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Langsdale Library

Box 154

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 154. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
11/30/1970 A Case for the American Merchant Marine: An Article by James J. Reynolds Article fmc-10-154
2/25/1971 North Atlantic Ports Association, Inc. Roster of Membership List fmc-11-154
2/8/1970 Nofziger Given GOP Post News Article fmc-1-154
**/**/** Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics Booklet fmc-12-154
**/**/** Rubber Shippers Plan Boycott of Conference News Article fmc-13-154
**/**/** Russia Reaches Fleet Target Ahead of Time News Article fmc-14-154
**/**/** New Island Urged as Giant-Ship Port in Delaware Bay News Article fmc-15-154
12/30/1970 Egypt Takes Positive Step Towards Enlarging Suez Canal News Article fmc-16-154
12/31/1973 HEIB - Women of Achievement Share Thoughts on Moving Up... Program fmc-17-154
8/31/1970 Communism Versus Gun Ownership News Article fmc-18-154
**/**/** Misc. The Industry Line News Articles News Article fmc-19-154
11/14/1973 Sea-Land Shakes Pacific Shipping News Articles fmc-20-154
10/9/1973 Gas Pipeline Contest Develops in Alaska News Articles fmc-21-154
12/29/1970 Ceylon Asks for Meeting With Premier on Freight Rate Rises News Article fmc-2-154
11/2/1970 Federal Women's Award Board Memo fmc-22-154
11/4/1970 Broadcast for Voice of America Memo fmc-23-154
1/18/1971 Russia Drives East of Suez News Article fmc-24-154
12/30/1970 Government May Build Ships with Ships of Convenience News Article fmc-25-154
5/8/1972 Issues Report (Bible) for Nixon's Presidential Campaign Report fmc-26-154
12/31/1974 New York Freight Forwarders and Brokers Association Report fmc-27-154
3/31/1970 Partners: The Magazine for Atlantic Containers Line People Magazine fmc-28-154
**/**/** Welcome to Denmark: The Embassy of the United States of America Folder/Report fmc-29-154
9/28/1972 D.C. Republican Committee Memo fmc-30-154
6/8/1973 IMEX 73: International Marine Exhibition Catalogue fmc-31-154
3/22/1971 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Consultation in Shipping Report fmc-3-154
3/10/1973 The Women's National Republican Club, Inc.: Thank You Mr. President Program fmc-32-154
**/**/** The Honorable Helen Delich Bentley. Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission - Candidate for the Nixon Cabinet 1972-1976 Record of fmc-33-154
10/31/1973 Nations Business: The Man in the Middle of the Energy Crunch Magazine fmc-34-154
5/9/1972 Excerpts from Address by the President on Vietnam - 5/8/72 Report, Remarks fmc-35-154
12/3/1971 Hawaii: West Coast Dock Strike Letter, News Articles fmc-36-154
12/31/1971 Helen Delich Bentley: Current Biography Biography fmc-37-154
7/22/1970 Federal Maritime Commission - Marine Insurance Letters, Notes, Memos fmc-38-154
9/26/1975 International Transport Journal Journal fmc-39-154
4/29/1975 Council of European & Japanese National Shipowner's Associations- Dinner for Mrs. Bentley Letter fmc-40-154
7/31/1970 PATCO - MEPA na fmc-41-154
12/4/1970 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Development and Improvement of Ports Port Statistics Report fmc-4-145
6/27/1970 John Allen Letters fmc-42-154
7/10/1970 Rules for Revolution na fmc-43-154
6/25/1970 Equal Rights Amendment - 1970 Memo, Report fmc-44-154
12/19/1974 Letter to HDB from Tobin Armstrong, Counselor to the President Letter fmc-45-154
10/31/1971 Magicall Listing Lists fmc-46-154
9/30/1972 Contacts in Various U.S. Cities Lists fmc-47-154
11/1/1972 Senior Citizens Campaign Manual 1972 Manual fmc-48-154
9/30/1971 Misc. Letters July - Sept 1971 Letters fmc-49-154
**/**/** International Mailing Lists Lists fmc-50-154
12/19/1970 White House Officials - Staff Assistants & Above List fmc-51-154
9/31/72 The Official 1972 Presidential Campaign Medal of the Republican National Committee Pamphlet fmc-5-145
11/1/1972 America Needs President Nixon ... and the President Needs You Issues Folder fmc-6-154
11/31/73 First Monday: President and Mrs. Nixon Greet Rep. Gerald Ford and Mrs. Ford at a Reception Following his Nomination as Vice President Magazine fmc-7-154
7/1/1970 Report to the President and the Secretary of Defense by the Blue Ribbon Defense Panel Report fmc-8-154
1/29/1971 The U.S. Budget in Brief - Executive Office of the President Office of Management and Budget Report fmc-9-154
3/22/1971 Names & Faces in the News (Catholic Radicals) News Article fmc-52-154
3/18/1971 The Anti Hope Show News Article fmc-53-154
3/10/1971 How President Sees Himself News Article fmc-54-154
3/10/1971 Objector's Cant Be Choosers News Article fmc-55-154
3/19/1971 McClosky is Willing to Challenge Nixon News Article fmc-56-154
3/19/1971 The Big Mistake: Putting Spotlight on Berrigans News Article fmc-57-154
**/**/** Agnew Scores CBS-TV for Biased Documentaries News Article fmc-58-154
**/**/** Protesters, Police Clash Briefly - 15 Arrested: Windows Broken News Article fmc-59-154
3/22/1971 Tufts University Firebombings News Article fmc-60-154