71
11/3/1970 Cotton Club Letters/Reports/Notes/Fact Sheets/Lists of Names FMC-13-71
1/**/70 Impact of Longshore Strikes On The National Economy Book FMC-14-71
7/26/1971 Liberty Ships Letters/Fact Sheets FMC-15-71
12/**/78 Liner Shipping Magazine Article FMC-16-71
12/28/1975 LNB Shipping Lines - Information - 1975 News Articles/Press Releases/Speeches/Note FMC-1-71
8/12/1975 Shipping - Law of The Sea News Articles/Magazine/Fact Sheets FMC-17-71
2/7/1972 LASH - Customs Ruling Letters/Notes FMC-18-71
6/7/1977 Rebates Letters/News Clips FMC-19-71
10/18/1970 Report On The Fourth International Symposium On Marine Medicine - Varna, Bulgaria Data Report FMC-20-71
12/23/1969 Prudential - Grace Lines News Article FMC-21-71
3/31/1970 Propeller Clubs Program/Letters/Fact Sheets/Reports FMC-22-71
8/13/1970 SAFE - Maritime Program Summary Report- Bentley Summary - August, 1970 FMC-23-71
6/8/1971 LNG Shipping Letters/Fact Sheets/Notes/Memos FMC-24-71
**/**/76 International Regulation of Maritime Transportation Book FMC-2-71
9/**/71 A National Policy For The Environment Congressional Record FMC-3-71
11/23/1970 Oil Pollution News Clips/Letters/Fact Sheets/Notes/Reports FMC-4-71
4/22/1970 Pollution - (Folder II) News Articles/Letter/Notes/Fact Sheets/Reports FMC-5-71
11/5/1969 Commerce and Industry Association of New York Reports/Press Releases FMC-6-71
9/28/1974 Conference On Inflation Book FMC-7-71
12/22/1970 American Institute of Merchant Shipping Letter/Data Report FMC-8-71
2/16/1971 SAFE - Docket 65/5 and Related Matters Letters/Memorandum/Fact Sheets/Regulations FMC-9-71