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Langsdale Library

Box 116

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 116. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
2/28/1974 FMC Budget Estimates - 1975 Budget Estimates FMC-2-116
9/5/1973 International Trade & Shipping Memo/Bill/Letters FMC-3-116
5/27/2005 United Nations Conference On Trade and Development Booklet FMC-4-116
9/**/76 R.J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. Report FMC-5-116
7/1/1973 Ship Building Japan Newsletter/Application/Berth Availability FMC-6-116
7/21/1975 Japan/Korea-Atlantic & Gulf Freight Conference Memo FMC-7-116
2/20/1974 Transcript , Hearing Westmoreland Conference Transcript FMC-8-116
Unknown Tariff Recodification - Far East Conference Paper FMC-9-116
12/15/1966 Place of London in UK Port Developments Speech/Report fmc-10-116
10/11/1966 The Role of Tilbury in the Development of the Port of London Report fmc-11-116
5/26/1967 Specialized Handling Facilities in the Port of London Report fmc-12-116
**/**/** Severnoye Siyanie Floating Power Plant Report fmc-13-116
11/7/1974 Orben's Current Comedy Report fmc-14-116
10/20/1974 Maryland Wins with Women Press Release, Report, Invitation fmc-15-116
9/30/1974 Ship's Engines Notes fmc-16-116
**/**/** Productivity and the Public Sector - The Desire to Work Report fmc-17-116
8/24/1973 Nevada News Media Lists fmc-18-116
6/30/1975 Code of Conduct: Legal Aspects - Dr. G. Breuer Report fmc-19-116
12/31/1974 The Changing Relationship Between Liner, Bulk and Specialized Transport - A. Stromme Svendsen Report fmc-20-116
12/23/1970 She Fights for Shipping Newspaper fmc-21-116
**/**/** emarks from Mrs. Saul Schary: "Women in the Business World: A New Day Remarks fmc-22-116
5/18/1970 Brandon's Shipper & Forwarder Newspaper fmc-23-116
8/29/1974 Jane's Fighting Ships - 1974-1975 Report, News Articles fmc-25-116
11-31-74 Japanese-American Maritime Agreement Announced by FMC - Chair Bentley Press Release fmc-26-116
6/11/1974 arning that the Maritime Industry Comprises one of the World's "Most Hazardous Forms of Work, Helen Bentley, Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, Tonight Called for an Increased Effort to Improve Safety Standards on Baltimore's Waterfront. Press Release fmc-27-116
8/9/1974 Statement by James V. Day, Vice Chairman of FMC Before the Merchant Marine Subcommittee of the Commerce Committee U.S. Senate Statement fmc-28-116
2/28/1974 American Political Report: The Nixon Administration Report fmc-29-116
12/31/1976 Calendars for 1977 Calendars fmc-29-116
3/4/1974 Todd Daily Maritime Newsletter fmc-30-116
10/26/1974 Mr. Norman Cousins - Editor: Saturday Review/World Letter fmc-31-116
12/31/1973 Sen. Charles Mathias: Wage Price Controls Face Review Newsletter fmc-32-116
6/5/1966 Report to the President by the Emergency Board No. 166 Report fmc-33-116
12/31/1968 National Labor Relations Act Remedies: The Unfulfilled Promise Reports fmc-34-116
3/7/1975 Al Foreman Memos, Press Releases fmc-35-116
12/31/1971 Misc. Inter-Office Files - 1971 Memos, Carbon Copies fmc-36-116
**/**/75 The Maryland Spirit of '76 Brochure fmc-37-116
9/25/1975 Cargo Sharing and Liner Shipping Lecture fmc-38-116
8/25/1969 ICC Infringement of FMC Jurisdiction Memos fmc-39-116
11/30/1973 Expired Invitations - Nov. 1973 Invitations, Letters fmc-40-116
12/31/1973 Expired Invitations - Nov. 1973 Invitations, Letters fmc-41-116
1/31/1974 Expired Invitations - Jan. 1974 Invitations, Letters fmc-42-116
3/31/1974 Expired Invitations - March 1974 Invitations, Letters fmc-43-116
11/30/1974 Expired Invitations - Nov. 1974 Invitations, Letters fmc-44-116
4/30/1974 Expired Invitations - Apr. 1974 Invitations, Letters fmc-45-116