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Langsdale Library

Box 23

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 23.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
Serbia's Ugly Nationalists News Article b-100-23
Members of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations List b-l0-23
Free Serb Diocese in U.S. of All Churches and Priests Lists b-11-23
Patriarchal Serb Churches and Organizations Lists b-12-23
Kosovo and Metohija in Serbian History. by Atanasije Jevtic Report, Booklet b-l-23
Prominent Members of SA V A Organization List b-13-23
List - Serbian Media List b-14-23
Maglish Report: Why Civil War in Yugoslavia? Report b-15-23
Memo of Helen Delich Bentley re: Yugoslavia Memo b-16-23
Draza Mihailovich: Declassified Documents from Truman Administration Letters, Telegram, Report b-17-23
General Hihailovich: Background Information News Article b-18.23
Robert B. Matrinovich: Memorandum of Genocide in the Province of Kosovo Report b-19-23
Churches & Groups Memo's, Letters b-20.23
Ante Markovich Interview News Article b-21-23
Map of Genocide in Yugoslavia - WWII Map b-22.23
The Problem ofKosovo by: Mihailo Markovic Report b-2.23
An Enigma Persists Around Sir Fitzroys Yugoslavian Claims News Article b-23.23
Letter to HDB from Ambassador Zimmerman re: Flag for 60Oth Anniversary of Battle of Kosovo Letter b-24-23
Duga Article: The Video was Altered News Article b-25-23
Transition. An International Review: Of Balkans and Bantustans News Report b-26-23
War Damaged Sustained by Orthodox Churches in Serbian Areas of Croatia in 1991 Report b-27.23
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Chronicle of an Announced Death Book b-28-23
ACIL: Europe-America Conference November 30- December 5, 1992. Baltimore, Md Report, Letter b-29-23
Escalation or Resolution in the Balkans? Germany is Sending its Forces Into an Operational Combat Zone for the First Time Since World War II. Russia has also Joined the Balkans Frey. Report b-30-23
Address by President of the Federal Executive Council Ante Markovic to the Assembly of SFRY Remarks b-31-23
Mediterranean Quarterly: Helen Delich Bentley on Yugoslavia Remarks b-32-23
Kosovo. SANU Analysis of Serbian Migration from 1989 Report b-3-23
Bosnia and the Media Report b-33-23
The Serbian Side: A Collection of Articles Which Reflect the Serbian Perspective on the Balkan Crisis Report b-34-23
Serbian 1,000 Points of Light - A Report: An Aid in Understanding the Civil War in Yugoslavia Report b-35-23.
God Be With Y 00: War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina Book b-36-23
The Military Border in Croatia. 1740-1881 by: Gunther E. Rothenberg Report b-37-23
Bosnian Intervention: Wrong Diagnosis; Wrong Prescription by C. G. Jacobsen Report b-38-23
America and Bosnia: by Robert Tucker and David C. Hendrickson Report b-39-23
The Serbian Question and the German Question Report b-40-23
The Final Solution: Origins and Implementation. by David Cearani Report b-41-23
Dateline Yugoslavia: The Partisan Press. by Peter Brock Report b-42.23
Congresswoman Bentley to be Guest of Serbian Patriarch German for the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo Press Release b-4-23
Bosnia: The Tragic Prospect News Article b-43-23
Serb Net: Serbian Americans Call for United Peace Movement in America Report, Press Release b-44-23
Refugee Reports: Herzegovina - Muslims forced to Flee as Bosnians Advance Report b-45-23
UN Troops Flinch at Carnage of Stupni Do News Article b-46-23
Media's Glass Eye Cannot See 10 Million Serb Victims News Article b-47-23
Elections: Republics of Yugoslavia - 1990 Reports, News Articles b-48-23
Balkan War Report: The UN's War Report b-49.23
How Senator Dole Destabilized Yugoslavia. by H. Marshall Montgomery Report b-50-23
Yugoslavia: Context of a Crisis - A Special Report of The National Defense Council Foundation Report b-51-23
