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Langsdale Library

Box 127

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 127. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
9/10/1975 Misc. FMC News Clips News Articles fmc-10-127
8/14/1969 Congratulations on FMC Chair Appointment Letters, Cards fmc-11-127
8/14/1969 Congratulations Letters re: FMC Chair Appointment Letters, Cards fmc-1-127
7/15/1971 White Pine County High School - Class of 1941 Reunion Letters, Program, Photos fmc-12-127
8/26/1972 Nevada (Political) Notes, Remarks fmc-13-127
**/**/** Value Ports Reports fmc-14-127
6/14/1970 The Tampa Tribune Newspaper fmc-15-127
10/30/1969 The American Association of Port Authorities Report fmc-16-127
12/31/1966 Public Facilities - Ports Report fmc-17-127
**/**/** The Economic Impact of U.S. Ocean Ports Reports fmc-18-127
**/**/70 The Port of Tacoma Report fmc-19-127
2/28/1969 Research Analysis of Existing Problems Effecting Future Port Activities Report fmc-20-127
**/**/** The Port of London Report fmc-21-127
**/**/71 Christmas Card List List, Cards fmc-2-127
**/**/74 The Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll Report fmc-22-127
1/15/1975 The President's 1975 State of the Union Message Including Economy and Energy Press Packet fmc-23-127
12/31/1967 The Babcock & Wilcox Story Report fmc-24-127
10/30/1967 How Litton Keeps it Up News Articles fmc-25-127
**/**/** Kennecott - It's Men and Companies Report fmc-26-127
8/18/1974 Working Towards an Open Society Remarks fmc-27-127
1/31/1975 American Automobile Association Report fmc-28-127
12/13/1973 Hogan Report Report, Press Release, News Articles fmc-29-127
6/9/1970 Misc. Articles on Soviet Navy and Shipping News Articles fmc-30-127
11/20/1970 Address by the V.P. - Associated Press Managing Editors Convention. Honolulu, Hawaii Speech fmc-31-127
1/7/1971 Christmas - Delich Lists, Cards fmc-3-127
**/**/** Pat Buchanan Letter, News Articles fmc-32-127
8/12/1969 Lynn Poole (Mrs.) Letter fmc-33-127
2/8/1971 Republican Congressional Committee Newsletter Newsletter fmc-34-127
10/17/1971 Rhode Island Women's Day Program fmc-35-137
10/14/1971 Maritime and Marine Industries Luncheon. Tulsa, Oklahoma Program fmc-36-127
10/21/1971 Virginia Conference on World Trade Program fmc-37-127
5/31/1973 Theta Sigma Phi - The National Professional Society for Women in Journalism and Communications Membership Card fmc-38-127
1/12/** Boston Port Unit Changes Awaited News Articles fmc-39-127
11/19/1970 Bentley World Trade Speech Speech fmc-40-127
11/30/1967 Who Thinks in a Think Tank? News Article fmc-41-127
8/26/1973 Bicentennial Notes News Articles, Speeches, fmc-4-127
7/31/1969 East European Shipping Statistics Reports fmc-42-127
6/6/1969 Navy Day Celebrations in the Soviet Union Report fmc-43-127
8/18/1969 Study of Mobile Energy Port Facilities Report fmc-44-127
7/25/1973 Special Stories Reports, Letters, fmc-5-127
12/3/1974 Republican Governor's Conference Report, Transcript fmc-6-127
**/**/** Lusitania News Article fmc-7-127
9/22/1973 Notes for Maryland Speeches - 1973 Notes fmc-8-127
**/**/72 Women Reports, Remarks fmc-9-127