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Langsdale Library

Box 22

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 22.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Correspondence to Serbian Americans re H. Con. Res. 352 Letters b-10-22
Yugoslavia, Special Report - 1990 Report b-11-22
Voice of Canadian Serbs - Newspapers - Sep-Feb 1991 Newspapers b-1-22
Bank Scandal: Transfer of Funds News Articles b-12-22
Thoughts from the Partisans - Commentary: Edward Pearce News Article b-13-22
Helsinki Watch: 1/9/90 Report b-14-22
Differing Government Policies: Spring '91 News Articles b-15-22
In Yugoslavia, Law Becomes What One Can Get Away With News Article b-16-22
Editorial: Criticism of HDB's View Concerning Milosevic News Article b-17-22
Yugoslavia and the European Community, A Closer Relationship Report b-18-22
Articles re: the Yugoslav Economy, spring 1991 News Articles b-19-22
News clips, Letters to the Editor - March, April 1991 Letters, News Articles b-20-22
A March to Disaster in Yugoslavia News Articles b-21-22
Voice of Serbs - Newspapers - Oct.'89 - Mar. '90 Newspapers b-2-22
Carefully Drawn Boundaries Could Prevent Yugoslav Bloodshed News Article b-22-22
Helsinki Watch - Yugoslavia: The March 1991 Demonstrations in Belgrade Report b-23-22  
Foreign Aid to Yugoslavia News Articles b-24-22
Yugoslavian History in Brief News Articles b-25-22
Defense of Yugoslavia Democracy An American Issue News Articles b-26-22
Unbiased Newspaper in Yugoslavia News Articles b-27-22
Reports from Yugoslavian Embassy: 11/29/90 & 12/27/90 Report b-28-22
NYT Book Reviews: Rebecca West, Michael Lees, Feb. 10, 1991 News Articles b-29-22
The Serbs and Yugoslavia Report b-30-22
United Nations: Commission on Human Rights 47th Session Report b-31-22
Voice of St. Luke Serbian Orthodox Church Newsletter b-3-22
Serb World March/April 1991 Magazine b-4-22
Serb World Feb, March 1989 Magazines b-5-22
Human Rights Caucus Hearing on Kosovo / Yugoslavia Lists, Reports, Remarks b-6-22
H. Con. Res. 152 - Lantos Bill on Kosovo Bill b-7-22
Rep. Moody's Dear Colleague Letter re: Kosovo Legislation Letters b-8-22
101st Congress. 2nd Session Legislation, H. Con. Res. 70, 320, 321. S. Con. Res. 20,43 Bills b-9-22
American Srbobran: U.S. Human Rights Caucus Met on Kosovo - April 24, 1990 News Articles b-l00-22
Perpich, Rudy - Minnesota ex Governor Foreign Minister of Croatia? News Articles b-l01-22
Press Statement Regarding Crisis in Serbia by Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley Press Release b-l02-22
Press Release by Congresswoman Helen Bentley re: Engel Amendment Press Release b-l03-22
Prlja, Dr. Aleksandar Visit to D.C. (Jan.-Feb. 1990) Letters, Press Release, Bio b-l04-22
Michael Radenkovich, Pres. the American Serbian Heritage Foundation Report, Map b-l05-22
Radio Free Europe Report on Yugoslavia Report b-106-22
Letter from Congresswoman. Patricia Saiki to HDB re: Yugoslavia Letters b-l07-22
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 1980 Booklet b-l08-22
Serbian American Voters Alliance (SAVA) Letters, Memos, Booklets b-l09-22
A Bloodless Revolution: The Case of Serbia Report b-ll0-22
Congressional Record - Senate: Human Rights in Yugoslavia Remarks News Articles, b-32-22
Kleczka Resolution Voting Record Resolution, Remarks, Voting b-33-22
Rohrbacher Amendment Record b-34-22
Kleczka Resolution Letters b-35-22
Senate Resolution 106 - Sen. Dole Remarks b-36-22
Nickles Amendment Notes, Remarks b-37-22
Hamilton Response to Bentley re: Conference on S. 1160 & Kosovo Language Letters b-38-22  
House-Senate Conference Deletes Provisions Offensive to Serbian-Americans from State Department Bill Press Release b-39-22
Letter Sent by Metr. Iriney to U.S. Senators re: Kosovo Language in S. 1160 Letter b-40-22
Bentley Letter to Serbian-Americans Sept. 7, 1989 re: Pending Legislation Letter b-41-22
1st Session of the 101st Congress Ends Without Passing Any Language the Serbian-American Community Opposed Press Release b-42-22
Dear Colleague Letter Requesting Members to Sign Letter to Pell / Fascell re: coot: S 1160 Letter b-43-22
Correspondences Opposing H. Con. Res. 314 Letters, Bill, Remarks, Resolution, Letters, b-44-22
Broomfield Resolution, H. Con. Res. 385 Voting Record b-45-22
H. Con. Res. 385: Anti-Propaganda Leaflet, November, 1990 Leaflet b-46-22
Correspondence to Sen. Lugar on Amendment to S. Con. Res. 124 Letter, Bill b-47-22
Correspondence to Senators re: S. Con. Res. 124 Letters, Bill b-48-22
Letters from Members of Congress re: S. 1160/ HR 2655 Letters b-49-22
Human Rights in Yugoslavia: Testimony of Jeri Laber, Helsinki Watch Remarks b-50-22
Statement of Karl B. Bonutti. Pres. Slovenian American Heritage Foundation Before Senate Subcommittee on European Affairs Remarks b-51-22
Hearing on U.S. Response to Civil War in Yugoslavia - Committee on Foreign Relations Memo, Report b-52-22
Remarks of Robert Rade Stone. Pres, Serb National Federation - Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Remarks b-53-22
