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Langsdale Library

Box 157

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 157. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
10/16/1969 Mrs. Bentley Says: Special Treatment Ruled Out News Article fmc-10-157
10/17/1969 Nuclear Fleet Boost Set News Article fmc-11-157
2/28/1970 Are Giant Nuclear Submarine Tankers the Best Answer to Moving Alaskan Oil? News Article fmc-1-157
10/16/1969 Fleet is Old: Maritime Crisis is Seen News Article fmc-12-157
10/16/1969 New Start Seen for U.S. Shipping News Article fmc-13-157
8/16/1969 President Nixon Nominates Baltimore Newswoman as Chairman of FMC News Article fmc-14-157
10/17/1969 Bartlett Memorial Dinner Set Saturday Night News Article fmc-15-157
10/6/1969 The New Women News Article fmc-16-157
7/31/1969 The American Marine Engineer: Nixon Names Bentley (Cover) News Article fmc-17-157
10/22/1969 Merchant Fleet, Mrs. Bentley Calls for Action News Article fmc-18-157
10/20/1969 Helen Bentley Guest Speaker News Article fmc-19-157
12/3/1969 American Srbobram: U.S. President Appoints Serb Woman to High Office (Cover) News Article fmc-20-157
8/21/1969 Nixon Names County Woman (HDB) News Article fmc-21-157
9/25/1969 World Trade Club: Mrs. Helen Delich Bentley News Article fmc-2-157
10/27/1969 The Patriot Ledger: Swearing In (Cover) News Article fmc-22-157
12/3/1969 Reception and Dinner to Honor Helen Delich Bentley in Recognition of her Appointment as Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission Booklet fmc-23-157
8/1/1969 Maritime Post Offer News Article fmc-24-157
8/18/1969 Washington Whirl: HDB Featured News Article fmc-25-157
9/29/1969 Lady Maritime Candidate Held Equal of Any Man News Article fmc-26-157
8/13/1969 Down to the Sea in Skirts News Article fmc-27-157
10/3/1969 Congressional Record - Senate: HDB Congressional Record fmc-28-157
**/**/** Mrs. Bentley Gets U.S. Job. Nixon Appoints Sun Writer to Top Maritime Post News Article fmc-29-157
9/26/1969 The Nixon Look: Regulatory Agencies Take Pro-Business Cast with New Nominees News Article fmc-30-157
**/**/** Mrs. Bentley's Appointment as FMC Chairman News Article fmc-31-157
10/8/1969 A Gal Needed for the Buoys, Says a Friend News Article fmc-3-157
**/**/** ow its "Spacedoggling: The President's Lady News Article fmc-32-157
11/23/1969 Woman Maritime Head Tough, Fair News Article fmc-33-157
11/26/1969 She is Merchant Marine Skipper News Article fmc-34-157
11/23/1969 Tugboat Annie Now Commanding Merchant Fleet News Article fmc-35-157
11/27/1969 Seaside's Salty Lady News Article fmc-36-157
11/22/1969 Head of FMC Will Fight at Drop of the Hat News Article fmc-37-157
11/22/1969 Tough, Fair Ex- Newpaperwoman Heads Up Maritime News Article fmc-38-157
11/28/1969 Tugboat Annie is Tough News Article fmc-39-157
11/23/1969 ough-Talking Helen Bentley in Man's Job, "Tugboat Annie Boss of Merchant Marine News Article fmc-40-157
11/23/1969 Helen's As Tough as the Sea Dogs She Bosses News Article fmc-41-157
8/26/1969 The Distant Sound of Rockets News Article fmc-4-157
11/23/1969 No Middle Ground for First Woman Maritime Head News Article fmc-42-157
11/23/1969 Merchant Mariners Skipper Still Covers the Waterfront News Article fmc-43-157
11/23/1969 ven Union Giants Bow to "Tugboat Annie News Article fmc-44-157
