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Langsdale Library

Box 90

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 90. Speeches

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/8/1975 The Robert A. Taft Institute Of Government Seminar - Baltimore, MD. HDB Remarks FMC-10-90
3/13/1975 Baltimore Port Night - :York, Penna HDB Remarks FMC-11-90
3/14/1975 Logos Dinner - Cleveland Sheraton - Cleveland , Ohio HDB Remarks FMC-12-90
3/20/1975 International Affairs Institute - Fort George C. Meade - Maryland HDB Remarks FMC-13-90
4/11/1975 12th Annual National Defense Transportation Association Convention- Amsterdam , The Netherlands Frederick L. Shreves Remarks FMC-14-90
4/22/1975 "Port Man Of The Year Award - Baltimore Hilton Hotel - Baltimore, Md HDB Remarks FMC-15-90
5/6/1975 NOR-Shipping 75 World Shipping Conference - Norwegian Maritime Museum - Oslo, Norway HDB Remarks FMC-16-90
5/8/1975 Woman's Club Of Roland Park - Baltimore, MD HDB Remarks FMC-17-90
5/8/1975 26th Annual Institute On Foreign Transportation and Port Operations - New Orleans, La. HDB Remarks FMC-18-90
1/22/1975 Quarterdeck Honorary Society - Dept. of Naval Architecture - University OF Michigan Ann Arbor , Michigan HDB Remarks FMC-1-90
5/14/1975 Citizen's League Of Baltimore HDB Remarks FMC-19-90
1/27/1975 Transportation Council HDB Remarks FMC-2-90
1/30/1975 4th Annual Women's Conference - Arizona State University - HDB Remarks FMC-3-90
1/31/1975 47th Convention Of Arizona Federation Of Republican Women - Ramada Inn, Phoenix, Arizona HDB Remarks FMC-4-90
2/3/1975 Rotary Club Of Columbus, Ohio - Neil House Hotel, Columbus, Ohio HDB Remarks FMC-5-90
2/4/1975 15th Annual Conference and Shippers Dialogue -The Biltmore Hotel, New York, N.Y. HDB Remarks FMC-6-90
2/5/1975 Oceanic Policy Symposium - Sheraton- Park Hotel - Washington, D.C. HDB Remarks FMC-7-90
2/10/1975 National Coffee Association of U.S.A. - Boca Raton Hotel - Boca Raton, FLA HDB Remarks FMC-8-90
2/19/1975 National Aviation Club - HDB Remarks FMC-9-90