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Box 163

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series III. Federal Maritime Commission

Box 163. Miscellaneous Files

File Date Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
2/28/1972 US Dept. of Commerce / Maritime Administration: Maritime Press Clippings - Feb. 1972 News Articles fmc-1-163
12/1/1971 US Dept. of Commerce / Maritime Administration: Maritime Press Clippings - Dec. 1971 News Articles fmc-2-163
1/19/1972 US Dept. of Commerce / Maritime Administration: Maritime Press Clippings - Dec. 1971 News Articles fmc-3-163
3/31/1972 US Dept. of Commerce / Maritime Administration: Maritime Press Clippings - Mar. 1972 News Articles fmc-4-163
10/31/1973 Payments and Cargo Profile: Selected Routes- 1 July - 31 October Report fmc-5-163
**/**/** For Women Only Pamphlet fmc-6-163
11/17/1975 Brandon's Shipper & Forwarder Newspapers, Programs fmc-7-163
9/30/1972 Shipbuilding Contracts Under President's Maritime Program Report fmc-8-163
1/31/1974 Shipping Coordinating Committee: Basic Policy Issues Facing the United States at the March 1974 Session of the UN Conference Report fmc-10-163
1/31/1974 Statistical Requirements - U.S. Flag Shares - Conference Trade Routes (Inbound & Outbound) for Individual Years. 1970-1973 Report fmc-11-163
1/34/74 Code of Conference Practice for Liner Vessels: American Institute of Merchant Shipping Report fmc-12-163
**/**/** Shipping Coordinating Committee: Classification of Various Alternatives of Cargo-Sharing Report fmc-13-163
1/30/1974 U.S. State Dept: Working Group on Cargo- Sharing Memo, Report fmc-14-163
12/14/1973 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Report fmc-15-163
6/30/1973 Percentage of General Cargo Trade Carried by U.S. Flag Ships: First Half - 1973 Report fmc-16-163
**/**/** Shipping Coordinating Committee: Some General Foreign Economic Policy Consideration Relating to Cargo-Sharing Report fmc-17-163
1/29/1974 hipping Coordinating Committee: Working Group on the "Role of Outsiders Reports fmc-9-163
10/17/1971 She Advocates Pride in Doing News Article fmc-18-163
10/21/1971 Maritime Commission Chairman: Helen Bentley- Demon for Work News Article fmc-19-163
2/2/1972 Congress Blamed for No Action to End West Coast Dock Strike News Article fmc-20-163
1/20/1972 Helen Bentley Promotes Ships and a Birthday News Article fmc-21-163
6/13/1971 "Bleeding Hearts News Article fmc-22-163
10/26/1971 Nuclear Ships Hope of Future News Article fmc-23-163
12/31/1971 '72 Dock Strike Threat is Hurting U.S. Trade News Article fmc-24-163
9/2/1970 FMC Chief on Crisis Mission to Britain: Bid to Prevent Shipping War in N. Atlantic News Article fmc-25-163
8/6/1971 International Transport Journal: Interview with Mrs. Bentley, Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission News Article fmc-26-163
5/6/1970 Healthy Operation News Article fmc-27-163
7/18/1971 Woman's World: Maritime Chairman Pioneering the Way News Article fmc-28-163
5/31/1970 Summary of Paper to be Submitted for Presentation to the American Psychiatric Association. Emotional Disorders in O'Hare Aircraft Controllers Report fmc-29-163
5/31/1970 The Course to Collision: The Cause of Emotional Illness in Professional Air Traffic Controllers: by W. Wayne Sands, MD Remarks fmc-30-163
6/23/1970 Statement of Andrew Gleason Before the Seapower Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services on the Ability of the Privately Owned Shipyards to Meet Merchant Shipbuilding Requirements Statement fmc-31-163
1/26/1972 Bentley Bussed for Her Frankness News Article fmc-32-163
5/30/1970 Report of Mrs. Helen Delich Bentley, Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission Relative to Her Recent Trip to Europe Report fmc-33-163
9/7/1969 First Lady of Sea: Whirlwind at Home News Article fmc-34-163
6/30/1972 IHI Sending Officials to Turkey to Carry Out Shipyard Project Press Release fmc-35-163
**/**/** FMC Series 1135 vs. ICC Tariff Series Report fmc-100-163
**/**/** Proposed Guidelines of U.S Position on Cargo- Sharing Report fmc-101-163
**/**/** President's Interagency Committee on Export Expansion Task Force on Ocean Freight Rate Disparities Report fmc-102-163
3/4/1974 Docket No. 71-76: Bethlehem Steel Corporation v. Indiana Port Commission Report fmc-103-163
