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Langsdale Library

Box 121

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 121. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
9/26/1972 Problems on FMC Bill 15465 Before Subcommittee on the Merchant Marine of Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee of House of Representatives. San Francisco, California. September 25-26, 1972 Testimony fmc-10-121
5/31/1972 Testimony Before Office of Management & Budget Testimony fmc-11-121
10/**/72 FMC Activities Report Report fmc-1-121
9/18/1972 Statement by HDB, Chairman Federal Maritime Commission Before the Subcommittee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. House of Representatives Statement fmc-12-121
2/6/1973 National Transportation Institute of the Transportation Association of America Speech, Notes fmc-13-121
4/6/1973 Japanese Shipbuilding Notes, News Articles fmc-14-121
11/3/1973 Speech Before Hague Post Speech fmc-15-121
10/31/1973 Soviet Maritime Situation Reports Speeches, News Articles, fmc-16-121
12/16/1974 Steuart Petroleum News Articles fmc-17-121
4/**/73 HDB Featured Speaker - AAMVA Letters, News Article, Pamphlet fmc-2-121
7/8/1972 Remarks of HDB at the Launching of the Containership Export Leader, Bath Iron Works Corp. - Bath, Maine Speech fmc-3-121
11/20/1972 Keynote Address by HDB Before the Federal Bar Assoc. Merchant Marine Conference - Washington, D.C. Speech fmc-4-121
11/15/1972 Remarks of HDB Delivered by Robert S. Hope, Special Assist. Before the Containerization Institute Shippers Dialogue - San Francisco Speech fmc-5-121
7/9/1971 Remarks by HDB Before the Commonwealth Club of California - San Francisco, California Speech fmc-6-121
6/12/1972 Remarks by HDB Before the Fertilizer Institute 2nd International Marketing Conference - White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia Speech fmc-7-121
6/5/1972 HDB Remarks: Chairman of FMC. National Freight Traffic Association. White Springs, West Virginia Remarks fmc-8-121
11/20/1972 Keynote Address by HDB, Chair of FMC Before the Federal Bar Association Merchant Marine Conference, Statler Hilton Hotel. Speech fmc-9-121
8/13/1974 Public Activities - Cong. Testimony Statements fmc-18-121
4/6/1974 FMC - International Affairs Officer Memo, Report fmc-20-121
12/2/1969 Material for Meeting w/ Robert P. Mayo - Administration Personnel Report fmc-20-121
2/3/1976 Maritime Program Memo fmc-21-121
**/**/** Mihailovich, Dn Capt. News Articles, Reports, Letter fmc-22-121
5/20/1970 FMC Managing Director Reports, Memos, Notes, Letters fmc-23-121
12/5/1969 FMC Commissioners Memo, Letter fmc-24-121
**/**/** IDC CAB Meeting Testimony fmc-25-121
4/20/1971 Chairman Bentley Remarks, Report fmc-26-121
8/21/1973 Eisenhower Peace Center- N.S. Savannah Report, Letter fmc-27-121
5/31/1973 HDB - N.S. Savannah Notes Letters, News Articles, fmc-28-121