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Langsdale Library

Box 151

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 151. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/26/1970 Guam Chamber of Commerce Letters fmc-10-151
1/7/1975 Letters to HDB from Members of Other Government Agencies Letters fmc-11-151
3/18/1970 Misc. Thank You Letters from HDB to Others Letters fmc-1-151
11/28/1972 Misc. Letters to HDB from Members of the Letters fmc-12-151
6/5/1975 Misc. Letters to HDB from Members of the House of Representatives Letters fmc-13-151
6/1/1975 Misc. Congratulatory Letters to HDB and Their Responses Letters fmc-14-151
8/25/1965 Congratulatory Letters from HDB Letters fmc-15-151
10/28/1975 Thank You Letters to HDB re: Her Letters of Congratulations Letters fmc-16-151
5/1/1970 Thank You Letters to HDB re: Letters of Special Importance to her in Reference to her Appointment as FMC Head Letters fmc-17-151
8/15/1969 Letters of Congratulations re: FMC Appointment Letters fmc-18-151
9/17/1974 Thank You Letters to HDB re: Congratulations to Government Officials Letters fmc-19-151
7/28/1971 Misc. Letters to HDB from Various Port Authorities (American) Letters fmc-20-151
12/7/1972 Letters to HDB Specifically Regarding Transportation Letters fmc-21-151
10/14/1969 Congratulatory Letters to HDB re: Her Appointment as FMC Chair and their Thank You's Letters, News Clips fmc-2-151
7/21/1972 Letters to HDB from Various Universities Letters fmc-22-151
3/26/1973 Misc. Letters to HDB from Various Shipping & Industrial Companies Letters fmc-23-151
3/20/1972 Misc. Letters to HDB from the Vice President of the U.S. Letters fmc-24-151
1/21/1973 Misc. Letters & Notes to HDB from the White House Letters fmc-25-151
3/1/1972 Misc. Letters & Notes from President Richard Nixon Letters fmc-26-151
11/6/1974 Thank You Cards Sent to HDB Cards fmc-27-151
1/31/1973 Inaugural Committee - 1973 Letter fmc-28-151
3/14/1972 The Safest Road Address fmc-29-151
2/28/1973 Propeller Club of the United States - Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico Newsletter fmc-30-151
12/31/1972 INA Corporation - 1972 Annual Report Report fmc-31-151
6/14/1973 A Short Trip Down Memory Lane - 1949/1952 - 25th Annual Meeting of N.A.P.A. Speech fmc-3-151
12/31/1972 The Platou Report - 1972 Report fmc-32-151
12/31/1972 The Hoover Institution - Three Year Report - 1969-1972 Report fmc-33-151
12/31/1973 Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor -1972-1973 Annual Report Report fmc-34-151
12/31/1972 Companhia de Navegacao - Lloyd Brasileiro - 1972 Report fmc-35-151
12/31/1972 Johnson Scon Star Report fmc-36-151
7/31/1973 Galveston - Island Construction - A Review of Projects in Progress Report fmc-37-151
12/31/1972 Prudential-Grace Lines - A Success Story in Management Report fmc-38-151
1/9/1973 Citiviews: The Institutional Investor and Corporate Responsibility Remarks fmc-39-151
3/11/1970 The Federal Maritime Commission has Voted Approval of Agreement # T-2390, the New York Shipping Association Cooperative Working Arrangement Agreement Press Release fmc-40-151
3/11/1970 Agreement No. T-2336 - New York Association cooperative Working Arrangement Docket fmc-41-151
2/23/1972 Good Year -Big Bumper Letter, Press Release, Photo fmc-4-151
1/21/1973 Inaugural Worship Service of the White House Press Release, Remarks fmc-42-151
**/**/** Leadership Foundation Inc. Booklets fmc-43-151
12/31/1969 Misc. Maritime News Articles News Articles fmc-44-151
9/25/1975 International Symposium - The Future of Liner Shipping Bremen, Germany Reports, Remarks fmc-45-151
11/20/1975 Compania Sud Americana de Vapores Reports, Agreements fmc-46-151
10/22/1975 U.S. General Accounting Office Staff Paper - U.S. Transportation System- Federal Government's Role and Current Policy Issues Report fmc-47-151
3/9/1973 Containership Faces Possible Probe News Article fmc-5-151
4/9/1970 Helen Bentley Praises Nixon Administration News Article, Press Release fmc-6-151
