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Langsdale Library

Box 158

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 158. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
11/15/1974 Conflicts of Interest News Article fmc-1-158
11/13/1974 Ford Drops Gibson for Energy Post: Aide Admits Nomination was Bungled News Article fmc-2-158
11/13/1974 The Gibson Affair News Article fmc-3-158
11/16/1974 Evans & Novak: The Andrew Gibson Fiasco News Article fmc-4-158
6/23/1972 A Tough Trader Faces the Soviets News Article fmc-5-158
6/19/1972 Gibson Swaps Maritime Position for Business Affairs News Article fmc-6-158
6/1/1972 Gibson to Switch Jobs News Article fmc-7-158
5/20/1972 Remarks of A.E. Gibson Before the Propeller Club of New Orleans News Article fmc-8-158
4/25/1972 Remarks of A.E. Gibson Before the Hampton Roads Maritime Association News Article fmc-9-158
3/24/1971 Far Eastern Ship Company Memo fmc-10-158
5/6/1974 Letter to HDB from Captain John Manley Letter fmc-11-158
5/6/1971 Problems Associated with the Design of an Arctic Marine Transportation System Report fmc-12-158
3/26/1971 Industry Meeting on Tying Letter, Report fmc-13-158
5/17/1974 The Supertanker Steel Squeeze News Article fmc-14-158
5/15/1974 Teamsters Get Rolling: Big Brotherhood Says it's Set for U.S. and Worldwide Organizing Drive Press Release fmc-15-158
11/29/1973 Interagency Committee on Intermodal Cargo Memo fmc-16-158
11/6/1973 American Warehousemen's Association v. The Port of Conference - Notice of Pre-hearing Conference Notice fmc-17-158
3/15/1971 Japan Maritime Gazette Newspaper fmc-18-158
12/31/1974 Annual Directory and Report 1973-1974 Directory fmc-19-158
11/3/1974 Guard of Honor Ball in Honor of Honorable Helen Delich Bentley, Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission Program fmc-20-158
2/8/1970 On the Waterfront With Helen Bentley News Article fmc-21-158
5/7/1974 Misc. Letters Sent to HDB - May 1974 Letters fmc-22-158
9/29/1969 U.S. Advised to Build Strong Merchant Marine News Article fmc-23-158
9/29/1969 Ship Industry's Hopes Raised News Article fmc-24-158
3/9/1971 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Committee on Shipping, Geneva Report fmc-25-158
10/1/1970 Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce Report fmc-26-158
12/11/1969 FMC's Helen Bentley Seeks Conciliation of Regulatory Conflicts Press Release fmc-27-158
12/31/1969 Universal Oil Products Company / Annual Report - 1969 Report fmc-28-158
2/6/1971 U.S. Seamen Rebelling Against Curran News Article fmc-29-158
**/**/** Helen Bentley Goes Overboard for America: by, Arthur Rotstein News Article fmc-30-158
5/12/1970 Russian Ship Calls Indicated News Article fmc-31-158
5/12/1970 oviet Merchant Fleet Is Planning to End Long Absence From U.S. "Cut Rates News Article fmc-32-158
6/12/1970 Poor Resale Market Seen for U.S. Flag Ships News Article fmc-33-158
6/12/1970 Container Rate Low Proposed by FMC Chief News Article fmc-34-158
6/18/1970 Boom to Gloom: A Variety of Problems Stymie the Development of Alaska's Oil Riches News Article fmc-35-158
6/17/1970 Japan Steps Up Pressure on Trade News Article fmc-36-158
7/17/1970 Jobs for Island Longshoremen Grow Scarce News Article fmc-37-158
**/**/** New Construction of American-Flag Merchant Ships in American Yards News Article fmc-38-158
7/1/1970 Grand Jury Says Seafarers made Illegal Donations News Article fmc-39-158
6/30/1970 Seafarers Union Said to Extract Money from Foreign Seamen for U.S. Politics News Article fmc-40-158
12/31/1969 Shipbuilders Council of America - Annual Report -1969 Report fmc-41-158
11/14/1969 170,000 DWT Submarine Crude Oil Tankership Report fmc-42-158
1/31/1970 Transportation: Facts and Trends - April, 1969 Report fmc-43-158
3/3/1970 Fleetocide: The Extermination of the U.S. Flag Passenger Fleet Report fmc-44-158
