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Box 19

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 19.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Serb-Croat Linkup is Not Expected News Article b-128-19
UN Asks Croatia to Admit Bosnians News Article b-129-19
Running on Empty, Sarajevo is in Desperate Need of Fuel News Article b-130-19
Medical Care in Serbia Devastated by Boycott News Article b-131-19
As Muslim Line Hardens, Serbs and Croats Halt Peace Talks News Article b-132-19
Talks on Bosnia Bog Down Over Borders News Article b-133-19
Bosnian President Appeals to UN Security Council News Article b-134-19
Clinton Awaits Bosnian Treaty Before Next Move News Article b-135-19
Atrocities in Former Yugoslavia Documented for War Crimes Trials News Articles b-136-19
Croats Purge Muslims from Key City News Article b-137-19
UN Accuses All Sides of Rape News Articles b-138-19
Bosnian Serbs' Concern for Safety News Article b-139-19
Picking Sides in Tribal War News Article b-140-19
Solutions the Serbs Can Never Follow News Article b-141-19
Serbs Are Not the Only Villains in Clash with No Clean Hands News Article b-142-19
Clinton Shows Vulnerability in Handling Balkan Crisis News Article b-143-19
Are Bosnian Muslims Headed for a Ghetto? News Article b-144-19
Bosnia: Abandonment Again News Article b-145-19
The Horrible Cost to Serbs of Greater Serbia News Article b-146-19
Defying NATO, Serbs Close in on Key Outpost Defending Sarajevo News Article b-147-19
Mixed Families Fear Bosnian Split: Serbs, Croats Set to Leave City that Peace Plan Puts in Muslim State News Article b-148-19
Bosnia Croats Admit Inhuman Conditions in Camps News Article b-149-19
Muslim-Croat Fighting Not Quelled by Cease-Fire News Articles b-150-19
Another Version of Serbian "Agression" and "Genocide. by Raju G. C. Thomas Report b-151-19
The Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Report to the Secretary General Report b-152-19
Balkan Research Center: Members Brief - Alija Izetbegovic: His Background and Philosophies Report b-153-19
Serbs Expel 4,000 From Bosnian Town News Article, Memo b-154-19
Neutral! Pro-Serb News Articles. Winter 1993 News Articles b-155-19
Franjo Tudjman, at War With History. Croatia's President and a Past That's Shaping the Present News Article b-156-19
Shadows in the Camps News Article b-157-19
Misc. Serbian Opposition Editorials News Articles b-158-19
Reuters News Clips - Jan. 1993 News Articles b-159-19
Reuters News Clips: Dec. 1992 News Articles b-160-19
How to Slow the Slaughter News Article b-161-19
UN May Have to Close a Key Relief Warehouse News Article b-162-19
Yugoslavia's Mark of Cain News Article b-163-19
Greater Effort Urged to Save Bosnians News Article b-164-19
Envoys Talk of a Serb-Croat Entente News Article b-165-19
Serbs Block Opening of Road to Zagreb News Article b-166-19
Bosnian Lists Atrocity Claims, Pleads for Help From World Muslims News Article b-167-19
Bosnian Fighting: Sep-Oct 1992 News Articles b-168-19
Serbian Fighting: Sep-Oct. 1992 News Articles b-169-19
The Yugo and Yugoslavia: A Defunct Car, like its Homeland, was the Sum of its Parts News Article b-170-19
Belgrade Signs Second Pact with Croatia News Article b-17l-19
Getting Realpolitik About Bosnia: Sometimes Smaller Nationalities Must Compromise with Powerful Ones News Article b-172-19
Bosnian Leader Agrees to Decentralize Power News Article b-173-19
Fearing Tanks, Bosnians Block Relief News Article b-174-19
U.S. Weighs Sending Arms to Muslims in Bosnia News Article b-175-19
Serbs and Croats Now Join in Devouring Bosnia's Land News Article b-176-19
In "Signal of Hope," Sarajevo Utilities are Restored News Articles b-177-19
Allies Move to Plug Trade Leaks to Serbia News Article b-178-19
