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Langsdale Library

Box 160

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 160. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
3/31/1970 American Labor Magazine: MEBA Magazine fmc-1-160
2/6/1973 National Transportation Institute Letters, Newsletter fmc-2-160
1/30/1973 As I See It... by Helen Delich Bentley. It is Time for Intermodal News Article fmc-3-160
8/1/1975 What NLRB Madam Chairman Has n Mind for the Future News Article fmc-4-160
1/28/1970 Puerto Rico's Rough Road to Statehood News Article fmc-5-160
2/5/1970 Pressures are Building on Booming Japan to Raise Yen's Value, Ease Import Curbs News Article fmc-6-160
8/31/1972 Federation of Serbian American Republican Clubs Newsletter, Letter fmc-10-160
1/7/1972 Invitations Extended to Serbian Christmas Party -1972 List fmc-11-160
3/31/1971 House Panel Has Maritime Head: Proposed Takeover of Sealift Hit News Article fmc-12-160
3/30/1971 What's Happening in Transportation: New Maritime Shipbuilding Program News Article fmc-13-160
6/30/1971 MSC Devises Program for Emergency Ship Use News Article fmc-14-160
4/9/1971 Spotlight Put on DOD Ship Procurement News Article fmc-15-160
3/17/1971 For Defense Contractors: Packard Privately Urges Profit Rise News Article fmc-16-160
3/17/1971 Mrs. Bentley Fights Navy Plan News Article fmc-17-160
3/17/1971 DOD Plan Ripped by FMC Chairman News Article fmc-18-160
3/17/1971 Merchant Ship Decline May End News Article fmc-19-160
4/5/1971 MSC/MTMTS Merger Held, DOD Agency Proposed News Article fmc-20-160
3/17/1971 FMC Probe Due News Article fmc-21-160
4/5/1971 FMC Hits DOD Proposal News Article fmc-22-160
4/8/1971 FMC to Probe U.S. Military Cargo Pricing: System May be Hurting Shipping Agency Hints News Article fmc-23-160
2/18/1972 Military Sealift Command Letter fmc-24-160
4/17/1972 Proposed Letter to the Chairman, House Armed Services Committee Letter, Report fmc-25-160
5/23/1972 American President Line, Inc., American Mail Line, Inc., Sea-Land Service, Inc., and United States Lines, Inc.; Possible Violations of Section18(b)(5) of the Shipping Act Order fmc-26-160
**/**/** Section 21 Order: Military Sealift Command Route Index 1E - Trade Between Ports on the West Coast of the United States and Ports in Japan Order fmc-27-160
12/28/1971 Docket No. 71-98: Sea-Land Service, Inc.- Possible Violations of Sections 16 First, 17 and18(b)(5), Shipping Act, 1916: Continuation of Investigation and hearing and Motion to Dismiss Granted in Part and denied in Part Order fmc-28-160
**/**/** Military Cargo Rates RFP 600/700 Report fmc-29-160
5/25/1972 MSC Rates, RFP - 700 Memo, Report fmc-30-160
1/16/1972 S.3717 & S.3718 re: Protection of Shippers with Respect to Loss or Damage of Property Transported by Carriers Subject to the ICC Letter, Congressional Record fmc-31-160
**/**/** Bill to Authorize the Carriage of U.S. Military Cargoes by Water Carriers at Rates Which are Fair and Reasonable Bill fmc-32-160
5/10/1975 Teamwork in Shipping United States and Norway is Possible News Article fmc-33-160
3/14/1971 Gibson Urges Emphasis in Commercial Freight News Article fmc-34-160
11/11/1970 FMC Head Says Shippers Are Hurt by Defense News Article fmc-35-160
11/8/1970 Pentagon Power Struggle Angers Nation's Shippers News Article fmc-36-160
9/27/1970 Sealift Admiral Fears Lack of Ships News Article fmc-37-160
3/24/1971 Report on U.S. Military Cargo Bidding System Circulated by Maritime Administration News Article fmc-38-160
