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Langsdale Library

Box 100

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 100. Projects & Problems

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
11/5/1973 Leadership Foundation Notes/Lists/Letters FMC-1-100
7/29/1971 Marine Post Office Letters FMC-10-100
9/6/1973 Cedomir Markovic Letters/Notes/Memos/Bill H.R,.15359 FMC-11-100
10/12/1973 Barbara Marks Letters/Notes/Brochures FMC-12-100
9/24/1973 Charles Mathias Letters FMC-13-100
7/9/1970 Frank C. Mehelich Letters FMC-14-100
4/2/1974 Captain Gordon H. Messegee Letters FMC-15-100
5/24/1973 Congressman Mills Of Maryland Note/Newspaper Clip FMC-16-100
6/20/1975 P&P Miscellaneous Letters/Notes/Memos/Newspaper Clips FMC-17-98
6/28/1973 Mr. Tom D. Moon (Boyscouts) Letters FMC-18-100
12/8/1971 Rear Admiral S.E. Morrison - (Retired) Letters/NewspaperClips FMC-19-100
4/18/1975 Mae Murray Letters/NewspaperClip FMC-20-100
12/13/1971 Norma LEE Letters/Newspaper Clips FMC-2-100
2/11/1975 Sue Neeley Letter FMC-21-100
2/4/1970 New Federalism Summary/Memorandum/ Questions FMC-22-100
11/28/1972 Obester Letters/Notes/Draft/Brochure FMC-23-100
10/7/1970 O'Brien Award Letters FMC-24-100
2/8/1973 Marie ODea Letters/Notes FMC-25-100
2/20/1974 Mr. Kalevi A. Olkio Letters FMC-26-100
1/28/1972 Captain Olsen Note FMC-27-100
Unknown Oceanic Educational Foundation Stationery & Envelopes Envelopes FMC-28-100
6/15/1973 Oceanic Educational Foundation Notes and Miscellaneous Speeches/NewspaperClip FMC-29-100
6/6/1974 Charles Logan Letters/Arbitration Papers/Brochure FMC-3-100
10/6/1971 Litton Industries - Sen. Smith Statement Notes/NewspaperClip FMC-4-100
11/16/1971 Locust Point - Essay Contest Letters/Essays FMC-5-100
6/23/1972 Luckenbach Letters/Notes FMC-6-100
11/1/1974 Lyford Letters/PostCards/NewspaperClip FMC-7-100
2/20/1974 Scott McCurdy Letter FMC-8-100
9/5/1972 George McGovern Letters FMC-9-100