Powell Joins Debate on Use of Force: General Explains Reluctance to Send Troops to Bosnia News Articles b-179-19
UN Bans Flights in Bosnia But is Silent on Enforcement News Articles b-180-19
Sarajevo Hospital Works in "Horror Beyond Anything News Articles b-181-19
UN Resolution Could Lead to Yugoslav War Crimes Trials News Articles b-182-19
Attacks by Croatian Force Put New Strains on Bosnian Government's Unity News Articles b-183-19
Bosnia Threatens Poison Gas Against Serb Forces News Article b-184-19
In a "Cleansed Bosnian Town, Croats, Not Serbs, Aim Guns News Articles b-185-19
Political Showdown in Belgrade: Leaders of New Yugoslavia Team Up in Bid to Oust Serbian Strongman News Articles b-186-19
Bosnians Wait in Line for Chance to Plead Their Case to Become Refugees News Articles b-187-19
A Serbian Fighters Trail of Brutality News Article b-95-19
U.S. Says Greek Shipping Lines Are Violating Yugoslav Embargo News Articles b-96-19
Serbia Keeps Croatian From Top Post: Deadlock of Residential Council Leaves Yugoslavia Leaderless News Article b-60-l9
American Serbian Heritage Foundation: Serbian American Days in Washington. July 22-24,1990 News Articles b-61-l9
Serb World: Write to Your Congressman Support the General Mihalovich Memorial Bill, News Ad b-62-l9
Yugoslavia: Ethnic Albanians Clash with Yugoslavian Police News Article b-63-l9
Serb World: Kosanovich and Tesla News Article b-64-l9
In Yugoslavia, Law Becomes What One Can Get Away With News Article b-65-l9
Report to Serb President for Parliament re: Ethnic Cleansing Letter, Report b-66-19
Letter to UN from Serbian Parliament re: Nuclear and Radioactive Waste Letter, Report b-67-19
Bosnia's Serb Minority Declares Independence News Article b-68-19
Serb Tells How Muslims Wiped Away his Village News Article b-69-l9
Ethnic Cleansing, Europe's Old Horror, With New Victims News Articles b-70-19
Relief Airlift to Resume in Sarajevo News Article b-71-l9
NATO Leaders Again Disagree on Providing Troops for Bosnian Relief Efforts News Article b-72-l9
U.S. Aide Resigns Over Balkan Policy. Administration's Handling of Civil War Decried as "Ineffective" News Article b-73-l9
U.S. Seeks New Mechanism to Try to End Balkan War News Articles b-74-l9
Misc. Serbian Support Editorials News Article b-75-l9
Peacemakers are No Match for Ancient Balkan Hatred News Article b-76-19
Croatia Said to Draft Bosnian Refugees Into Forces News Article b-77-l9
Serbs Might Surrender Detainees, U.S. Aide Says News Article b-78-l9
UN Proposal Backs Bosnian Government News Article b-79-19
Airfield of Dreams in Bosnia: They Built Runway, Will Arms Come? News Article b-80-l9
Misc. News Clips re: Bosnia News Articles b-81-l9
Sarajevo Sees Relief in Croats Advance News Article b-82-l9
Security Council Rethinks Harsh Anti-Serb Measures News Articles b-83-19
UN Blames Serb Irregulars, Croats for Bosnia Fighting News Article b-84-19
Clinton Statement on Crisis in Bosnia News Article b-85-l9
Serbian Leader Ready to Quit to Ease Sanctions News Article b-86-19
In Bosnia "Disloyal Serbs" Share Plight of Opposition News Articles b-87-19
With Sanctions Voted, US Favors Attrition Over Force News Article b-88-19
Balkan War Reports Reports, Newsletters b-89-19
U.S. Recognizes 3 Breakaway Yugoslav Republics News Articles b-90-19
Shelling by Serbs in Bosnia Intensifies News Article b-91-l9
They Don't Want War News Article b-92-l9
UN Force Hampered by Fighting in Bosnia News Article b-93-l9
EC to Recognize Bosnia and Lift Serbia Sanctions News Article b-94-19
35,000 Join the Depressing Roll of Bosnian Refugees News Article b-l00-19
No Peace for the U.N. News Article b-l0l-19
UN Trucks Deliver Food to Mostar's Muslim Ghetto News Article b-102-l9
