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Langsdale Library

Box 72

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 72. Releases, Reports & Letters

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
6/10/1980 ANWC Newsletter Federal Maritime Commission fmc-1-72
10/20/1981 letter to John Blatnik FMC Files fmc-17-72
6/22/1981 info on ASAE FMC Files fmc-18-72
unknown letter from Graphnet FMC Files fmc-19-72
unknown Loyola college info. FMC Files fmc-20-72
4/13/1981 letter to George Marich FMC Files fmc-21-72
12/7/1979 MARAD info FMC Files fmc-22-72
10/1/1981 CIA info. change request papers FMC Files fmc-23-72
8/1/1981 MD. Business Journal FMC Files fmc-24-72
4/15/1982 MPA news FMC Files fmc-25-72
unknown MD state carrot advertising FMC Files fmc-26-72
**/**/41 WHPS register FMC Files fmc-2-72
2/26/1969 Nixon Aid Admits Goof FMC Files fmc-27-72
1/14/1980 Matson Navigation Co. FMC Files fmc-28-72
1/2/1980 MEBA info FMC Files fmc-29-72
1/22/1982 letter to Mende FMC Files fmc-30-72
11/18/1981 Moral Majority letter FMC Files fmc-31-72
unknown Morgan Sate Univ. Info FMC Files fmc-32-72
**/**/82 names and numbers FMC Files fmc-33-72
**/**/81 names and numbers FMC Files fmc-34-72
**/**/81 Nevada state society directory FMC Files fmc-35-72
11/30/1979 Naval correspondence FMC Files fmc-36-72
2/**/83 Antiques info. FMC Files fmc-3-72
**/**/81 Nevada state society info FMC Files fmc-37-72
unknown news clipping (misc) FMC Files fmc-38-72
7/31/1980 Northeaster order (sign) FMC Files fmc-39-72
7/3/1982 misc. notes FMC Files fmc-40-72
**/**/81 notes from '81 FMC Files fmc-41-72
**/**/80 notes from '80 FMC Files fmc-42-72
7/4/1978 International notes FMC Files fmc-43-72
7/2/1981 Panama Canal commission FMC Files fmc-44-72
8/11/1982 letter from Peter Kohn FMC Files fmc-4-72
7/24/1979 Balto. council on foreign relations info. FMC Files fmc-5-72
4/19/1982 letter to Paul Banker FMC Files fmc-6-72
4/**/82 Baltimore starters FMC Files fmc-7-72
8/11/1980 letter to Nick Basura FMC Files fmc-8-72
unknown info on Bryant college FMC Files fmc-9-72