Civil War in Yugoslavia: Remarks of Serge Trifkovic Before Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs Remarks b-54-22
Statement of Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jantes F. Dobbins Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Remarks b-55-22
Remarks of Senator Bob Dole Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Yugoslavia Remarks b-56-22
Statement of the Honorable Jim Moody Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Subcommittee on European Affairs Remarks b-57-22
Summary of Observations in Croatia: August 13 - September 13, 1990. Nikola J. Dragashu, Col. USAF Retired Report b-58-22
Testimony of Richard Schifter, Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Remarks b-59-22
Civil War in Yugoslavia: The U.S. Response. Statement by Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley Before the European Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Remarks b-60-22
Members of Congress Call for Moderation in Yugoslavia Press Release b-61-22
First Round of Elections in Serbia Finished: Milosevic President News Articles b-62-22
How Will Serbia Vote: Parties Control Elections News Articles b-63-22
Kosovo in Brief Report b-64-22
Kosovo: Amnesty International Letter re: Arrests Letter b-65.22
Kosovo: Pro Albanian Articles Feb, March 1990 News Articles b-66-22
The Kosovo Question: Past & Present Serb Academy of Arts & Sciences Booklet b-67-22
Kosovo: Appeal of Serbian Church Officials to Tito. 4/16/69 Booklet, Report b-68-22
Kosovo: A Brief History Booklet, Report b-69-22
Kosovo Chief Quits: Blames Serbs News Article b- 70-22
Statement by Dr. Jovan Raskovic re: Actions Against Serbian People in Croatia Remarks b-71-22
Statement Concerning Yugoslavia From Rade Stone, June '91 Remarks b- 72-22
Statement of Zivko Pregi, Deputy Prime Minister of Yugoslavia Remarks b- 73-22
Yugoslavia at the Crossroads. by Nikolaos A Stavrou News Article b-74-22
Letter to HDB &om Radoslav Stojanovic re: Elections Letter b- 75-22
About the Regional Center for Physics and Medicine, Belgrade Yugoslavia Report b- 76-22
Tesla Memorial Society / Nikola Tesla Letters, Booklets, Newsletters b-77-22
Todorovich, Slavko -letter re: Russo-Serbian Society Letter b- 78-22
Transcript, HDB in Congress Transcript b- 79-22
Sitrep: Visit to Belgrade March 13-20 1990 Report b-80-22
Trip to Yugoslavia Schedule b-81-22
CODEL Trip Report on Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria: part 1 Folder/ Reports, Press Releases, Reports, Remarks, Maps, b-82-22
CODEL Trip Report on Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria: part 2 Folder/ Reports, Press Releases, Reports, Remarks, Maps, b-82-22
Trip to Yugoslavia. November 1990 Itinerary, Special Order b-83-22
Trip to Yugoslavia - March 1991 Booklets, Programs b-84-22
Bentley Calls for U.S. Military Probe of Yugoslavian Bombing Press Release b-85-22
Second Ethno-business Colloquy Letter b-86-22
Serbia Advertisement in Time: Serbia - Investor's Gateway to the 1990's Magazine b-87-22
Serbian American Days in Washington - July 22-24 '90 Folder, Report, Resolution b-88-22
Serbian Economic Report Issued - 10-1-89 Report b-89-22
anadian Serbian Council Conference "The Serbian Nation: The Ally Who Lost by John D. Scanlan, Ambassador - Toronto, Ontario Speech b-90-22
Serbian National Defense Council Letter, News Article b-91-22
Serb World: Battle of Kosovo News Article b-92-22
Serbian Patriarch Invitation to June Visit to Belgrade Letters b-93-22
Serbian Societies International Announcement for Cultural Unity of the Serbs Throughout the World Proposal b-94-22
Serbian Unity Congress Letter Newsletter b-95-22
Speeches: Milosevic and Tudjrnan Speeches b-96-22
Speech: Toronto, Canada Speech b-97-22
Remarks of Congo Helen Delich Bentley Before the Serbian-American Communities of Southern California Remarks b-98-22
Remarks of Congo Helen Delich Bentley for the 70th Anniversary of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Archangel Michael Remarks b-99-22
Prof. Dr. Dragoljub Micunovic in the United States Letter, Notice b-111-22
Paper on Judicial Abuses by Rajko Djurdjevich Report b-112-22
The Albanians in Yugoslavia Report b-113-22
Paper on 20th Century Yugoslav History Reports b-114-22
Doboroslav Paraga Resolution in U.S. Senate Remarks b-llS-22
Patriarch Bavrilo's Letter Concerning Church Schism Letter b-116-22
Patriarch Pavle's Message to Serbs - May 1991 Remarks, Letters, Passport b-117-22
Patriarch Pavle's Protest - April 1991 Letter, Memo b-118-22
HDB's Letter to Sobodan Milosevic re: Political Pluaralism for Serbia Letter b-119-22
Speech of Slobodan Milosevic for Kosovo 6OOth Anniversary at Gazi Mestan Speech b-120-22
Misc. Newsclips re: Slobodan Milosevic - March 1991 News Articles b-121-22
Predrag Mitrovich Case - Federal Procurement Letters, Report, Remarks, Press Releases, News b-122-22
Cong. Moody Press Conference re: Lantos - DeoGuardi Visit to Kosovo Articles b-123-22
National Committee of American Airmen Rescued by General Mihailovich Letter b-124-22
Newspaper Ads Taken by Albanian Americans News Articles b-12S-22