11/23/1969 U.S. Merchant Fleet Getting Sundowner in First Woman Chief News Article fmc-45-157
11/23/1969 Merchant Marine's Female Skipper in Salty Business News Article fmc-46-157
11/23/1969 Tugboat Annie Moves From the Bars to an Office News Article fmc-47-157
11/23/1969 Waterfront Writer Fights Way to Top News Article fmc-48-157
11/23/1969 Helen Bentley Tough But Fair: Salty Columnist, Fighter at Drop of Hat, Is U.S. Merchant Fleet Skipper News Article fmc-49-157
11/30/1969 Tough New Maritime Chief Known for Fairness, Hot Temper News Article fmc-50-157
12/7/1969 Maritime Chief Fair, Forthright News Article fmc-51-157
8/9/1969 Maritime Unit Gets Lady Chief News Article fmc-5-157
11/23/1969 New Maritime Commission Skipper Is a Salty Gal News Article fmc-52-157
11/23/1969 She's First Female Skipper of Merchant Fleet News Article fmc-53-157
11/23/1969 elen Delich Bentley: "Tugboat Annie Fought Way Up to Head U.S. Merchant Marine News Article fmc-54-157
11/23/1969 Salty Newswoman Now in Command News Article fmc-55-157
11/27/1969 New Maritime Chief Is a Woman's Fighter News Article fmc-56-157
11/23/1969 Tugboat Annie Takes on U.S. Fleet News Article fmc-57-157
11/21/1969 Maritime Commission Skipper: Mrs. Bentley's Set to Sail - - Into a Fight News Article fmc-58-157
11/23/1969 Tugboat Annie: News Article fmc-59-157
11/23/1969 Salty Gal Reporter Is First Lady of Shipping News Article fmc-60-157
11/23/1969 She Uses Language With Precision News Article fmc-61-157
8/18/1969 Federal Maritime Commission: Shipping Industry Applauds Maritime Commission Choice News Article fmc-6-157
11/23/1969 Helen Bentley Tough Shipping Boss News Article fmc-62-157
11/1/1969 Agnew Administers Oath to New FMC Chairman News Article fmc-63-157
11/20/1969 Report on Women in Government: "Top 12 in Key Posts News Article fmc-64-157
11/20/1969 Seaworthy Aid: Wise Lady in a Man's World News Article fmc-65-157
11/23/1969 New Maritime Boss - She's Tough but Fair News Article fmc-66-157
11/24/1969 Ex-Waterfront Reporter Heads Maritime Agency News Article fmc-67-157
11/23/1969 Rough, Tough Salty Woman at Helm of the Federal Maritime Commission News Article fmc-68-157
11/23/1969 New Merchant Marine Chief is a Lady - and a Salty One at That News Article fmc-69-157
11/23/1969 Baltimore's Breezy Columnist Boss Lady of Merchant Agency News Article fmc-70-157
11/23/1969 She Runs Tight Ship as Fleet Commissioner News Article fmc-71-157
9/29/1969 Regulation: Nixon Style News Article fmc-7-157
11/23/1969 elen Bentley Covered the Waterfront: "Tugboat- Annie Takes Charge of Merchant Marine Fleet News Article fmc-72-157
11/23/1969 Tugboat-Annie Type Runs Taut Maritime Ship News Article fmc-73-157
11/23/1969 Maritime Commission Chairman Has Hundred Hats, But is Tough, Salty News Article fmc-74-157
11/23/1969 Tugboat Annie Takes Command of the Waterfront News Article fmc-75-157
11/28/1969 aritime Chief: Salty, Partisan "Tugboat Annie A Woman? and From Nevada? News Article fmc-76-157
11/23/1969 Woman at U.S. Shipping Helm News Article fmc-77-157
11/27/1969 Lady Columnist Bosses Maritime Commission News Article fmc-78-157
11/30/1969 Salty First Lady Charts the Course of Merchant Fleet News Article fmc-79-157
11/24/1969 Salty Woman Takes Helm of Maritime Commission News Article fmc-80-157
8/18/1969 FMC Madam Chairman News Article fmc-8-157
