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Langsdale Library

Box 146

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 146. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
10/23/1975 International Longshoremen's & Warehousemen's Union Letter, Bio, News Articles fmc-10-146
7/2/1975 International Women's Year Press Release, Newsletters, Booklets fmc-11-146
12/16/1974 Khatau International Booklet/Report fmc-1-146
8/7/1974 United States - Japan Trade Council Reports fmc-12-146
8/1/1974 North Atlantic Ports Association - Membership Roster Booklet fmc-13-146
8/29/1974 Misc. FMC Memos Memos fmc-14-146
11/13/1974 American Institute of Merchant Shipping Memo, Letter, Report fmc-15-146
12/20/1974 Status of FMC Proceedings as of12/20/74 Reports fmc-16-146
1/23/1974 Status of Bills Before Congress Report fmc-17-146
12/10/1974 Misc. Notes & Memos Notes, Memos fmc-18-146
10/2/1973 Problems with Russia & Japan Memos, Reports fmc-19-146
9/11/1973 Associated North Atlantic Freight Conferences Letters, Agreements, Reports fmc-20-146
9/14/1972 North Atlantic Pool Coordination Minutes fmc-21-146
11/15/1974 Port of Chicago Letter fmc-2-146
11/22/1974 Interview Between Mr. Worktime of the U.S. Information Agency and Robert Drew Interview fmc-22-146
2/1/1974 Hogan Report Press Releases fmc-23-146
**/**/** UNCTAD Code - Cargo Sharing Report fmc-24-146
1/17/1974 Misc. Letters to FMC Letters fmc-25-146
9/19/1973 International Intermodal Transportation Reports, Statements fmc-26-146
1/10/1974 U.S. Arming Kuwait, Also Planning Big Rice Shipments to Saudis Report fmc-27-146
1/12/1975 Transshipping Alternatives for Upriver Report fmc-3-146
1/22/1975 Dedication of the Port of Baltimore's New Passenger Services Building at Dundalk Marine Terminal Program fmc-4-146
11/15/1974 Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses Letter fmc-5-146
12/31/1975 Deutsches Marine Intitut Booklet fmc-6-146
4/21/1975 World Marketing: Recession Affecting Press Release, fmc-7-146
11/21/1974 Regulatory Reform Statement fmc-8-146
5/9/1975 Institute on Foreign Transportation and Port Operations Report fmc-9-146
**/**/** FMC Agreement No. 9975 Agreement fmc-28-146
1/16/1974 Keynote Speech by Edwin Hood, Shipbuilders Council of America Speech fmc-29-146
**/**/** Proposed Shipping Agreements Proposals fmc-30-146
6/30/1971 Liberty Lowdown Reports fmc-31-146
12/31/1972 Maryland Publications - 1972 Reports, Fact Sheets fmc-32-146
9/11/1975 Misc. News Articles re: Global Issues News Articles fmc-33-146
5/27/1974 Misc. Invitations Letters fmc-34-146
12/31/1971 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Articles, News Articles fmc-35-146
**/**/** General Dynamics - Liquefied Natural Gas Ships Report fmc-36-146
1/31/1972 Texfel Petroleum Corporation: LPG Supplement to Report - Liquefied Natural Gas Project - Nigeria Report fmc-37-146
2/28/1972 A Time Story: Land- Bridge and the Containership Report fmc-38-146
7/15/1971 U.S. Energy Outlook: An Initial Appraisal 1971-1985. Volume I. An Interim Report of the National Petroleum Council Report fmc-39-146
11/30/1971 U.S. Energy Outlook: An Initial Appraisal 1971-1985. Volume II. Summaries of Task Group Reports Report fmc-40-146
12/22/1971 Export-Import Bank of the United States - Tour de Force Report fmc-41-146
**/**/** Liquid Natural Gas Report Report fmc-42-146
3/24/1972 Misc. Information re: Liquid Natural Gas Letters, Reports, Memos, Bill fmc-43-146
6/30/1974 Welcome to Greece - American Embassy Packet/ Handbook, Booklets fmc-44-146
**/**/** Port of Baltimore Guide Booklet fmc-45-146
1/15/1975 President Ford's State of the Union Address Folder fmc-46-146
1/17/1975 Staffing Status Report fmc-47-146
**/**/** The Beach-Port: A Rapid Loading and Unloading System for Container- Unitized Cargos on Open Ocean Beach Fronts Report fmc-48-146
7/29/1975 Interstate Commerce Commission Report fmc-49-146
6/10/1975 President's Interagency Committee on Export Expansion Schedule, Report fmc-50-146
12/31/1975 Calendar - 1975 Calendar fmc-51-146
5/26/1970 Nominations - 1969-1970 Hearings fmc-52-146
1/31/1975 Catalina National, Inc. Services Bulletin Report fmc-53-146
12/31/1975 Misc. Press Releases & Newsletters: 1974-1975 Press Releases, News Letters fmc-54-146
1/31/1974 Colorful History of America as a Seafaring Nation Letter, Booklet fmc-55-146
11/3/1973 Briefcases - 1973 Speech, News Articles, Fact Sheets fmc-56-146
7/31/1974 The Maryland Travel Scene Newsletter fmc-57-146
1/15/1975 President Fords Address - Press Release Press Release fmc-58-146
9/30/1974 Accuracy in Media (AIM) Report Report fmc-59-146
7/8/1973 The Festival of American Folklife Press Releases, Program, Booklet, News Article fmc-60-146
3/15/1970 Address by General Westmoreland, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Address fmc-61-146
5/5/1975 Nor-Shipping 1975 Booklet fmc-62-146