Mediators in Geneva Delay Bosnia Talks News Article b-103-19
Serbs and Croats Face U.S. Pressure News Article b-104-l9
Fighting in Bosnia Eases Under Truce News Article b-105-l9
Europeans Try to Revive a Faded Dream of Unity News Article b-106-l9
On Bosnia Talks: Hoping to Bridge a Slender Gap News Article b-107-19
Henry A Kissinger: Recipe for Chaos News Article b-108-19
Croats Said to Torture Muslim Prisoners News Article b-l09-19
Muslims Halt Peace Talks on Verge of Bosnian Deal News Article b-ll0-19
Bosnian Groups Call Off Talks on Peace Accord News Articles b-111-19
Bosnia President Refuses to Budge: Rejects Croatian-Serbian Plan to Partition Sarajevo and Muslim Areas in East News Article b-112-l9
U.S. Asks Allies to Broaden Threats Against Serb Forces News Article b-113-l9
Bosnia Talks End as Muslim Demands are Turned Down News Article b-114-l9
In Bosnia, Air Strikes Alone Won't Do the Job News Article b-115-l9
U.S. Prods Muslims on Peace Talks: Allies Seek to Avoid Bombing Serb Sites News Article b-116-l9
A Sense of Resignation: The Bosnian Dissenters News Articles b-117-19
Back to School in Sarajevo - Down in the Basements News Articles b-118-l9
U.S. Policymakers on Bosnia Admit Errors in Opposing Partition in 1992 News Article b-119-19
Bosnian Muslims Want U.S, Role in Peace Plan News Article b-120-19
Opposition to U.S. Intervention News Articles b-121-l9
Serbian Americans Feels Distant War News Articles b-122-l9
U.N. in Bosnia War: Hope of Big World Role May be a Casualty News Article b-123-19
UNCHR Halts Aid to Eastern Bosnian Serbs News Article b-124-19
A Bosnian War Story With a Happy Ending News Article b-125-19
Ethnic Cleansing is Threatening in Yet Another Region of Yugoslavia: Kosovo News Article b-126-19
Hate's Hold on Yugoslavia News News Article b-127-l9
U.S. Senate - Committee on Foreign Relations: American Policy in Bosnia Remarks b-10-19
Letter from Colin Powell re: Bosnian Conflict Letter b-11-19
Slovenia News Articles b-1-19
What are we Fighting For? David Hart Argues that if we Really Must Intervene in the Balkan Conflict we Should be Backing the Serbs News Article b-12-19
Meet the First American Soldier in Sarajevo News Article b-13-l9
Vance, Cyrus: Peacemakers News Articles b-14-19
Veljko Rasevic, VOA Letter b-15-19
Weapons Smuggling News Article b-16-19
General Information - Yugoslavia News Article b-17-19
Vatican Involvement in the Balkans News Article, Memos, Reports b-18-19
Background Information on Yugoslavia News Articles b-19-I9
Yugoslavia Entrenched in War of Passions News Article b-20-19
Stopping the Croatians News Article b-21-19
Tanjub News Articles b-2-19
General Information - Turkey News Articles b-3-19
United Nations Security Council Reports b-4-19
Tension in Yugoslavia Letter b-5-19
Support Peace in Yugoslavia! Vote for the Kleczka Amendment to HR 2508 Letter b-6-l9
The Bosnian Crisis and its Implications Letter / Summary b-7-19
Summary of Nickles / D'Arnato Amendment Summary b-8-19
Congressional Record - House: Helen Delich Bentley - The Other Side of the Story on Yugoslavia Remarks b-9-19
Eyewitness Testimonies From the Yad Vashem Archive in Jerusalem Regarding Albanian Anti-Semitic Activities in Kosovo During World War Two Report b-22-19
The Saga of Kosovo: by Alex N. Dragnich Remarks b-23-19
Congressional Human Rights Caucus Hearing on Kosovo / Yugoslavia Report, Testimony b-24-19
Serbia Didn't Start It News Article b-25-19
House Republican Research Committee: Task Force on Terrorism & Unconventional Warfare Report, Testimony b-26-19
UN Security Council- Human Rights Questions - Rape Report b-27-19
Tanjug News Clips - December 28, 1992 News Articles b-28-19
Spin Doctors of War News Article b-29-19