3/27/1971 GAO Report Softened as Pentagon Wanted News Article fmc-39-160
11/12/1970 FMC Threatens Full Force: War Cargo Row End Pushed News Article fmc-40-160
3/19/1971 Plan Cancels Army Lead in Shipping Rate: Pentagon to Create Agency Separate From 3 Services News Article fmc-41-160
**/**/** The Army-Navy Game: Plans to Shift Sealift Set Capitol Buzzing News Article fmc-42-160
3/26/1971 Four Changes Expected in Sealift Plan: Military Acts to Meet Shippers Objections to Existing Rules News Article fmc-43-160
4/5/1971 Armed Forces Journal: Sealift - A Maritime Disaster Area Magazine fmc-44-160
3/24/1971 Military Sealift Command: MSC Will Help Implement MARAD Sealift Study Press Release fmc-45-160
3/14/1971 DOD Bidding System Hit by FMC Chief Mrs. Bentley May Carry Opposition to the President News Article fmc-46-160
3/26/1971 American Institute of Merchant Shipping: DOD Cargo Rate Procurement Policy Memo fmc-47-160
4/2/1971 Memo on MSC Rate Agreements Memo fmc-48-160
4/5/1971 MSC Bid on Emergency Vessel Procurements May be Found Illegal News Article fmc-49-160
4/5/1971 House Aid Criticizes Fleet Commitment News Article fmc-50-160
4/8/1971 Military Bidding Policy for Sea Cargo to Get Maritime Unit Review News Article fmc-51-160
11/20/1972 MSC Container Agreement and Rate Guide (RG-4) Letter, Report fmc-52-160
4/30/1971 Sealift: Command Report fmc-53-160
6/30/1971 Army Gets Sea Role News Article fmc-54-160
4/10/1971 FMC Granted Role in Defense Bidding News Article fmc-55-160
4/30/1971 Navy Magazine: Army Run Ocean Transport? News Article fmc-56-160
3/31/1971 Rules Change for Military Cargo Bids: Pentagon Limits Use of Ships for Defense Allows Surcharge News Article fmc-57-160
4/30/1971 Competitive Procurement Probe is Hit News Article fmc-58-160
11/1/1975 Task Force Eyeing Maritime Reform News Article fmc-59-160
11/7/1975 Reform is Sought in U.S. Shipping: Ford Task Force is Weighing Ways to Overhaul the Merchant Marine News Article fmc-60-160
11/4/1975 Industrial Nations Oil Deficits Seen Failing News Article fmc-61-160
8/25/1975 Inouye's Ship Bill Viewed as Influencing by Critics News Article fmc-62-160
5/5/1975 Russia Prepares for a Prolonged War at Sea News Article fmc-63-160
**/**/** Federal Maritime Commission: Helen Delich Bentley Press Release fmc-64-160
12/31/1970 Possible Honorariums List fmc-65-160
5/21/1975 Panel Raises Allowances for House News Article fmc-66-160
1/17/1972 Women in Government: Interviews with 6 in Top Jobs News Article fmc-67-160
1/10/1972 Woman (HDB) May Head Commerce Department News Article fmc-68-160
1/15/1971 Memo from HDB to Barbara Franklin, Staff Assistant to the President re: Commerce Department Memo fmc-69-160
1/7/1971 Invitations for Helen Delich Bentley's Serbian Christmas Party Invitation fmc-7-160
1/21/1971 Misc. Letters & Correspondences re: Serbian Christmas Party Letters fmc-8-160
1/7/1971 Guest List re: Luncheon Reception List fmc-9-160
**/**/** Personal Observations About Seamen's Work Notes fmc-70-160
12/4/1970 Oblate College - Special Convocation Honoring George Meany, President AFL-CIO Program fmc-71-160
6/18/1970 Congressional Record: Crusade of Morality Congressional Record fmc-72-160
10/26/1969 Letter to HDB re: Speech at National Press Club About the Deplorable Condition of the U.S. Merchant Marine Letter fmc-73-160
8/14/1969 Shipbuilders Council of America: Helen Delich Bentley Named FMC Chairman Newsletter fmc-74-160
4/30/1972 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Notes Notes fmc-75-160
