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Langsdale Library

Box 133

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 133. Foreign Relations

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
2/23/1976 Mid East Corruption News Clips fmc-10-133
11/25/1974 Norway Letters, News Clip fmc-11-133
11/2/1970 Foreign Relations: Japan1970 Newsletters, Memo's, Press Release, Letters fmc-1-133
10/4/1971 Nigeria Memo fmc-12-133
9/30/1970 SAFE - OSLO 1970 Meeting, Seventh Joint Plenary Meeting Letters, Memo, List fmc-13-133
8/5/1974 FMC, Pakistan Letters, Reports fmc-14-133
11/13/1970 FMC - Peru Letters, Memo's, Reports fmc-15-133
8/26/1974 Puerto Rico (reports) Reports/Studies fmc-16-133
12/11/1969 Foreign Relations: Japan1969 Memo's, Clipings, Minutes fmc-2-133
7/20/1974 News Clips: Countries, Japan 1974 News Clips fmc-3-133
10/18/1973 News Clips: Countries, Japan News Clips and Press Release fmc-4-133
6/11/1972 News Clips: Countries, Japan 1972 News Clips, Report fmc-5-133
10/12/1971 News Clips: Countries, Japan 1971 News Clips fmc-6-133
11/10/1970 News Clips: Countries, Japan 1970 News Clips fmc-7-133
11/22/1974 Foreign Relations: Korea Letters, Telexes fmc-8-133
5/17/1972 Foreign Relations: Latin America Letters, Memo's, Reports, News Clips fmc-9-133