3/13/1974 Docket No. 73-55: Uniform Rules and Regulations Covering Free Time on Import Containerized Cargo at the Port of New York - Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Report fmc-104-163
1/25/1974 Press Releases from Norwegian Embassy re: Non-Discriminatory Treatment of Shipping Interests Press Releases fmc-105-163
2/15/1974 Letter from Port Authority of Duluth Complaining of Discriminatory Policy Against the Great Lakes in Favor of Other Coastal Port Ranges Letter fmc-106-163
3/31/1974 Changing Course...Options for the U.S. Flag Liner Fleet - March 1974 Report fmc-36-163
3/31/1974 he Mafia Detergent, Shoes that Evaporate and Bricks for San Juan. Cargo Theft: "The Biggest Multibillion Dollar Racket News Article fmc-37-163
3/14/1974 Senate Panel Clears Bill on Ship Rates News Article fmc-38-163
3/23/1974 U of Virginia Holds Cultural Cruise to V.I. News Article fmc-39-163
4/7/1974 UN Conference Adopts Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences Press Release fmc-40-163
2/4/1974 National Association of Alcoholic Beverage Importers, Inc. Letters fmc-41-163
**/**/** Docket No. 74-11: Miscellaneous Amendments to Rules of Practice and Procedure: Comments of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Maritime Administration Bar Association Report fmc-42-163
12/31/1974 Maritime Administration Bar Association: 1974 Booklet fmc-43-163
6/7/1974 Status - Proceedings Pending Before Federal Maritime Commission as of June 7, 1974 Report fmc-44-163
4/25/1974 3 New Accords Pave Way for P.R. Merchant News Article fmc-45-163
4/23/1974 747 Plane Purchase Considered: Formento Studies Inter-Island Cargo Transport News Article fmc-46-163
4/23/1974 Island Seeks Federal Opinion on Shipping Lines News Article fmc-47-163
4/25/1974 Puerto Rico Merchant Marine Project Memo, News Clips fmc-48-163
7/27/1974 Capital Costs of Commuter Rail Service in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. A Report to Taxpayers Residing in the State of Maryland Report fmc-49-163
6/14/1974 Energy Resources -- And the Public. Remarks by Rawleigh Warner, Mobil Oil Corp. Remarks fmc-50-163
8/13/1974 State Dept. Telegram: UNCTAD Committee on Shipping, 6th Session Telegrams fmc-51-163
7/16/1974 United States - Japan Trade Council: Joint Japanese-American Statement on International Economic Policy Report fmc-52-163
7/16/1974 United States - Japan Trade Council: Official Actions Affecting Foreign Trade May 27, 1974 - June 28, 1974 Report fmc-53-163
11/7/1973 Bunker Surcharges Filed to Become Effective on15 Days' Notice in Accordance with Force Majeure Provisions of Merchants Dual Rate Contracts Report fmc-54-163
11/5/1973 Docket no. 73-67: U.S. Gulf/Japan Cotton Pool Agreement - Pool Payments Report fmc-55-163
5/6/1974 S. 3443: To Promote the Growth of Competition in Interstate Commerce of Petroleum and Petroleum Products Bill fmc-56-163
1/3/1973 H.R. 739: To Amend the Shipping Act, 1916, to Provide for the Establishment of Single Factor Rates Under a Through Bill of Lading for the Transportation of Property in the Foreign and Domestic Offshore Commerce of the U.S. Bill fmc-57-163
5/23/1973 H.R. 8097: To Amend the Shipping Act, 1916, in Order to Facilitate Intermodal Bill fmc-58-163
1/30/1974 H.R. 12428: To Amend the Shipping Act, 1916, in Order to Facilitate Intermodal Bill fmc-59-163
1/30/1974 H.R. 12429: To Amend the Shipping Act, 1916, in Order to Facilitate Intermodal Bill fmc-60-163
4/5/1974 Memo From Embassy in Moscow re: Soviet Shipping Delegation Memo fmc-61-163
2/8/1974 Cong. Record-Senate: Senate Resolution 283, Submission of a Resolution Relating to Arms Limitation and Reduction Treaties Between the United States and the Soviet Union Remarks fmc-62-163
2/28/1974 Woman: A Technological Castaway News Article fmc-63-163
2/28/1974 Looking Seaward: South Korea, Intent on Industrialization Strives to Become a Power in Shipbuilding News Article fmc-64-163
2/23/1974 Gearing Up to Build the Alaska Pipeline News Article fmc-65-163
2/12/1974 Price Action Won't Aid News Article fmc-66-163