4/12/1972 The Rudder Club, Inc.: 8th Annual International Maritime Night Dinner - Helen Delich Bentley, Guest of Honor Newsletter fmc-76-160
2/3/1972 The Rudder Club, Inc Letters, Newsletters fmc-77-160
3/30/1972 Memo re: Objectives of UNCTAD Memo fmc-78-160
3/20/1972 Code of Conduct for Liner Preferences: U.S. Working Draft Report fmc-79-160
1/18/1972 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD): Committee on Shipping - Liner Preference Practices Report fmc-80-160
11/30/1970 Memo re: Commission on American Shipbuilding Memo fmc-100-160
1/19/1972 Address by the Vice President of the United States Printing Industries Association of Northern Ohio Address fmc-101-160
1/14/1972 American Institute of Merchant Shipping Newsletters fmc-102-160
11/20/1972 Bicentennial Bulletin Newsletters fmc-103-160
10/9/1972 Committee for the Re- election of the President: Talking Papers and Supporting Materials Memos fmc-104-160
6/9/1972 Nixon Administration Activities & Accomplishments Report fmc-105-160
10/17/1972 McGovern & Amnesty for Draft Dodgers Memo fmc-106-160
11/12/1972 Hon. Robert Dole: The 1972 Republican Platform Congressional Record fmc-107-160
10/12/1972 McGovern Navy Could Sink US News Article fmc-108-160
8/21/1972 Excerpts from GOP Platform News Article fmc-109-160
8/21/1972 McGovern Loss Laid to Welfare Plan, Humphrey News Article fmc-110-160
8/22/1972 Positions on Major Issues Contrast Sharply in 2 Parties Platforms News Article fmc-111-160
10/23/1972 Nixon-Agnew Nomination Acceptance Speeches News Article fmc-112-160
11/16/1974 93rd Congress: Telephone Directory List fmc-81-160
**/**/** Federal Maritime Commission: Proposed Reorganization Report fmc-82-160
2/7/1974 Dredging to Permit 2-Way Traffic: Canal Improvement OKd (C&D Canal) News Article fmc-83-160
4/30/1970 Seaway Review Report fmc-84-160
11/17/1975 Address to The Economic Club of Oklahoma City by Robert H. B. Baldwin Remarks fmc-85-160
10/1/1970 World tanker Fleet and Containerization Covered in 16th Annual Report of OECD News Article fmc-86-160
11/25/1975 Governor Grasso's State of the State Message Remarks fmc-87-160
11/12/1970 United States v. Longshoremen's Association: Justice Dept. Drive to Integrate Longshore Unions Reports, Letters, Memo fmc-88-160
11/16/1970 Letter to HDB from Cong. John Rooney re: His Re-election Letter fmc-89-160
11/12/1970 Letter to HDB from Frank Wyman re: Launchings Letter fmc-90-160
12/23/1969 Letter to HDB from Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting re: The Port that Built a City Letter fmc-91-160
4/17/1970 U.S. Dept. of Labor: Annual Comparison Longshore Injury Data Report fmc-92-160
7/28//72 White House: President's China Trip '72 Letters, Memos fmc-93-160
6/25/1969 Atlantic World Port, Inc. Application for Quotas to Import Crude Oil Into a Foreign Trade Subzone at Machiasport, Maine Press Release, Report fmc-94-160
5/31/1971 Proposed Rule Making - Operation of U.S. Flag Liquid and dry Bulk Cargo Vessels, on Which a Construction Differential Subsidy has Been Paid, in the foreign Commerce of the United States Notice fmc-95-160
**/**/** Delaware River Port Authority Press Release fmc-96-160
10/29/1973 Determination of Need to Extend the Charter of the Interagency Committee on Transportation Memo fmc-97-160
10/26/1973 Interagency Committee on Transportations Security - Planning Group Minutes fmc-98-160
