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Langsdale Library

Box 98

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 98. Various Records

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
2/28/1973 Draft Presentation Speech FMC-10-98
6/25/1973 Bicentennial - Final Fleet Brochures I, II, III Brochures FMC-11-98
1/28/1972 Galt Davis Project Letters, Booklet FMC-12-98
8/12/1961 MC Biography "Original Biography FMC-13-98
**/**/73 Copies of Commission Status Files Record FMC-14-98
8/19/1975 FMC - Administration Memos Memos, Directory FMC-15-98
3/22/1973 Reorganization Memos, News Clippings FMC-16-98
10/15/1974 Combined Federal Campaign Letters, News Clippings FMC-17-98
4/5/1973 Savings Bonds Campaign Letters, Memos FMC-18-98
12/**/72 Bicentennial News Clips 1972 News Clippings FMC-1-98
10/31/1969 Agenda Memos FMC-19-98
6/**/71 Agenda Memos FMC-20-98
12/**/71 Agenda Memos FMC-21-98
5/**/72 Agenda Memos FMC-22-98
12/**/72 Agenda Memos FMC-23-98
12/20/1973 Agenda Memos FMC-24-98
12/30/1974 Agenda Memos FMC-25-98
10/29/1975 Agenda Memos FMC-26-98
7/10/1975 13th Annual Report Annual Report, Thank You Letter FMC-27-98
10/21/1974 12th Annual Report Annual Report, Thank You Letter FMC-28-98
12/20/1971 Bicentennial News Clips 1971 News Clippings FMC-2-98
8/4/1972 11th Annual Report Annual Report, Memo FMC-29-98
11/5/1972 10th Annual Report Annual Report, Letters FMC-30-98
6/17/1971 9th Annual Report Annual Report, Memo, Thank You Letter FMC-31-98
10/**/72 Bicentennial - Sea Power Magazine Magazine FMC-3-98
7/9/1973 ARBC Presentation Speech FMC-4-98
7/9/1973 ARBC Presentation - Slide List Slide List FMC-5-98
**/**/73 Bicentennial - Illustrative Program Presentation Presentation FMC-6-98
7/9/1973 Transcript of Full ARBC Meeting Transcript FMC-7-98
9/7/1972 American Revolution Bicentennial Commission Presentation Speech FMC-8-98
7/24/1972 American Revolution Bicentennial Commission Presentation Speech FMC-9-98