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Langsdale Library

Box 134

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 134. Richard Nixon

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
4/17/1968 Norway Correspondence Memos, Letters, Pictures, Business Cards fmc-10-134
**/**/** Prologue and Outline Burial at Sea Prologue and Outline fmc-11-134
11/23/1970 FMC - Tugboats Letters fmc-1-134
12/9/1968 Xerox Copies of Up Dated Brochure RE Burial Prologue, Outline, Letter fmc-12-134
**/**/68 CASL Special 1968 Notes fmc-13-134
11/11/1966 Outline and Suggestions, Re Burial at Sea Prologue, Outline, Letters fmc-14-134
9/25/1968 Richard M. Nixon - Project DE Press Releases, Notes, News Clips fmc-15-134
**/**/** Nixon - Memos Memos fmc-16-134
2/3/1969 Nixon - Correspondence, Task Force Letters, Memos, Reports fmc-17-134
9/16/1968 Nixon Additions - 1969 Reports fmc-18-134
10/23/1969 Rocco Siciliano - Dept. of commerce Letter, Press Release fmc-19-134
8/25/1969 Nixon - Task Force For Women Letters, News Clips, Reports fmc-20-134
3/28/1969 Correspondence Re- Unity Groups Letters, News Clips, Memos fmc-21-134
11/19/1980 Telexes Telexes fmc-2-134
5/15/1968 Nixon - General Correspondence Letters fmc-22-134
10/3/1968 Nixon - Background Material Letters, Reports, Press Releases fmc-23-134
1/16/1974 Travel Voucher FMC Vouchers fmc-24-134
10/8/1970 England Letter fmc-25-134
10/8/1970 France Letter fmc-26-134
5/18/1970 Information letters fmc-27-134
7/7/1970 Finland Letters fmc-28-134
7/21/1970 Helen Delich Bentley Letters, Lists, Notes fmc-29-134
7/30/1970 Contacts Memos, Letters, Notes fmc-30-134
10/14/1970 White House Letters, Memo, News Clips fmc-31-134
11/13/1980 Telexes Sent/Received, De Costa Telexes fmc-3-134
10/7/1970 John Allen File Letter fmc-32-134
9/24/1970 Re Jack Anderson Letters, News Clips fmc-33-134
9/18/** Don't Give Up The Ship Book Proposal fmc-4-134
1/22/1970 University of Maryland Commencement, January22, 1970 8 p.m. Speech, memo, book fmc-5-134
**/**/** The Port That Built A Nation Poster fmc-6-134
9/18/1972 Clips News Clips fmc-7-134
9/28/1969 Bachrach with Smile News Clips fmc-8-134
12/13/1971 Navy League - National directors and Members of Nat'l committees - Phoenix, Ariz. Press Release fmc-9-134
**/**/70 Confidential Material/Information Letters, Memos, Article fmc-34-134
**/**/72 Safe--Trupp, Michael/SPECIAL FILE Letters, Memos, Reports fmc-35-134
6/29/1967 Rails Clipping fmc-36-134
9/**/64 Diamonds--Products Articles fmc-37-134
7/22/1970 Violence, Reading Clippings fmc-38-134
7/8/1970 Germany/Signature letters fmc-39-134