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Langsdale Library

Box 73

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 73. Miscellaneous

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
1/27/1975 New York Shipping Association Letters/Fact Sheets/Memorandum/News Clips FMC-10-73
6/15/1972 North Atlantic Shipping Association Fact Sheets/Meeting Notes/Letters/Memorandum FMC-11-73
11/25/1975 Karl Bakke - New Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission(Bentley Successor) News Article FMC-12-73
10/23/1969 Nixon Program - Maritime Press Releases/Remarks/Fact Sheets FMC-1-73
2/**/72 Oceanography Books/Letters/Fact Sheets/Reports/News Clips FMC-2-73
4/30/1970 Oceanography (Folder II) Booklets/Fact Sheets/Letters FMC-3-73
10/6/1971 Ocean Freight Letters/Fact Sheets/Reports FMC-4-73
11/30/1973 Nuclear Power News Article FMC-5-73
3/20/1975 The U.S. Merchant Marine - Key To Survival HDB Remarks FMC-6-73
5/7/1975 Norwegian Shipping - World Shipping Conference Booklets/Press Releases/Letters/Fact Sheets FMC-7-73
2/1/1973 Norwegian Shipowner's Association Fact Sheet/Letter FMC-8-73
3/31/1972 SAFE - North Atlantic Pools/Trade/Rates Reports/Fact Sheets/Memorandum/Letters/Magazine Articles FMC-9-73
2/18/1972 FR Canada - Canadian disparities Correspondence fmc-10-73
2/17/1970 FR Ceylon Embassy Correspondence fmc-11-73
5/14/1970 FR Ceylon Correspondence fmc-12-73
unknown FR Chile Correspondence fmc-13-73
4/19/1971 Fr Chile - Shipping relations Correspondence fmc-14-73
3/27/1973 FR China Correspondence fmc-15-73
3/3/1976 FR Cuba Correspondence fmc-16-73
3/21/1973 foreign relations Africa -(le Roux) Correspondence fmc-1-73
1/4/1973 FR- Argentina - Paine Correspondence fmc-2-73
7/31/1973 FR Australia - /long Correspondence fmc-3-73
2/21/1973 Fr Bahamas - Morse Correspondence fmc-4-73
7/12/1972 Fr Brazil Correspondence fmc-5-73
12/**/70 FR Cambodia Correspondence fmc-6-73
5/26/1972 FR Canada Correspondence fmc-7-73
3/18/1975 FR Canada with State files Correspondence fmc-8-73
6/**/72 FR Canada - Chairman's trip Correspondence fmc-9-73