Leaders Agree to Act Together Abroad News Article b-52-23
Kosovo Trip of HDB for the 60Oth Anniversary of Battle of Kosovo Schedule, Letters, News Article b-5-23
Impossibility of Delivering Aid to Bosnia without the Help of the Serbs News Article b-53-23
Civilians Cling to UN Soldiers in Bosnia News Article b-54-23
UN Troops Frequented Sex Slave Den, Report Claims News Article b-55-23
Bosnia Betrayed: Former Prisoners Tell of Sex Assault by UN Personnel News Articles b-56-23
Pro Nazi Legacy Lingers for Croatia News Article b-57-23
Pulitzer Prize Winner's Article Labeled as "Disinformation Press Release b-58-23
The Deed of the Croatian Regional Unit Report b-59-23
Yugoslav Weekly Survey Newsletter b-60-23
Succession Stall in Yugoslavia Delays U.S. Aid News Article b-61-23
Political Crisis Deepens in Yugoslavia News Article b-62-23
St. Vidovdan Day: The Anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo Remarks, News Articles, Notes b-6-23
Yugoslavia's Djilas Recalls Struggle News Article b-63-23
Bentley Finds Uncertainty, Turmoil in Yugoslavia, Land of her Ancestors News Article b-64-23
Yugoslav Crackup News Article b-65-23
Mounting Tensions Threaten to Splinter Yugoslav Army News Article b-66-23
Yugoslav Army on Alert After Clash at Naval Base News Article b-67-23
Yugoslavia Perplexed Over Status of Aid News Article b-68-23
Tito's System Teetering in Yugoslavia News Article b-69-23
U.S. Officials Fearful Ethnic Strife Could Break Up Yugoslavia News Article b-70-23
Yugoslav Army Warns Against Armed Conflict News Article b-71-23
War Preparations by Yugoslav Army News Article b-72-23
Sam Lazich Case - Federal Procurement Memo, Letters b- 7-23
Bush Tells Belgrade That U.S. May Consider Restoring Aid News Article b-73-23
Yugoslavs Unite Against Suspension of U.S. Aid News Article b- 74-23
Yugoslav Rivals Charge Plots to Break up Country News Article b- 75-23
Yugoslavia Forges Ethnic Peace Plan News Article b-76-23
Yugoslav Political Turmoil Broadens: Collective Presidency Rejects Actions by Marxist    
Serbian Leader News Article b-77-23
Yugoslavia Calls on Army to Quell Serb-Croat Violence News Article b- 78-23
Next Yugoslav President Blasts Serbian Leader News Article b- 79-23
Ethnic Tensions Splitting Central Yugoslav Republic News Article b-80-23
Yugoslavia Rivals Meet Peaceably News Article b-81-23
Nationalist Parties Lead in Bosnian Balloting News Article b-82-23
Letter to Zimmerman from Prof of History at University of California re: Anti-Serb Legislation Letters b-8-23
Ethnic Albanians Boycott Key Election in Yugoslav Province News Article b-83-23
Royal Advice Heard in Yugoslavia News Article b-84-23
Yugoslav Aide Threatens Separatist Republics News Article b-85-23
Croatia Backs Independence by Big Margin News Article b-86-23
Metro Croats Call on Canada to Back Cause News Article b-87-23
Yugoslavia: Healing Steps are Modest News Article b-88-23
War With Serbs Under Way, Croatian President Declares News Article b-89-23
Yugoslav Army Puts Troops on Combat Alert as Ethnic Hostilities Mount News Article b-90-23
Elections Today May Determine Yugoslavia's Fate News Article b-91-23
Yugoslavia Seen Breaking Up Soon: CIA Paper Predicts Action in 18 Months and Adds Civil War is Likely News Article b-92-23
List - Master List of HDB's Serbian - American Advisory Committee Lists b-9-23
Yugoslav Army Takes Equivocal Stand News Article b-93-23
Rebel Serbs Complicate Rift on Yugoslav Unity News Article b-94-23
Balkanization in the Balkans: Yugo Minus Slavia News Article b-95-23
As Serbs and Croats Talk, Croatia Readies for War News Article b-96-23
Help Yugoslavia Look Forward News Article b-97-23
Compromise Wins Approval in Slovenia News Article b-98-23
Croatia's Nationalism Takes Hard Turn to the Right: Despite U.S. Praise, Yugoslav Republic's Ruler Has Fallen Short of Democratic Goals News Article b-99-23