There are No Clean Hands as Yugoslavia Falls Apart News Article b-30-19
Angry UN General Says Bosnia Attacked Envoy News Article b-31-19
Blackshirts and the Rule of Madness News Article b-32-19
Croat Camp Guards As its Secret News Article b-33-19
Yugoslavia: The Wars Have Only Just Begun News Article b-34-19
Croatian Soldiers on Attack News Articles b-35-19
Envoy Rejects Peacekeepers for Yugoslavia News Article b-36-19
U.S. is at Odds with German Backing for Slovenia and Croatia News Article b-37-19
U.S. Slaps Sanctions on all Yugoslavia News Article b-38.19
Yugoslavia's Croatian Leader Resigns News Article b-39-19
Vance Sends Tough Message to Both Sides in Yugoslavia News Articles b-40-19
Letter: On Yugoslavia - Don't Empower the Extremists News Article b-41-19
When We Must Support Serbia News Article b-42-19
Yugoslav War Goes Beyond Battle Zones News Article b-43-19
Civil War Soon Over, Tudjman Predicts News Article b-44-19
Yugoslavia looks for a Return to Kinship News Article b-45-19
Yugoslavia: Send UN Peace Force in Today News Article b-46-19
UN Failure Gives Serbs Propaganda Coup News Article b-47-19
Bosnia Muslims Accused of Killing Their Own News Articles b-48-19
A Dark Side of Croatia not Easy to See News Article b-49-19
Tudjman Exploits Fascist Heritage News Articles b-50-19
Nazi Camps Comparison is Rejected News Articles b-51-19
Serbs Say Muslim Slavs & Croats Killed Civilians in Villages News Article b-52-19
Atrocities: Muslims, Croats and Serbs in Catalogue of Shame News Article b-53-19
When Horror Stories are Just Another Weapon News Article b-54-19
Croatian Leader tightens his Grip News Articles b-55-19
U.S. Finds No Proof of Killing at Serb Camps News Article b-56-19
The Flexible and Effective Way to Make Sanctions Work News Article b-57-19
erbs Fleeing Gordaze "Died in Ambush News Articles b-58-19
West Have Proof Croats Shut Down Aid Plane News Article b-59-19
Sarajevo Evacuation Effort Fails in Airport Attack News Articles b-97-19
NATO and European Warships Blockade Yugoslavia News Article b-98-19
Serb Smugglers Turn Sanctions Into a Boon News Article b-99-19
As Deaths from Cold Rise in Sarajevo, UN Commander appeals for Truce News Article b-188-19
Trying to Find the Plowshares Amid All the Swords in Bosnia News Article b-189-19
Yugoslav Premier Ousted in Vote Led by Serbian Chiefs Supporters News Article b-190-19
To Buy Support, Serbia's President Prints Money News Article b-191-19
Yugoslavia Votes. Divided and Fearful News Article b-192-19
UN and the Bosnian Foes Make New Political Attempt in Geneva News Article b-193-19
US May Seek Use of Force to Stop Serb Flights Over Bosnia News Article b-194-19
Pentagon Pressed to Back Military action in Bosnia News Article b-19S-19
Fighting in Sarajevo Suburbs Cuts Off Access and Power News Article b-196-19
Serbs Shell Sarajevo After a Lull and Step Up Attack on a Suburb News Article b-197-19
U.S. and British to Press UN Harder News Article b-198-19
Pressure on Serbia: Mr. Bush Finally Alters Course News Article b-199-19
What Should We Do in Bosnia? News Article b-200-19
In Serbian Town, the Voters are Sharply Divided News Article b-201-19
Yugoslavia's Sham Election News Article b-202-19
Key Support for Yugoslav Leader in Bid to Oust Serbian Nationalist News Article b-203-19
Challenger Steps Up Attack on Serbian Leader News Article b-204-19
Yugoslav Premier Concedes to Rival News Article b-205-19
A Shady Militia Chief Arouses Serbs News Article b-206-19
Milosevic, Unfazed by Criticism, Rouses the Faithful Serbian Voter News Article b-207-19
Clinton Faults Bush Over Bosnian Policy News Article b-208-19
A Mental Institution Copes with Bosnia's Horror News Article b-209-19
NATO to Help UN on Yugoslav Plans News Article b-210-19