10/3/1969 Chicago Tribune: New Marine Skipper? (Cover) News Article fmc-9-157
10/3/1969 Recent Nixon Appointee: Helen Bentley Honored by Nation Press Woman News Article fmc-100-157
8/13/1969 Woman Slated to be Maritime Board's New Boss is a Salty Talker News Article fmc-101-157
8/12/1969 She Talks Waterfront's Tough Lingo... Nixon Picks Salty Brunette as Maritime Board Chief News Article fmc-102-157
8/12/1969 Lot of Tacking: New Maritime Head is "Tugboat Annie News Article fmc-103-157
8/9/1969 Helen Bentley at the Top of Slowly Growing Heap News Article fmc-104-157
8/12/1969 Mrs. Bentley, Port Editor of the Sun, Named to Head Maritime Board News Article fmc-105-157
8/10/1969 Maritime Post to Be Filled by a Woman News Article fmc-106-157
8/10/1969 Nixon Taps Maryland Woman to Head Maritime Post News Article fmc-107-157
**/**/** Maritime Nominee Is Salty and Sweet News Article fmc-108-157
8/11/1969 Former Ely Resident Gets President's Nod News Article fmc-109-157
8/10/1969 elen D. Bentley: "A Real Fighter News Article fmc-110-157
8/10/1969 Woman Paper Editor Is Nominated to Head Federal Maritime Board News Article fmc-111-157
8/24/1969 elen Delich Bentley: "Two Fisted Journalist News Article fmc-112-157
8/10/1969 Once Waterfront Reporter: Woman Slated to Head Maritime Commission News Article fmc-113-157
8/23/1969 Lady on Waterfront News Article fmc-114-157
8/25/1969 U.S. Maritime Future: Need Decisions Soon News Article fmc-115-157
8/23/1969 Labor Group Opposes Bentley Nomination News Article fmc-116-157
8/17/1969 The Week in Brief: Mrs. Bentley Named News Article fmc-117-157
8/16/1969 Two Women to Get High Posts News Article fmc-118-157
8/16/1969 She May Succeed Where Men Failed News Article fmc-119-157
8/14/1969 Nixon Names Native Nevadan to Federal Maritime Chair News Article fmc-120-157
8/20/1969 Maritime Unit Nominee Calls for Shipbuilding News Article fmc-121-157
8/21/1969 Congratulations, Mrs. Bentley! News Article fmc-122-157
8/15/1969 Mrs. Bentley Begins First Official Duties News Article fmc-123-157
8/12/1969 Seafaring Writer Rules the Waves News Article fmc-124-157
8/16/1969 Woman in the News: HDB - Ships and Shoes &52 Hats News Article fmc-125-157
8/16/1969 And the Language to Match. Helen Bentley Knows the Waterfront News Article fmc-126-157
8/13/1969 Senator (Magnuson) Speaks for Mrs. Bentley News Article fmc-127-157
8/12/1969 Congressional Record: E6937. Hon. Samuel N. Friedel in Support of HDB Congressional Record fmc-128-157
8/12/1969 Former Nevada Woman Named to Shipping Post News Article fmc-129-157
8/13/1969 ...Or Sometimes As An Appointee to the Maritime Commission News Article fmc-130-157
8/11/1969 Senate to Get Nomination of Mrs. Bentley News Article fmc-131-157
2/21/1970 cean Education Termed "Dynamic Key to Progress in U.S. Maritime Affairs News Article fmc-132-157
2/28/1970 Shipping Regulations News Article fmc-133-157
2/19/1970 Her Ship Came in Proudly News Article fmc-134-157
2/21/1970 Administration Aide Chides News Media News Article fmc-135-157
2/19/1970 Maritime Chief Hails Area Port (Norfolk) News Article fmc-136-157
2/19/1970 Local Port Advised (Norfolk) News Article fmc-137-157
2/27/1970 Federal Maritime Agency Head Favors Merger of Port, Dock Groups News Article fmc-138-157
2/27/1970 Containers Held Way to Handle Much Cargo News Article fmc-139-157