3/16/1970 Request for Proposal: Merchant Marine Shipboard Crew Skills and Disciplines Study Memo, Report fmc-45-158
**/**/** Reply to the Rockefeller Report on the Mission to South and Central America Report fmc-46-158
6/29/1970 Statement by Edwin M. Hood, Shipbuilders Council of America Before Special Subcommittee on Sea Power, House Committee on Armed Services Statement fmc-47-158
5/7/1970 No Stick or Carrot for the Shipping Industry News Article fmc-48-158
5/7/1970 Shipping Peers Attack Ports Bill News Article fmc-49-158
9/29/1969 A Voyage on a Trawler Points Up the Problems of American Fisherman News Article fmc-50-158
7/10/1970 Impact of Reorganization National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration News Article fmc-51-158
4/10/1970 Proceedings of: Conference on the Noncontiguous Trade Report fmc-52-158
4/3/1970 The Design of Polar Icebreakers Report fmc-53-158
4/3/1970 International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969 Report fmc-54-158
4/3/1970 Development of Maritime Safety Standards for Vessel and Equipment Construction by the U.S. Coast Guard Report fmc-55-158
2/13/1970 U.S. Security in the Mediterranean Area Report fmc-56-158
5/7/1970 Michael Bily, Shipping Correspondent Discusses the 500 Pace Rochdale Report. No Case for State Intervention News Article fmc-57-158
1/22/1970 A Premium on Progress - An Outline History of the American Marine Insurance Market 1820-1970 Booklet fmc-58-158
9/25/1969 U.S. Fishing Industry is Awash in a Sea of Foreign Ships News Article fmc-59-158
**/**/** Organization of the Baltic and International Maritime Conference Report fmc-60-158
12/31/1969 he Gallantry of an "Ugly Duckling Report fmc-61-158
5/14/1970 Submarine Tankers Folder fmc-62-158
2/2/1970 The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Report fmc-63-158
12/31/1970 The United States Merchant Marine in National Perspective - Harbridge Report Report fmc-64-158
2/15/1971 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Working Group on International Shipping Legislation Report fmc-65-158
11/23/1970 Scripps Lecture in Journalism - Student Union University of Nevada Reno Booklet fmc-66-158
3/14/1971 Hearings Before the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries - House of Representatives - Military Sealift Procurement Transfer Hearings fmc-67-158
12/31/1970 The 1970 Annual Report - Shipbuiders Council of America Report fmc-68-158
12/8/1970 Waterman Steamship Corporation Letter, News Article, Memo fmc-69-158
9/3/1970 FMC Chief on Crisis Mission to Britain News Article fmc-70-158
12/7/1970 Testimony of Richard Allen Before the Subcommittee on Foreign Economic Policy of the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States Testimony fmc-71-158
6/12/1971 American Newspaper Woman's Club - Tour of Greece Pamphlet fmc-72-158
3/31/1971 Letters to HDB from Sen. Sam Ervin re: Military Sealift Command Letters fmc-73-158
12/1/1970 The Heine Watercolors Book fmc-74-158
4/23/1971 Remarks by Edwin Hood at Seminar on Growth of Soviet Maritime Strength Remarks fmc-75-158
1/30/1970 United Nations - Unitization of Cargo Report fmc-76-158
1/21/1971 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: The Maritime Transportation of Jute Report fmc-77-158
3/2/1971 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Working Group on International Shipping Legislation Report fmc-78-158
12/31/1975 Misc. Letters & Correspondences 1975 Letters fmc-79-158
11/9/1971 Permanent Advisory Commission on Women in Rhode Island Report, News Articles, Letters fmc-80-158
8/26/1975 An Inane Controversy or Why a Decade of Needed Nuclear Power Plant Construction was Lost Report fmc-81-158
12/31/1974 Trade Act of 1974 Resolution fmc-82-158
3/31/1975 Between Editions: The 34 Years of Price Day Newsletter fmc-83-158
2/2/1971 C.J. Langenfelder & Son, Inc. Reports, Letters, Notes fmc-84-158