3/16/1972 Docket No. 70-51: Agreement of Merger No. 9827-1 Among R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, RJI Corporation, Sea-Land Service, Inc., and Walter Kidde & Company, Inc., United States Lines, Inc. Reports, Notes, Memos fmc-99-160
8/20/1973 Happy Birthday America! American Freedom Train Folder fmc-113-160
4/30/1975 Serb National Federation -75th Anniversary Program fmc-114-160
9/10/1974 First Battle in a Long War? In Florida, the Environmental Risks of Building Supertanker Port, Refinery Become Issue News Article fmc-115-160
9/5/1974 Mar AD Press Clips: US Dept. of Commerce Maritime Administration, Office of Public Affairs News Articles fmc-116-160
3/29/1974 International Transport Journal - Overseas Newsletter fmc-117-160
7/25/1975 Liquefied Natural Gas News Articles fmc-118-160
1/23/1975 Planet Earth, a Wholly- Owned Subsidiary News Articles fmc-119-160
10/31/1972 Panel Moves Away from Raising Taxes on Foreign Earnings of Multinationals News Articles fmc-120-160
4/18/1973 Multinational Firms Now Dominate Much of World's Production News Articles fmc-121-160
10/28/1972 Multinationals: A Step Toward Global Bargaining News Articles fmc-122-160
6/24/1974 Multinational Firms Find Patent Battles Consume Time, Money News Articles fmc-123-160
9/29/1975 Malpractice News Articles fmc-124-160
11/3/1969 Success from the High Seas News Article fmc-125-160
10/23/1969 Cong. Record: When American Trade Flourishes, Everyone Wins Congressional Record fmc-126-160
**/**/** No Easy Job News Article fmc-127-160
10/19/1969 Maritime Lady Talks Tough for Our Ships News Article fmc-128-160
12/31/1970 Woman of the Month -- Seatrade (HDB featured) News Article, Magazine fmc-129-160
1/31/1970 News Articles re: Women - January 1970 News Article fmc-130-160
12/31/1970 News Articles re: Women - December 1970 News Article fmc-131-160
12/31/1970 Women's Wear Daily (HDB featured) News Articles, Letters fmc-132-160
11/30/1970 News Articles re: Women - November 1970 News Article fmc-133-160
10/31/1970 News Articles re: Women- October 1970 News Article fmc-134-160
2/9/1973 National Women's Political Caucus Houston, Texas News Article fmc-135-160
2/10/1973 Rita Davidson News Article, Letter fmc-136-160
1/31/1971 News Articles re: Women - January 1971 News Article fmc-137-160
10/17/1971 Rhode Island Women's Day - Rhode Island, NY News Article fmc-138-160
9/13/1971 Cleveland Women's Traffic Club News Article fmc-139-160
5/31/1971 News Articles re: Women - May 1971 News Article fmc-140-160
4/30/1971 News Articles re: Women - April 1971 News Article fmc-141-160
5/7/1973 Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs News Article fmc-142-160
3/31/1971 News Articles re: Women- March 1971 News Article fmc-143-160
2/28/1971 Quotable Women News Article fmc-144-160
12/31/1970 Liner Tonnage Movements in the U.S. Atlantic/Pacific Japan Trades for Calendar Years 1971 - 1973 Report fmc-145-160
10/8/1975 White House Fact Sheet: Aviation Act of 1975 Press Release fmc-146-160
12/1/1973 The Case of Free China Report fmc-147-160
10/31/1975 Accuracy in Media: Major Media Ignore Senate Spy Charge Newsletter fmc-148-160
7/8/1975 Letters from HDB to Company Heads re: Resignation Letters fmc-149-160
**/**/** USSR's Improved Transport Draws Concern News Article fmc-150-160
1/17/1972 Women in Government: Interviews with 6 in Top Jobs News Article fmc-151-160
11/22/1974 National Maritime Historical Society Letter fmc-152-160
2/17/1971 Six to Receive Federal Loman's Award for 1975 News Article fmc-153-160
9/7/1974 Another Greek Linked to Gift to '72 Drive News Articles fmc-154-160