2/18/1970 She Explodes Isle Shipping Myth News Article fmc-140-157
2/26/1970 Maritime Commission Chief Doubts Value of Northwest Passage for News Article fmc-141-157
2/19/1970 Doctor of Laws Degree Given Mrs. Helen Bentley News Article fmc-142-157
2/9/1970 FMC Chief on Crisis Mission to Britain News Article fmc-143-157
2/14/1970 Harris, of ICC, Appointment FMC Compliance Director News Article fmc-144-157
2/28/1970 New FMC Hearing Examiner News Article fmc-145-157
2/28/1970 FMC Appointment: Miriam Evelyn Wolff News Clip fmc-146-157
10/27/1969 Hottest Seat News Article fmc-147-157
9/6/1969 Capital Beautifier Changing Scenery News Article fmc-148-157
10/8/1969 A Gal Needed for the Buoys, Says a Friend News Article fmc-149-157
9/1/1970 Women View Liberation News Article, Letter fmc-150-157
9/19/1970 Shipping Conferences: Phony Talk, Real War News Article fmc-151-157
9/8/1970 Shipping Rates War is Brewing News Article fmc-152-157
9/13/1970 Shippers Already Looking to Dock Talks News Article fmc-153-157
9/9/1970 Her Specialty: Making Waves With The Flag News Article fmc-154-157
9/3/1970 Flag Waver for the U.S. Fleet News Article fmc-155-157
8/30/1970 U.S. is Acting to head Off Rate Battle News Article fmc-156-157
8/30/1970 Helen Bentley Salutes Patriotism News Article fmc-157-157
8/16/1970 Politics & Patriotism: Sailing the Troubled Waters News Article fmc-158-157
7/15/1970 FMC Names Klingel News Article fmc-159-157
7/25/1970 Dynamic Women: by Edith Kermit Roosevelt News Article fmc-160-157
9/6/1970 Tough Maritime Chairman's Soft on U.S. News Article fmc-161-157
9/6/1970 Verbal Flag-Women: Maritime Chief Speaks her Mind News Article fmc-162-157
9/27/1970 Helen D. Bentley: A Star-Spangled Orator News Article fmc-163-157
9/28/1970 Head of Maritime Commission: Salty Gal Defends American Fleet News Article fmc-164-157
8/31/1970 Helen Bentley Uses Verbal Blasts in Waving National Emblem News Article fmc-165-157
9/1/1970 Her Phrases Salute the American Flag News Article fmc-166-157
9/1/1970 Maritime Chief Goes Patriotic in Talks News Article fmc-167-157
8/31/1970 Patriotism is Her Thing News Article fmc-168-157
7/10/1970 Advocate of Americanism News Article fmc-169-157
6/14/1970 Phony Story has Newshen Quietly Raffled News Article fmc-170-157
7/25/1970 Mrs. Helen Bentley: Waterfront Expert News Article fmc-171-157
6/30/1970 Stand Up and Be Counted News Article fmc-172-157
6/17/1970 ixon Aide: Dissenters "Termites News Article fmc-173-157
5/31/1970 May is a Good Month to See the Waterfront News Article fmc-174-157
5/6/1970 FMC Chief Impressed by Shipping Freedom in Europe News Article fmc-175-157
5/13/1970 People Watch President in Time of Crisis News Article fmc-176-157
5/30/1970 Conference on Noncontiguous Trade: Asks Noncontiguous Rate Probe News Article fmc-177-157
5/30/1970 Women at Head of U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, Helen Bentley, Visiting Finland Press Release fmc-178-157
5/29/1970 Quincy to Honor Chairman of Maritime Board News Article fmc-179-157
5/31/1970 FMC Chairman Speaks at Baltimore News Article fmc-180-157
5/16/1970 Richard Milhous Nixon: To the Manor Born News Article fmc-181-157
5/31/1970 Madame Shivers the Timbers News Article fmc-182-157
4/22/1970 U.S. Ships Only Carry 5.6 p.c. of National Trade News Article fmc-183-157
