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Langsdale Library

Box 3

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series V. Pre-Congressional

Box 3. Press Releases

File Date
Long File Name
Document Type
Catalog Number
8/1/1983 Long's Effort To Keep Jewish Areas Press Clip PC-10-3
10/28/1982 Press Clips - News American Press Clip PC-11-3
10/20/1982 Maryland Shipbuilding Get $1 Million Contract Press Clip PC-12-3
8/6/1982 Dredging Deadlock Press Clip PC-1-3
3/1/1982 Essex Times - Congressional Redistricting Concern Press Clip PC-13-3
**/**/82 Dredging Deadlock Press Clip PC-14-3
8/11/1982 The Record - Havre De Grace Press Clip PC-15-3
9/23/1982 Long Rezoning His Farmland Press Clip PC-16-3
8/27/1982 The Labor Herald Press Clip PC-17-3
**/**/82 Journal Of Commerce Press Clip PC-18-3
11/5/1982 Press Clips - The Daily Record Press Clip PC-19-3
8/6/1982 The Boys From Bechtel Press Clip PC-20-3
10/21/1982 Journal Of Commerce Press Clip PC-21-3
7/31/1982 Martin Marietta Gets Go-Ahead Press Clip PC-22-3
9/24/1982 Bentley & Big Guns '82 Press Clip PC-2-3
9/30/1982 Bentley Launches Campaign Press Clip PC-23-3
12/8/1982 Hutchinson vs. Long Press Clip PC-24-3
9/30/1982 In Troubled Times, We Are Not Republican or Democrat Press Clip PC-25-3
8/**/82 Bentley For Retraining Unemployed Press Clip PC-26-3
10/5/1982 Bentley's Battling Bid To Win Press Clip PC-27-3
9/24/1982 Bentley Opens Fire On Long Press Clip PC-28-3
10/20/1982 Bentley Takes Credit in Shipyard Contract Press Clip PC-29-3
8/9/1982 Balanced Budget Press Release PC-30-3
3/3/1980 Bentley Files For Maryland's Second District Congressional Seat - March 3, 1980 Press Release PC-31-3
7/5/1982 Bentley Files For Maryland's Second District Congressional Seat - 7/6/82 Press Release PC-32-3
7/26/1982 Rips Long's Record Press Clip PC-3-3
10/7/1982 Joint Unions Unveil Ad Documenting Long's Aid To Communist Countries Press Release PC-33-3
11/5/1982 Long Violating Federal Election Laws Press Release PC-34-3
Unknown Jack Moseley Named General Chairman of Bentley '82 Campaign Press Release PC-35-3
9/23/1982 Long Approved Millions For Communist Countries, While Failing To Protect Maryland Jobs, Bentley Charges; Explanation Demanded   PC-36-3
9/25/1982 Thank You For Contributions - 1982 Letters PC-37-3
11/27/1982 Letter - Sample - Post Election -1982 Letters PC-38-3
11/12/1982 Letters Thank You - 1982 - Private Contributions Letters PC-39-3
10/19/1982 Letter - Sample Thank You - 1982 Letters PC-40-3
4/14/1981 Veterans Administration Hospital - From Donald W. Moran Letters PC-41-3
**/**/82 Volunteers - thank You Letters For 1982 Campaign Letters PC-42-3
10/6/1982 Long Accused of Breaking Election Laws Press Clip PC-4-3
10/7/1982 Thank You Letters - Women For Bentley Rally Letters PC-43-3
11/10/1982 Letters Received - 1982 Letters PC-44-3
Unknown Letter - Harford County Letters PC-45-3
9/7/1982 Harford County Republicans - Letters Letters PC-46-3
9/15/1982 Letters - Primary Winners & Losers '82 Letters PC-47-3
10/15/1982 Letter - Federal Election Campaign Act Violation by Clarence Long Letters PC-48-3
9/20/1982 Letters - Ferguson, Mrs. Grace: Re: Social Security 1982 Letters PC-49-3
9/10/1982 Letters - Finance Committee Letters PC-50-3
7/22/1982 Letters - Fundraising - 1982 Letters PC-51-3
7/22/1982 Letters - AFL-CIO - Henry Koellein, Jr. Letters PC-52-3
8/12/1982 Press Clips - The Sun Press Clip PC-5-3
Unknown Letters - American Legion Commanders '82 Letters PC-53-3
7/22/1982 Drew Lewis - Secretary of Transportation Letters PC-54-3
8/18/1982 Letter - Thank You - International Longshoremen Letters PC-55-3
10/1/1982 Letters - Mrs. Virginia Biondo Letters PC-56-3
10/22/1982 Letters From Contributors - 1982 Letters PC-57-3
9/25/1982 Letters - Congratulations To Winners Letters PC-58-3
9/3/1982 Letter - Eaton Public Policy Association Letters PC-59-3
9/2/1982 Letter - to the Editor/Sun Paper From Constituents Against Long Letters PC-60-3
10/22/1982 Letter To The Editor - Mud Slinging Letters PC-61-3
10/28/1982 Letters - Thank You - 1982 Private Contributors Letters PC-62-3
11/3/1982 Long Beats Bentley In SWW-Saw Battle Press Clip PC-6-3
6/18/1980 Letters & Lists - Asking For Support & Contributions Letters PC-63-3
10/19/1982 Special Thank You Letters Letters PC-64-4
9/9/1982 The Jefferson Press Clip PC-7-3
9/24/1982 Dr. Alan B. Perkin - Letters To The Editor Against Long Press Clip PC-8-3
3/10/1982 Doc Long In Manage Press Clip PC-9-3