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Langsdale Library

Box 26

Helen Delich Bentley (HDB)

Series VII. Balkans

Box 26.

Long File Name Document Type Catalog Number
The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia Constitution b-10-26
Constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Constitution b-10-26
Concentration Camps - August, 1992 Letters, News Articles b-12-26
Letter from Yugoslav Crown Prince to President Bush Letters, News Articles b-1-26
Congressional Delegation Visit to the Balkans Report b-13-26
Will I Ever Go Home Again? My Friends were Yugoslavians, not Serbians, Croatians, and Bosnians News Article b-14-26
The Yugoslavian Embassy Letters, Memos b-15-26
White House Briefings re: Yugoslav Conflict Letters, Memos b-16-26
Vreme Magazine Magazine, Press Release, News Articles, b-17-26
The Vatican's Role in the Yugoslav Conflict Letter b-18-26
Hitler's Ghost Takes Seat at Croat's Feast News Article b-19-26
Serbs Angered at Croatian Bid to Clear Stepninac News Article b-20-26
Son of Extradited Yugoslav Calls Dead Father's War Crimes Bogus News Article b-21-26
Memo re: Misrepresentation of Yugoslav People's Army News Article b-22-26
Crown Prince Tomislav - December, 1993 Bio, Booklet b-2-26
Concentration Camps in the New Europe Report b-23-26
Misc. Articles re: Recognition of Croatia News Articles b-3-26
Propaganda in Croatian Newspapers News Articles, Letters b-4-26
Croatian Citizenship Reports b-5-26
Croatia's Declaration of War on the United States News Articles b-6-26
Croatia: Media Control News Articles, Report b- 7-26
Croatian Americans/Canadians News Articles, Letters, b-8-26
American Prisoners Held in Croatia Reports b-9-26
Misc. Information on Nikola Tesla Letters, Reports, b-24-26
Speech by Michael Lees at Serbian Lobby, House of Parliament Speech b-25-26
Rep. James Sensenbrenner News Articles b-26-26
Senate Resolution 330: Authorization of Multilateral Action in Bosnia-Herzegovina Resolution b-27-26
Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing Reports, Transcripts b-28-26
Mirjana Samardzija News Articles b-29-26
Serbian American Republicans Letters, News Articles b-30-26
Bruce Ralston Letters, News Articles b-31-26
Rep. Jim Moody News Articles b-32-26
Slobodan Milosevic News Articles b-33-26
Assorted Kosovo Reports - 1992 Reports b-33-26
The Truth From Yugoslavia is Not Being Reported Honestly. by Jacques Merlino Report b-34-26
nterview of American Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Warren Zimmerman in Croatian Newspaper "Danas Letter, News Article b-36-26
Dragoljub Micunovic, President of the Democratic Party: We Are Losing Again News Article b-37-26
Early Recognition of Bosnia Fueled Violence, Serbian Dissident Says News Article b-38-26
Human Rights Violations in the Kosovo Province of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe and the Middle East Report b-39-26
Kosova to Hold Elections Press Release, Letter b-40-26
United States Institute of Peace: Conference on Yugoslavia Report, Memo, Letters b-41-26
Chronology of Crimes Committed by Croatian Armed Units Against the Serbian Population and the Yugoslav People's Army Report, Transcript b-42-26
Saviour of Serbs Forced to Try to Save News Article b-43-26
Serbia's King, or the Great Pretender? News Article b-44-26
Serbia's Divided Opposition is Boon to Communist Ruler News Article b-45-26
Information Provided by Alex Malich Letters, Memos b-46-26
Materials re: Macedonia Recognition News Articles b-47-26
Misc. Legislation re: Yugoslavia - Spring, 1992 Remarks, Resolutions b-48-26
Leaflet Against the Serbs: Let's expel the Serbs from the State of Croatia News Ad b-49-26
Information on Various Humanitarian Aid Agencies Letters, Newsletters b-50-26
House Foreign Affairs Committee: Testimony of Assistant Sec. of State Thomas Niles Remarks, News Article b-51-26
The Helsinki Alert: Re-Emergence of Pan -German Expansionism and the Yugoslav Crisis. by Snowden H. Marshall Press Release Reports, Remarks, Letters, b-52-26
Helsinki Watch: Minutes from Meeting Booklets b-53-26
Press Releases, Reports,    
Helsinki Watch: January, 1992 Letters b-54-26
Helsinki Commission Efforts Regarding the Yugoslav Republics Reports, Remarks b-55-26
HDB re: Recognition - U.S. Lawmaker Says Recognition Will Take Time News Articles b-56-26
Statement by Helen Delich Bentley: The Continuing Struggle in Yugoslavia Remarks b-57-26
Statement of Helen Delich Bentley: The Continuing Crisis in the Balkans Remarks b-58-26
Anatomy of a Civil War Report, Letters b-59-26
Misc. Measures re: Foreign Assets Affected by Yugoslav Conflict Letters, Reports, Exec Orders b-60-26