4/25/1970 FMC Chairman, Touring Nine Foreign Nations, Carries U.S. Free-Trade Message News Article fmc-184-157
4/12/1970 A Fiery Spokesman for Patriots News Article fmc-185-157
3/2/1970 Foreign Transportation, Ports Set for Institute News Article fmc-186-157
3/1/1970 Shipping to be Institute Aim News Article fmc-187-157
3/27/1970 Single Maritime Body Encouraged by FMC Chairman News Article fmc-188-157
3/25/1970 Appointment of Aaron Reese News Article fmc-189-157
10/22/1969 HDB Launches SS Hawaiian Progress News Articles, Program fmc-81-157
**/**/** Bentley Challenge to News Article fmc-82-157
**/**/** A Woman at Maritime Helm News Article fmc-83-157
**/**/** Japan OK's Oil Pact News Article fmc-84-157
11/23/1969 Salty Lady Who Wrote Seaside News Now Runs Maritime Commission News Article fmc-85-157
10/28/1969 World of Woman: I Doubt If I've Sworn Two News Article fmc-86-157
10/28/1969 Her Big Moment News Article fmc-87-157
10/16/1969 She's Used to Being Only Woman Aboard News Article fmc-88-157
10/22/1969 Misc. News Articles re: Decline of U.S. Merchant Fleet (1 of 2) News Articles fmc-89-157
10/22/1969 Misc. News Articles re: Decline of U.S. Merchant Fleet (2of 2) News Articles fmc-90-157
9/5/1969 Nixon Selects Woman as Head of National Council on Arts News Article fmc-91-157
10/28/1969 Misc. News Articles re: Helen Delich Bentley Being Sworn in as FMC Chair News Articles fmc-92-157
9/30/1969 Mrs. Bentley Takes on Man-Sized Job News Article fmc-93-157
11/5/1969 Joint Rate Rule Battle Assailed News Article fmc-94-157
8/17/1969 Salty Sailor Breaks Some Ice for Women News Article fmc-95-157
8/12/1969 Helen Bentley: Arctic- Bound With Appointment News Article fmc-96-157
8/17/1969 The President's Lady News Article fmc-97-157
8/13/1969 Down to the Sea in Skirts News Article fmc-98-157
8/11/1969 Helen Bentley Named to Maritime Position News Article fmc-99-157
10/28/1971 Nixon Defends Hiring Record: Women's Lib Displeased News Article fmc-190-157
10/14/1971 Cabinet Next for Women, Bentley Says News Article fmc-191-157
10/28/1971 Nominees Anger Top News Article fmc-192-157
10/4/1971 Maritime Chief Asks Return of U.S. Competitive Spirit News Article fmc-193-157
10/15/1971 Czar Proposed to Rule on Maritime Pacts News Article fmc-194-157
10/16/1971 Area Ports Secure Against Theft Problem News Article fmc-195-157
10/22/1971 Must Improve Our Attitudes In Work, Life: by HDB News Article fmc-196-157
10/27/1971 Red Navy Threatens, Maritime Head Says News Article fmc-197-157
9/15/1971 The Lady of the FCC (Charlotte Reid) News Article fmc-198-157
9/13/1971 Maritime Head Here Says U.S. Trade Dying News Article fmc-199-157
9/14/1971 U.S. Maritime Strength Ebbs News Article fmc-200-157
9/23/1971 Maritime Head Says U.S. Not Utilizing Containership News Article fmc-201-157
8/22/1971 Women in Government News Article fmc-202-157
8/2/1971 Nixon Appointing Many Women News Article fmc-203-157
11/17/1971 Productivity Held Major Goal News Article fmc-204-157
8/31/1971 International Transport Journals: August 1971 Newsletters fmc-205-157
8/16/1971 Mrs. Bentley Flies Distress Signals News Article fmc-206-157
8/16/1971 Rough Waters Ahead for the U.S. Merchant Marine News Article fmc-207-157
8/17/1971 U.S. Oil in U.S. Ships is goal of Helen Bentley News Article fmc-208-157
7/10/1971 ILWU Rift Rumored News Article fmc-209-157