10/9/1974 Letter from HDB to Sen. Goldwater re: his Recommendation of Her for V.P. of the U.S. Letter fmc-7-151
3/29/1971 Letter to HDB re: Film on the FMC Letter fmc-8-151
5/8/1973 League of Women of the District of Columbia Letter fmc-9-151
5/17/1972 University of Portland News Articles, Balance Sheet, Form fmc-100-151
11/30/1973 WSB Radio 750-Award Letters, Award fmc-101-151
8/9/1971 AOTOS Programs Letters, News Articles, fmc-102-151
11/30/1971 American Merchant Marine Writers Awards Newsletter fmc-103-151
5/4/1971 Bryant College Letters, News Clip fmc-104-151
1/4/1971 Woman's Traffic Club of Chicago Letters, Booklets, Forms fmc-48-151
11/2/1971 Young Republican National Federation Advisory Board Letters fmc-49-151
2/23/1973 Honorariums Letters fmc-50-151
4/9/1975 Interviews Letters, Memos, Newsletters, Scripts fmc-51-151
4/8/1975 Recommendations- Institutions Letters fmc-52-151
11/5/1971 National Women's Political Caucus Letter fmc-53-151
9/10/1975 Diners Club Letter, Form fmc-54-151
11/25/1974 United Seamen's Service Letters, Report fmc-55-151
1/7/1975 Aotos Award Letters fmc-56-151
1/7/1975 Advertising Association of Baltimore Letter, Bill fmc-57-151
8/11/1970 American Airlines/Admirals Club Letters fmc-58-151
1/21/1975 American Association of Port Authorities Letters, Bill fmc-59-151
3/31/1975 American Bureau of Shipping Letters fmc-60-151
11/29/1973 American Newspaper Women's Club Letter, Bill fmc-61-151
1/28/1970 American Polar Society Letters, Note fmc-62-151
6/5/1972 Baltimore County Women's Political Caucus Letters fmc-63-151
1/6/1975 Baltimore Public Relations Council Letters, Bill fmc-64-151
7/9/1975 Capitol Hill Club Letters, Bill, Booklet fmc-65-151
12/13/1974 Chesapeake Appreciation Inc. Letters, Receipts fmc-66-151
11/12/1974 Church Home and Letter fmc-67-151
4/3/1973 Committee to Unite America Letters, Membership Form, Memo fmc-68-151
10/23/1974 Commonwealth Club of California Letters, Forms, Booklet fmc-69-151
9/23/1970 Engineering Society of Baltimore Letters fmc-70-151
10/22/1969 Federal Women's Award Programs Letters, Press Release, fmc-71-151
6/5/1972 International Platform Association Letter, Bill fmc-72-151
8/10/1970 Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce Letters fmc-73-151
7/20/1970 Kentucky Colonel Letters fmc-74-151
8/2/1973 League of Republican Women of D.C. Letters, Bylaws fmc-75-151
3/30/1970 Maritime Law Association Letters, News Clips, Remarks fmc-76-151
5/3/1972 National Advisory Council/ Women, Inc. Letter fmc-77-151
2/9/1970 National Defense Transportation Letter fmc-78-151
7/7/1971 National Press Club Application Letters, Memos, fmc-79-151
11/29/1973 Navy League of the U.S. Letters, Booklet fmc-80-151
3/26/1971 Nevada State Society Press Release, fmc-81-151
5/17/1972 Propeller Club of the U.S. Letters, Booklet, Form fmc-82-151
11/29/1973 Republican Heritage Club Letters, Report fmc-83-151
1/20/1975 College of St. Scholastica Letters, Report fmc-84-151
12/12/1972 Society of Naval Bulletin Letters, Questionnaire, fmc-85-151
2/23/1971 Steamship Historical Society of America Letters fmc-86-151
12/31/1972 Smithsonian Institution National Associates Membership Card, Form fmc-87-151
12/18/1969 United Airlines/Million Mile Letters fmc-88-151
9/5/1973 University of Alaska Alumni Association Letter fmc-89-151
11/11/1974 Villa Julie College Letters, List fmc-90-151
11/15/1973 Washington Press Club Letters fmc-91-151
7/28/1972 Women's Advertising Club of Baltimore Letter fmc-92-151
12/2/1973 Women's Association of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Letter fmc-93-151
8/14/1972 Women's Maritime Club of Baltimore Letters fmc-94-151
4/5/1971 Women's National Republican Club Letters, Booklet fmc-95-151
5/15/1975 Girls Nation Women of the Year Award Letter fmc-96-151
6/5/1970 Outstanding Women - Port of Baltimore Letters fmc-97-151
3/7/1972 New York Freight Forwarders Man of the Year Letters, News Articles fmc-98-151
1/6/1970 Order of Maritime Merit Letter, News Articles fmc-99-151