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Langsdale Library

Box 81

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 81. Speeches

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
10/5/1973 Texas Women's Auxiliary - Austin, Texas HDB Remarks FMC-10-81
10/8/1973 Republican Women - Calvert County, MD. HDB Remarks FMC-11-81
10/10/1973 Propeller Club Of The U.S. and the 1973 American Merchant Marine Conference Luncheon Meeting - St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, California HDB Remarks FMC-12-81
10/12/1973 Maryland Federation Of Republican Women Annual Convention Easton, MD. HDB Remarks FMC-13-81
10/13/1973 American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants - Atlantic, GA. HDB Remarks FMC-14-81
6/22/1972 36th Annual Convention Of The National Federation Of Press Women - Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Washington HDB Remarks FMC-15-81
6/21/1972 Executive Seminar Center - Berkeley, California HDB Remarks FMC-16-81
6/28/1972 National Committee On International Trade Documentation - Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C. HDB Remarks FMC-17-81
6/30/1973 SS Austral Entente - Ingalls Shipbuilding - Pascagoula, Mississippi HDB Remarks FMC-1-81
6/30/1972 Dedication Ceremonies Of the Transocean Gateway Corporation Howland hook Container Terminal - Staten Island, N.Y. HDB Remarks FMC-18-81
7/8/1972 Launching C.V. Export Leader - Bath, Maine HDB Remarks FMC-19-81
7/18/1973 Longshoremen AFL-CIO - Las Vegas HDB Remarks FMC-2-81
9/8/1973 St Stevan - Columbus, Ohio HDB Remarks FMC-3-81
9/13/1973 FMC Reorganization - Washington, D.C. HDB Remarks FMC-4-81
9/20/1973 Symposium On The Advancement Of Women In Industry Remarks FMC-5-81
9/26/1973 Pacific Coast Port Association - San Pedro, Calif. HDB Remarks FMC-6-81
9/27/1973 "TODAY'S WOMAN Seminar - Sacramento, California HDB Remarks FMC-7-81
9/2/8/73 National Federation Of Republican Women - Los Angeles, California HDB Remarks FMC-8-81
10/3/1973 Towsontowne Business & Professional Women's Club - Martin's West - Baltimore, Maryland HDB Remarks FMC-9-81