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Langsdale Library

Box 138

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 138. Issues, Events, Bicentennial

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
11/26/1974 A Working Woman's Guide to her Job Rights Memo, Report fmc-1-138
2/17/1974 St. Scholastica College Report fmc-2-138
12/31/1974 The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Directory fmc-3-138
5/11/1973 Baltimore, Port of Press Releases, News Articles fmc-4-138
2/4/1974 Leadership Foundation Inc. 40 Million Women United to Fight Moral Pollution Letters, Report, Congressional Record fmc-5-138
2/28/1974 Genocide Convention Records, Reports, Notes, Newspaper Memo, Congressional fmc-6-138
8/18/1971 Advisory Commission on Women in Rhode Island Letters, News Articles, fmc-10-138
12/31/1970 U.S. Civil Service Commission Letters fmc-11-138
5/19/1970 Warehousemen's Assoc. of the Port of NY Report fmc-12-138
11/30/1970 Misc. News Clips News Articles fmc-13-138
11/16/1971 Remarks by Governor Ronald Reagan - American Petroleum Institute Remarks fmc-14-138
10/31/1972 Bicentennial Bulletin Newsletters fmc-15-138
2/9/1972 The White House - Statement by the President on Nationwide Radio - re: Foreign Policy Statement fmc-16-138
12/31/1975 Inside Labor by Victor Riesel Reports fmc-17-138
11/29/1974 The Scott Report Press Release/Report fmc-18-138
3/29/1974 U.S. Department of Commerce News Press Releases, Addresses fmc-19-138
9/10/1973 Misc. Letters re: Bicentennial Fleet -1 Letters fmc-20-138
8/1/1973 Misc. Letters re: Bicentennial Fleet -2 Letters fmc-21-138
8/22/1973 Misc. Letters re: Bicentennial Fleet -3 Letters fmc-22-138
7/23/1973 Misc. Letters re: Bicentennial Fleet -4 Letters fmc-23-138
8/31/1973 Letters & Phone Bank re: Bicentennial Fleet Letters, Phone Bank fmc-24-138
3/19/1969 Remarks of L. Mendel Rivers, Chairman, House Armed Services Committee on Receiving. Certificate of Achievement of the Propeller Club of the U.S. Speech fmc-7-138
6/17/1973 Open Letter to President Nixon Press Release/Letter fmc-8-138
10/29/1973 Interagency Committee on Transportation Letters, Memo, Report fmc-9-138