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Langsdale Library

Box 109

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 109. Mixed Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/27/78 Coffee Mixed Files FMC-1-109
3/22/77 Coffee: Samples Names & Address Agreement Letters FMC-2-109
7/5177 Sal Davide/Coffee Letters FMC-3-109
5/5/78 Ex-port Administration Bulletin Bulletin FMC-4-109
5/5/76 Consultant; Henry N. Holdren Letter, Pamphlet FMC-5-109
**/**/77 Contracts Contracts FMC-6-109
8/10/76 Crossocean - Correspondence Letters FMC-7-109
12/31/75 Crossocean - Documents Minutes, Report, Budget FMC-8-109
10/1/75 Customs Pamphlet FMC-9-109
10/8/75 Darr Oil Company Letters, Telegram FMC-1O-109
**/**/77 Dynalectron Corporation Brochure, Annual Report FMC-11-109
9/23/78 East Europe Import, Inc. Letters FMC-12-109
9/20/76 East Europe/Sudan Letters FMC-13-109
8/25/76 East Europe/Miscellaneous Letters FMC-14-109
**/**/78 Economy/Maryland Brochure FMC-15-109
11/29/76 Ecuador Letters, Agreement Memos FMC-16-109
7/14/78 Ecuador/Olmedo Letters, Agreement Memos FMC-17-109
11/12/76 Ecuador/Polacek Letters, Agreement Memos FMC-18-109
7/12/76 Ecuador/Fruit Ships News Clippings, Memos FMC-19-109
9/29/76 Ecuador Ships/Greece Memos FMC-20-109
4/10/76 Ship Sales/Roberto Serrano Letters, Memos FMC-21-109
3/4/81 Emery Air Freight Letters, Receipts FMC-22-109
**/**/76 Export Financing/Gary Collins - MD National Bank Report FMC-23-109
9/25/76 Fogarty Letters, Records FMC-24-109
4/18/78 Fran's Notes and Receipts from New York Notes, Receipts FMC-25-109
12/14/76 Expo Center Letters, Sketch Plan FMC-26-109
7/21/72 GTE Messages, Letter, News Clipping, FMC-27-109
6/3/78 Garmatz Invitation FMC-28-109
10/22/77 Gas/No Natural or Other Letter FMC-29-109
3/14/78 Samuel Goff Letter, Pamphlet FMC-30-109
**/**/76 Gold Notes FMC-31-109
10/12/79 Grand Jury Mixed Files FMC-32-109
8/2/77 HDB/Personal - Krohmer Hair Letters FMC-33-109
3/31/77 Hanks Mixed Files FMC-34-109
4/1/77 Herbert Harmatz Memos FMC-35-109
5/14/79 Howard Head Letters, Memos FMC-36-109
8/8/77 Hedy Valenzuela Letters, Mailgram FMC-37-109
**/**/76 Mail for HDB Letters, Notes, Receipts FMC-38-109