Treasury Blocks Yugoslav, Serbia, Montenegro Assets Press Release b-61-26
Yugoslavia Remembered Letter b-62-26
Yugoslavia: A Perspective - Researched and Written by R.M. Zobenica Report b-63-26
elen Delich Bentley - "A Johnny Come Lately? by Milana Karlo Bizic Report b-64-26
The Referendum on Independence in Bosnia-Herzegovina - Feb.29 - Mar. I, 1992 Report b-65-26
Sanctions Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro) - Summary of Executive Orders 12808 & 12810 Report b-66-26
United States Should Apply Equal Standards in Establishing Diplomatic Recognition of Former Yugoslavia Remarks b-67-26
Dear Colleague Letter from Rep. Frank Wolf: Serbia Doesn't Deserve Most Favored Nation Status Letter b-68-26
Memo from HDB to Milan Panich: Urgent Request for Holocaust Museum Memo b-69-26
Peace in the Balkans Report b-70-26
Yugoslavian Demonstrations Reflect Longtime Internal Strife News Article b-71-26
he Impact of "Ethnic Cleansing on the Medical Profession & Provision of Health Care Report b- 72-26
Anti-Semitism in Yugoslavia: Special Report Report b-73-26
Amnesty International: Yugoslavia - Further Reports of Torture and Deliberate and Arbitrary Killings in War Zones Report b-74-26
Adoption Status in the Former Yugoslavia Report b-75-26
Biden Amendment Remarks, Bill b-76-26
Borders Symbols Stability: Issues Relating to the Recognition of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Report b-77-26
Armed Services Committee - May 26, 1993 Remarks, News Articles b-78-26
Misc. Articles and Op-Eds from Serbian-Americans News Articles b- 79-26
Misc. Articles from Nora Beloff News Articles b-80-26
Yugoslavia - The Third Way: National Reconciliation Needs to be Put Back on the Agenda, Says Nora Beloff News Article b-81-26
Yugoslavia: An Avoidable War - by Nora Beloff Report b-82-26
Bosnia: The Bloodshed and the Blame News Article b-83-26
Nora Beloff: Hope and History in Yugoslavia News Article b-84-26
Muslims Ignited Bosnia News Article b-85-22
What Right to Rain U.S. Bombs from the Sky News Article b-86-26
Language is a Bosnian Casualty News Article b-87-26
U.S. Defies Reason in Bosnian Policies News Article b-88-26
Croatia: UN Peace Plan News Articles b-89-26
Census Information - Yugoslavia Report b-90-26
Bosnia - Independence News Articles b-91-26
Encyclopedia Information - Yugoslavia Report b-92-26
Encyclopedia Information - Serbia Report b-93-26
Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups - Serbs, Croats Report b-94-26
Gore Resolutions - U.S. Senate Resolutions b-95-26
Report of Professor John Peter Maher on His Visit to Dubrovnik Report, Letter b-96-26
News Articles by Alex Dragnich News Articles b-97-26
Vuk Draskovic Position with Respect to Pending Legislation in Congress with Respect to Yugoslavia Report b-98-26
Vuk1s Serbia's Jekyll and Hyde News Article b-99-26
Vuk Draskovic: Speech in Valjevo Speech b-100-26
Kosovo to See Ethnic Cleansing Again? News Article b-101-26
Clinton Should Sound Out the Serbian Side of the War News Article b-102-26
Two Civil Wars: Similar, Yet Very Different News Article b-103-26
Sense of Fury Over Bosnia is Misplaced News Article b-104-26
Croatian Maritime Industry Seeks Global Banking Support News Article b-105-26
German Business Slow to Follow State on Croatia News Article b-106-26
Correspondences from Helen Bentley to Slobodan Milosevic Letters, Press Release, News b-107-26
Congressman Kleczka Letter - Call to End Fighting Article b-108-26
Correspondence from HDB to Bishoop lriney Letter b-I09-26
Correspondence: HDB to CNN re: Maps on their Newscasts Letter b- 110-26
Croatian American Association Memo, News Article b-111-26
Croatia - Misc. Materials on New Facism News Articles b-112-26
Democratic Pluralism Eludes Croatians - by Carol Williams News Article b-113-26
FBIS Report: Yugoslavia Report b-114-26
History Must Not Repeat Itself Report b-115-26
History of Yugoslavia Reports b-116-26
House Votes - Kleczka Amendment Voting Record, Report b-117-26
Klara Mandic - New Fascism in Yugoslavia Letters, News Article b-118-26
Kosovo - October 1991 Report, Petition b-119-26
Letters from HDB re: Yugoslavia Letters b-120-26
List of Serbian Media List b-121-26
The Yugoslav Crisis and the United States: How to Understand it, what to do about it? Report b-122-26
Summary of Comments Made by Dragan Ciric and Radomir Roncevic Summary b-123-26
Misc. Maps of Yugoslavia Maps b-124-26
Visit of Metropolitan Jovan Summary, Press Release, Reports, b-125-26
Congressman Jim Moody - Findings - Winter 1991-1992 Letters, News Article b-126-26
Muslimism List, Letters, News Article b-127-26