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Langsdale Library

Box 4

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series V. Pre-Congressional

Box 4. Merchant Marine

File Date
Long File Name
Document Type
Catalog Number
11/15/1971 Helen Delich Bentley - Commerce (Almost) News Article/Biography/Booklet/Letter PC-1-4
3/4/1974 Bentley's Campaign - Senate - 1974 Letters/Remarks PC-2-4
3/10/1975 Republican Central Committee Letters PC-3-4
5/24/1974 Maryland Politics News Articles/Notes/Letters/Fact Sheets PC-4-4
10/3/1972 Politics/National Campaign News Articles/Booklets/Fact Sheets/Letters PC-5-4
5/23/1972 Miscellaneous Letters and Notes Letters/Cards/Notes PC-6-4
5/31/1972 Politics - Richard Nixon Letters/News Papers/Fact Sheets/Booklets PC-7-4
8/22/1972 National Politics - Presidential Campaigns News Articles/Letters/Press Releases PC-8-4
5/22/1974 Political Affairs - Watergate News Articles/Radio Transcript PC-10-4
10/1/1973 Political Activities Letters PC-11-4
3/6/1974 Republican National Committee Letters/Booklets/Fact Sheets PC-12-4
8/7/1974 National Republican Heritage Groups Newsletters/Booklets/Letters/Fact Sheets PC-13-4
7/31/1972 Politics - 1972 Richard Nixon Campaign Letters/News Clips/Fact Sheets PC-9-4