2/12/1974 N.O. Inland Fuel Stats is Asked News Article fmc-67-163
2/11/1974 Military Stands in Line News Article fmc-68-163
2/2/1974 The Energy Situation: by Ellen Sauerbrey Report fmc-69-163
4/3/1974 Docket No. 298(I): Consolidated Paint & Varnish Corp. v. Atlantic Container Line, Ltd. Report fmc-70-163
4/5/1974 National Republican Heritage Groups Council. Monthly Report Report fmc-71-163
3/15/1974 International Conference to Win the Cold War Letter fmc-72-163
3/30/1971 The Theory and Practice of Communism in 1971 - Testimony of Lt. Gen. Victor H. Krulak Before the House Committee on Internal Security Testimony fmc-73-163
12/5/1973 Communication: The Key to U.S.-Japan Understanding Report fmc-74-163
6/2/1974 International Economic Affairs Department: International Economic Roundtable Meeting Transcript fmc-75-163
6/24/1974 Shipping for the LIBERATION MIKADO Letters fmc-76-163
6/11/1974 New Puerto Rico Maritime Authority Created News Article fmc-77-163
5/29/1974 Cong. Record - Senate: Unavailability for Defense Production Act Priority for Commercial Ship Construction Remarks fmc-78-163
7/24/1974 Thirteenth Annual Report Memos fmc-79-163
3/18/1974 American Bicentennial Fleet Expenses Memos fmc-80-163
6/20/1974 Title 46 - Shipping, Chapter IV - Federal Maritime Commission - Regulations Affecting Maritime Carriers and Related Activities Report fmc-81-163
2/22/1974 Press Release of Swedish Embassy re: Swedish Shipping and Upcoming U.N. Press Release fmc-82-163
12/31/1974 1974 Travel Expenses - Federal Maritime Commission Lists fmc-83-163
2/15/1974 Promotion Requests - Federal Maritime Commission - 1974 List fmc-84-163
**/**/** U.S. Court of Appeals - No. 74-1214. Delaware River Port Auth, Commonwealth of PA, City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Port Comm., Int. Longshoremen's Assoc. v. Trans American Transport, Inc. Report fmc-85-163
3/1/1974 Monthly Report of Office of Administrative Law Judges - Feb. 28, 1974 Report fmc-86-163
3/18/1974 Docket No. 74-10: Freight Forwarder Bids on Government Shipments at United States Ports - Possible Violations of the Shipping Act, 1916, and General Order 4 Report fmc-87-163
3/18/1974 Docket No. 194(I): Colgate Palmolive Company v. The Grace Line Report fmc-88-163
3/18/1974 Docket No. 72-48: Pacific Maritime Association - Cooperative Working Arrangements; Possible Violations of Sections 15, 16, and 17, Shipping Act, 1916 Letter fmc-89-163
**/**/** Proposed EEC Inland Waterway Tonnage Capacity Regulations - US LASH/SEABEE Operations Report fmc-90-163
3/15/1974 Proceedings Before Federal Maritime Commission as of March15, 1974 Report fmc-91-163
3/1/1974 Proceedings Pending Before Federal Maritime Commission as of March1, 1974 Report fmc-92-163
3/21/1974 Docket No. 73-44: Kraft Foods v. Moore McCormack Lines Report fmc-93-163
**/**/** Docket No. 74-11: Misc. Amendments to Rules of Practice and Procedure - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Report fmc-94-163
2/10/1974 ROC Ministry of Communications Establishes Taiwan's Federal Maritime Commission Report fmc-95-163
1/28/1974 MOT Will Seek Full Extension of Space Charter Pact by FMC News Article fmc-96-163
2/28/1974 Docket No. 71-29: Baton Rouge Marine Contractors Inc. v. Cargill Report fmc-97-163
9/15/1973 Federal Maritime Commission - Manual of Orders Booklets fmc-98-163
3/29/1974 United Nations Conference on a Code of Conduct for Liner Conferences Report fmc-99-163
12/31/1973 Hamburg: The Quick Port- 1973 Report fmc-107-163
4/30/1973 Misc. Maritime Letters: March - April, 1973 Binder fmc-108-163
**/**/** Docket 73-5: Sec. 15 Rulemaking. Docket 72-62: Sec. 19 Rulemaking Binder fmc-109-163
5/14/1973 International Cargo Handling Coordinating Association (ICHCA) Conference - 1 of 2 Letters, Reports, Remarks, Newsletters fmc-110-163
5/14/1973 International Cargo Handling Coordinating Association (ICHCA) Conference - 2 of 2 Letters, Reports, Remarks, Newsletters fmc-111-163
5/1/1973 Hamburg in a Nutshell Booklet fmc-112-163
**/**/** Port of Hamburg Reports, Booklets, Map fmc-113-163
**/**/** Blohm + Voss AG - Hamburg Reports fmc-114-163
6/14/1973 Notes for NAPA Speech Notes, Memo fmc-115-163