7/14/1971 FMC Chairman Helen Bentley Speaks Out on Pacific Coast Strike News Article fmc-210-157
7/18/1971 resident Needs "Reeducating News Article fmc-211-157
7/22/1971 Will the Real Silent Majority Speak Up? News Article fmc-212-157
6/1/1971 ryant Speaker Attacks "Hippies, Bleeding Hearts News Article fmc-213-157
6/12/1971 Maritime Chief Cites U.S. Shipping Decline News Article fmc-214-157
10/28/1970 HDB's Appearance in Ladies Home Journal: 75 Most Important Women News Articles, Letters fmc-215-157
4/30/1971 Army Run Ocean Transport News Article fmc-216-157
4/28/1971 Glaring Inequality Cited in U.S.-Japan Shipping News Article fmc-217-157
5/3/1971 FMC Promises Surveillance Over Ocean Freight Rates on US- Japan Trade Route News Article fmc-218-157
4/20/1971 U.S., Japan Plan Cargo Rate Probe News Article fmc-219-157
3/31/1971 Maritime Outlook, 1971 Booklet fmc-220-157
3/26/1971 Opportunity Lost: Maritime Boss Raps SST Death News Article fmc-221-157
**/**/** Federal Maritime Chairman Warns Maritime Leaders on Maritime Aid News Article fmc-222-157
10/9/1970 Successful Woman is Twice As Good as Man News Article fmc-223-157
11/1/1970 Portland Chamber of Commerce: Maritime Chief HDB to Address Chamber News Article fmc-224-157
11/8/1970 Pentagon Power Struggle Angers Nation's Shippers News Article fmc-225-157
12/1/1970 President Nixon Signs Merchant Marine Act of 1970 Newsletter fmc-226-157
12/30/1970 Vanishing Breed? Who Said "Weaker Sex? News Article fmc-227-157
12/7/1970 2 Negotiating Attitudes Displease U.S. Shippers News Article fmc-228-157
12/29/1971 Spunky Gal Needs Lots O' Luck News Article fmc-229-157
12/29/1971 Helen B. Plans a Real Party News Article fmc-230-157
12/29/1971 Real Boss of American Waterfronts is Tough Lady Named Bentley News Article fmc-231-157
11/11/1971 Maritime Head Challenges Women News Article fmc-232-157
11/15/1971 Maritime Chief Says ERA Foes Fear Women May Go Ahead News Article fmc-233-157
11/14/1971 Speak Up for Your Rights, Mrs. Bentley Tells Women News Article fmc-234-157
11/15/1971 Women's Political Success Hinges on Involvement News Article fmc-235-157
11/17/1971 Lib Called Potent Political Force News Article fmc-236-157
11/25/1971 Bouquet, Boycott News Article fmc-237-157
11/16/1971 Maritime Commission Head: U.S. Trade Apathy Scored News Article fmc-238-157
12/31/1971 Caucus Propelling Women Into Policy Making Political Roles News Article fmc-239-157
11/9/1971 A Merchant Marine Memorial News Article fmc-240-157
11/2/1971 Federal Official Scolds Labor at Ceremony for Ship Terminal News Article fmc-241-157
11/7/1971 Her Native Tongue (Tito Visit) News Article fmc-242-157
12/14/1969 She's A Woman Who Doesn't Mince Words News Article fmc-243-157
12/1/1969 Women's Advertising Club of Baltimore: Helen Bentley Honored as Woman of the Year News Article fmc-244-157
**/**/** U.S. Participation in Deep Water Port International Commerce Memo fmc-245-157
11/7/1974 Remarks by Edwin M. Hood at World Shipbuilding Conference, Amsterdam Remarks fmc-246-157
6/4/1975 International Traffic Committee Conference Program, Remarks fmc-247-157
5/31/1973 S.S. Austral Ensign Launching Press Release, Remarks, Notes fmc-248-157
12/8/1969 arine Fleet Skipper: "Salty Toughness Outstanding Trait News Article fmc-249-157
10/4/1971 The Basic Position of the New York Shippers Association, Inc. Report fmc-250-157